pauline's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Question for Rob
Is Sonocur available in Windsor Ontario?
Correct diagnosis
Physical Therapy
Continuing Studies?
Looking for a new doctor
Medrol dosepak
Strassburg Sock
Ossa Tron or others
Rolfing update
Rolfing update
Hot tub water jets
Ibuprofen Cream
Question for Dr. Zuckerman
Help find this Dr.
Has anyone heard an update from Brent?
Running Shoes
Scar Tissue
How much damage done?
Dr. orders Ionaphoresis with dexamethazone
What's left?
You could help---FDA panel meeting
Birks with lowest arches????
Bromelain safe with Blood Pressure Meds?
To Dr. Z
Anxiety on the rise
Finally getting some relief
Dornier ESWT
Follow up visit with Orthop Dr. today
To Dr. Biehler---Why so long?
Back to Square One
Deep Fascia Pain
First pair of new shoes Yea
To Dr. Zuckerman
My letter was read---maybe I helped?
New job puts brings big set back
To Dr. Zuckerman???
To Bonnie Soft Cast
Can we discuss rest?
Saw Foot Guru today
To Dr. Zuckerman,
To Dr. Zuckerman
To Dr. Zuckerman
I give up
To Dr. Z
Looks like the old board is back
Looking for information and up date
To Scott
To Scott
What happen to all the posting?
Ice and Pain
The word is getting out
How lucky can you get----Thanks Salina
To Scott and others
Any problems with Bromelain?
You know you have had PF too long when-----
To Scott
To Scott or anyone
Materials orthosis are made from?
Today is the day
Michael Young appt. Muscle Release Therapy
Cure for PF
Gone extinct
Surgery update needed
Does anybody know?
Cortisone Shots
Down in the dumps
How far can you stretch?
To Cindy P
Orthotic Support Group
The Machines
Speaking of treatment
Podiatry Online Newsflash
Race for the cure
Sparks fly
New posters
Good news Bad news
To Dr. Z
To Scott
New developments
What are they trying to sell me?
Update needed
Homeopatic and Herb person needed
How does PF surgery rate?
If PF surgery is the answer then:
Big Business
Question for Dr. Z.
Looking for nicer looking shoes
To Diane
Please include
How much market left?
To Dr. Leal
An Easter Blessing for Melody
Does anyone know?
To Dr. Biehler
To Scott
Clark's shoes
To Dr. Z re Dr. Weil's procedure
To Dr. Reid
To Dr. Z
To DR. Z
Note from Dr. Jan-Dirk Rompe
I know no Prophets here!
Lucky day
Physical Therapy sites
Protronics brace to strengthen muscles
To Scott
Has anyone heard of?
To Scott
To Scott
Mad Cow disease and feet
Prices comming down?
To Scott
ESWT Patient Database
Dr. Manolli
Shower shoes
The Good Feet Store
Flow Chart
How Many?
To Carmen
Why so much?
Information sites
Does anyone else see a pattern?
We give them everything they need!
To Dr. Wander
Black Cherry Juice
Wheeless' Textbook on Orthopedics
Totally out of pain
To Tammie
In office shoe sales
To Tammie
What data has Healthronics collected already?
Interesting to say the least
How many other Doctors converted?
To Tammie
Personal Foot Trainers
To All Physicians providing ESWT
ESWT claims
To Dr. Z Database of physicians
Where have our children gone?
To: Looking for ESWT in Northern Calif.
What is the difference?
Money spent on orthotics and P.F. devices.
Well that was no help---will try again
Are the numbers cutting into your salary?
TTS following P.F. surgery
To Dr. Lee
What happened to the Thomas Heel for P.F.
Why are there no refunds on Orthotics?
To Wander Re: Orthotics
To Dr. Joe
Current cost of ESWT
What about a ESWT treatment offering on Ebay?
Subject for discussion
Why isn't information getting out?
Question for the doctors
Orthotic survey
4 Dimensional Ultra Sound
To Dr. Z.
To Elliott
Glad I'm not Bill
What's interesting
Equality and Justice
So just what are your needs
To Julie
Useful information
Parades and Squeegee's
For Julie and others enjoy:*)
Your favorite childhood present
Could we do without?
Birks with rhinestones
Wheat grass and colitis studies
Wheat grass
To Dr. Z
One to think about
One to think about
To Julie
I hate to say it but!
Cortisone usage
An interesting orthotic
Interested in arches
Internal orthotic
To Julie
Medical Marijuana
Once and for all
Military personal
Starting a rumor
Sclerosing for Neruomas
ESWT Treatment Any noticable difference
Sick of reporters
To Dr. Z.
How is Tex. Barb?
Why is there such surprise?
To Bev
Ossatron treatment
Let's talk Chocolate
Are the docs at a convention?
ISMST 2003 meeting presentation summaries
What is ESWT role in treating P.F?
A tiny excerpt on medical fee setting ----
Clarification from Dornier to Dr. Ed.
How does this compare to ESWT
To Jennifer N. & Barbara G.
10 Great Fibs
Rolling leg scooter
Missing threads
To Dr. Z.
To Dr. Z
Time to discuss the word "Sports"
Here's a new one. Agree or disagree?
Muscle Relaxants
Cure/no cure????
Brian maybe you were correct in your thinking
To Monte
Social Board Peace
To John
My post is not a reply to any one person
Delete Request
Changing the constitution
Got concerns, write
Hatred looms
Proposed Dietary Supplement Bill
You puke, they pay
Blocking Spam
Mother Theresa the musical
The Gift
Advo Bulk Mail question
Injecting collagen
One Doctors explaination of ART
Taking a vote
For Parents everywhere
Some how
Scott, I deserve a break
Happy Thanksgiving
Doctor's only board
May it rest in peace
How many check????
To Monte
Is this just bad luck?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
To Dr. Zuckerman
To Scott
Is this a new gimmicki?
To Quincy
To Wendyn
Cut back on sugar
To Dr. Zuckerman
We have an option
Dr. Z
Even in football
Was it anybody here??????
Treatment with Michael Young
Email postage
Summer shoe idea
Is Bone stimulator covered by insurance?
Sounds like good news
To Dorothy
Stress and P.F.
Interesting passage of new law
Using Static Electricity for pain
Way to diagnosis
Physical Therapist
Let's see a man top this
Yep, I thought my P.F. away
What about this treatment?
Things not that rosey in OZ either !
Question to anyone experiencing TTS
VAS scores
Try this
Hearing from the other side
Self Tanners
I'm starting a new program
Transverse Friction
Need for a discussion on nerve blocks
Gone for the weekend
Fate of Elliott????
Ice or not to Ice
Barnes and Nobel University
Dr. Abrams Forum
Hard casts
That bug did a number on my leg
An interesting read
On a humorous note
How come????
Deserve foot problems
Velcro Therapy--Branching polymer
It passed until the Feds crack down
To Dr. Z
To Mark
Anyone excited?
Are all of our Posters OK?
A better topic
to John h
Saw the Ortho today
Keeping your own medical file
Flu Shots
To Dr. Ed
I got this today and got a good laugh. Enjoy
Surgery or not
Go Go Boots
To John
Medical Licenses
To Julie and all our British friends.
Road Runner
Cryo-surgery 90% success rate
To Supertwin
Who are the big ESWT players???
Upsetting posts
Change of subject "cookware"
Can someone explain?
Can you believe????
"V" day is almost here
To those that care
heel pain