pookie's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Re: I understand you feelings
for those needing to loose weight
Re: Cast food for thought.......
Re: Lord have mercy....
Re: I got the AOL Orthotics from Canada
Re: Oh now, I meant Protein Power (LOL)
Re: Funny you should mention this...
Re: Dr. Roberts' Website
Re: Sassy with SAS shoes
Re: The SAS saga...
Re: You got it right Kim!
Mike: Thank you (eom)
Re: You have my respect....
Re: you from the longhorn state?
Re: Oops!
Re: Cool info, thank you...... (eom)
Sorry about all my typos, eom :-S
Sorry John, but...
Re: Hey!....
Re: Yes, I hear you!
Re: I have a newbie question...
Re: Taping feet with masking tape
Re: Yes, Dido! (eom)
Re: Can you go see a chiropractor?
Re: Hi Kim, no
Re: No, don't feel you are depressing me!
Re: can you tell me about your footflex? eom
Re: Goodness, what a mess
I eat predominantely low-carb...
Where do you get traumeel?
I feel your pain, I truly understand
I see a chiropractor too
pt for pf
........subject?....... same ol'
custom made birkenstocks...
my new birks hurt my feet.......help!
I'm back to work....
survey on the PFT