ralph's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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How many still have P.F.
Cryosurgery for P.F.
Those with RSD may be interested
Using Initials for words
Predictability for favorable outcome
Just a question
Question for a friend about neuromas
To Fed Up
Update need
Question about Birkenstocks
To John h Back Pain question
To Mike S or anyone who knows about this.
My P.F.pain is on the move
Doctor thinks I need a full lift on my shoe
To Dr. Zuckerman
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Question about tissue quality
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Medical treatments in general
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Curiosity Off the wall subject
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Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks
What do you eat??
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Babies and children and pets left in cars.
New problem developed
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Taking advantage
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This makes headlines WHY????
Has anyone else had this experience?
To Dr. Z.
Airlines Gurrrrrrrrrrr
Is there such a thing????
What nerve is it???
To John Want your opinion
I'd prefer Olive oil
Ossatron and "O"
Chiropractor visit
The worst
The commission
Work programs
Casinos and former military bases
Woulda , Coulda, Shoulda
N.O.'s own Evucation Plan Not Used
They knew in 2002 A good read
St. Bernard Parish info.
Some may end up in a better situation
Money lost
To Vince See if you can get on.
Strengthing arches
Question for the ladies
Bird Flu
Noticable Difference
Oh Sorry Claire
Requirement to become a C.Ped?
C.Ped at Foot Solutions store
Foot Block for ESWT
A good product
To John h Re. Back problem
Unitedshock wave cases
How long do people live without water?
What is the latest with Carole?
To Elvis
ART and atypical P.F.
Muscle relaxers
A website to understand nerves
Question for Dr. Z.
What is JCAHO?
Has there been any recent updates???
Are we all up on this???
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Junk Mail
Wow this is a first.
Back to where we started.
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Podiatry Management
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Absence of Vince
The issue of controversy
A very good article about pain
Cryosurgery Treatment locations
Memorable Christmas
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Reason to be happy.
Spira Running Shoes
Where is Dr. Ed?
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Re: reverse order
General question
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Easy hamstring stretch
To Dr. Wander
Dr. Wander
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Looking for RSD volunteers
Putting back a bit of humor on this page
Cinco de Mayo
Ask Dr. Z
Rock throwing
Is the limit up yet?
In your own back yard
FDA approved for shoulder pain
A bit of trivia about the trophy
Hope this link works
Scott's board
Move on over
Cruise Ship problems
Cruise Ship problems
To John h.
Great Design
Winded or what???
Stiletto Race
Would you flee?
How about a guessing game?
Australia gets tough
Pictures please
And we're worried about kids on drugs driving
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To Nancy S.
To Scott r.
What a bunch of crock
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Sleep Number Bed
Your Neuroma
LED therapy
It's the politically correct thing to do.
Is deleting a post a form of censorship?
Is this a wives tale?
Had my first LED treatment at P.T.
Is there a difference??
Cryosurgery & Dr. Wishnie
What happened to Todd?
To Jeremy
To Jeremy
Anodyne and LED
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Re: TV marketing LED
First TV advertisment
To lighten this board
Important matter
Is this for real?
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To Hope
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Flexable feet
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To Hope
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Infants and spinal adjustment
One down next question
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Cryosurgery combined with ultrasound imaging
What happened to John h.?
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Chiropractors provide ESWT
How much of a mark up is ok?
Surgery at a Dellon Institute
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Is there a foot counterpart?
The orthotic trial
How long?
GPS system
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My joke of the day
People Food
To the Head Researchers
Re: Abrasive and curt responses
Could it apply to websites toooooo:)
ISMST International Conference in Toronto
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Quite the fashion
Welcome back Hope
One more study
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