rekhas's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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rest didn't help me-made me worse
the longer u wait, the worse it gets
thanks for your input
over-pronation of left foot
more ques re: Ossatron & Toronto vicinity
PF pain seems worse in damp/cold weather
I had acupuncture treatment today
Prednisone for autoimmune disorder
bilateral pf/shin splints/achilles tendonitis
to Lee: trying massage also
New heavy duty massager!!!!
I got peptic ulcer from Motrin
I am also getting similar massage
spenco inserts didn't work for me
night splint helps with morning pain a lot!
what about removable cast?
new orthotics: SDO's
night splint helps my morning pain
to alan:
support group
thanks alan, that is some good info!! :-)
re: casting-
Just got in a walking cast
natural anti-inflammatories?
question re: tarsal tunnel syndrome
negative for TTS
update on orbasone treatment last tuesday
taping- has it helped anyone????
4 weeks post orbasone/pain off an on!!!
elavil for pain control?
update on my orbasone treatment- May 28th
comfortable dress shoes for work
ESWT article in Readers Digest
thinking of 2nd ossatron treatment
going for 2nd eswt treatment Monday in LA
I think I am getting better??!!
tingling in feet?
Confused about Orbasone healing time.??
What should I do?
continuing saga
hello folks! - neuro says no tts??
my eswt experience
still doing great after ESWT!!!!!!
ques re: pf & pregnancy
eswt treatment center in SF Bay area!!!
2 days post-eswt/ pretty sore
10 days post eswt-pain starting in other foot
2 weeks post eswt
6 weeks post eswt
10+ weeks post eswt and doing great!!!!
I am doing great-pain 85% better
14 weeks post eswt...moderate arch pain
post-eswt- pain returning!!!!