rhonda's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Give us an update on your condition
Why does icing make my foot swell?
Too early for surgery
Only able to wear them in bed
Is this a last resort?
Skeptical about magnets
Calcium supplements and PF
Who did your surgery?
Great advice
Did you get both feet done or one?
Which part of your arch?
Endoscopic Plantar Facsiotomy
Everyone's condition is different
Not so sure I answered your question
Vicky, before having surgery
PF can be a symptom in a larger problem
Glucosamine after or before eating
Quite likely PF
Spencos and tuli cups
Why I got rid of orthodics
Very common for PF pain to move
Probably not negligent
Hormones possibly responsible
Massage your own feet or use a therapist?
PF while on estrogen Linda?
Liquid calcium
Pain in achilles tendon area and near ankle!
Never go barefoot!
Glad to find this!!
Heel Spur surgery
Only when lying down heel pain???
Scheduled for TTS Release 12-16-03
ESWT questions
TTS Surgery Questions
lateral sprain? or not?