rich's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Joining the club...
Doc question...Night splints
Wow! Rough Weekend?...
What a Day!
My turn...
Use of crutches
Did I see that Carole was back?
Silly Question?
Question for Dr. Z or Dr. Cozz
Asking again?
Dr Cozz?
The little things....
Hello Everyone! Been missing you all!
Post Cam Walker/Heel Pain
To Lisa
To Everyone...Hope I don't forget anybody....
To Carole...
Well, I went and did it!
Just something I wanted to share......
Hey Carole...Couldn't pass this one...
SAS Shoes
Nothing seems to work
Good days, Bad days
Can heat help?
Hard Orthotics
How long did you wait?
Illness focused?
Side effect from iontophoresis?
Side effect from Iontophoresis?
Typical v. Atypical PF
Fat Pad Atrophy?
Fat Pad Syndrome
PF or TTS?