sherriem's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Supporting painful foot
ESWT People:Steve;Beth;Rose; and Cynthia
Saw Dr.Z today.....June 15th I'll be there!
Footmaxx Orthotics
Beth D. How are you doing?
For Cynthia D.-Are you feeling any better?
Futuro support- Good for achilles tendonitis?
No Antiinflammatories: Post ESWT
Hey Beverly:How' s it going?
For Pauline: Dr. Z is ashamed to ask!
Richard: Looking forward to my new othotics
Cynthia D.- Didn't need another treatment
Dr. Z, having pain and I need your help!
Physical Therapy for tendonitis and pf
Nancy S. what kind of homeopathis medicine
Message Therapy, ok? Dr.Z
Active Release Technique, your opinion?
Active Release Technique, anyone tried it?
active Release Technique, anyone tried it?
Annette and Elliott, art expensive huh?
Catherine L.- A.R.T. ?
Judy S. need to talk more with you
Had 1st art treatment today
Nancy S., I have a question
need some help
flexifly arch supports
Need a dpm in the baltimore area