stella's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

Home The Book Articles Products Message Boards Journal Articles Search Our Surveys Surgery Find Good Drs video tts gonna have surgery
had tts surgery 2 weeks ago
went to dr today post op
dont know what to do?
no meds for me
compression socks ??
any ideas??
need more advice??
different kind of meds??
drs today!!!
tarsal tunnel surgery release
still in pain
drs again today
tts surgery in may still in pain
got the letter today
too much pain from tts
dr today new and hopefully some help
Could it be just my back??? not tts??
Going to the dr for the next 2 days
very frustrated!!!
MRI results
weird commercial on tv for neurotrin??
still in cast almost time for it to come off
Not good news.. tts is back!!
had surgery 5 months ago have tts again!!
have tts after having surgery may 22nd
dr z????
cryocuff dr z
finally got neoutrin
more bad news!!! im going insane
Just when it couldnt get worse