susie's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Will The Pain Ever Leave !
Just Call Me Limp Along
Still Limping !
Thanks for Caring(Dayna and Everyone Else)
Back to you Lyndel
Doctor visit a FLOP
Happy Valentines Day!
Thanks Scott!
Any Ideas Scott?
Thanks Scott!
Feet,Feet, Feet!!!
Congratulations, Scott!!
If not our feet, something else!
Newcomer, once upon a time!
Left foot only - Left handed
Left foot first - left foot PF - left handed
Life Extension Foundation?????
2 weeks post op questions?
had tts and now developed rsd
explanation of rsd
to laurie
nerve blocks?
thanks for the reply on the nerve blocks
to Tammie
Anyone ever hear of Dr Hecht?
Any one else have a problem at airports
Connection between yoga and pf?
Podiatrist for child
Orthotic for child