terri's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Plantar Faciitis or Stress Fracture?
Carmen-pelvis tilt
birkenstock size
medial and lateral pain
accessory bones
Dr. Ed--accessory bones
just finding out I have TTS
morphine patch ?
Tarsal Tunnel and Neurontin
Methadone and Neurontin
incision troubles
Jeff S....you out there?
Great News!
Better every day
Living again, finally
2 month check up
Don't know if I'll do this again
Puzzling symptoms
MRI results are in....
To Aimee
John - my therapist
Scar tissue build-up and fluid in tendon
Alpha Lipoic acid supplements
Marty in SLC
To Dr. Ed, re: Dr. Dellon's technique
Dr visit yesterday
Nerve blocks
Just wondering....
Dr's, your opinions or experiences
Alpha Lipoic acid supplements-results
Varicose Veins
Sitting at a desk all day.
MRI's and PF
Lower Leg Walking Casts
Walking Cast for PF
A question to Dr. Z on ESWT
Shoe Recommendation
Steel Shanks
A Wheelchar As A Treatment Option ??
Question for Richard, C.Ped
Chiropractors and feet
Arch Strain
Can PF cause permenant damage ?
Controling Overpronation
Celebrex/Pain Meds
If someone is considering surgery...?
Has ART made anyone worse?
Baxter's Nerve Entrapment
Re: Burning Heel
To Nicole if your Heel is Burning
Re: To KR if you arch is burning
To Sandy G./Baxter's Entrapment
Irritation/Scar Tissue at the Incision Site
High Arch Orthotics after a TTS Release
Orthotics after TTS ??
High Arch Orthotics after a TTS Release
To Anne A
Open PF Surgery
Question for "messed up foot"
Arthritis in Ankle
Lateral part of heel/arch
Lateral heel/arch after PF surgery
Question for Dr. Ed
Broken Heel develops Bone Spur
Bilateral Big Toe Implant Surgery
Bilateral foot pain
Bilteral Toe Implants
Clawed Toes
Question for Jeremy
Question for Jeremy
Question for Dr. Z
Thicking of the Fascia
Question for Dr. Ed
Vargus Heel?
Question for Jeremy
Dr. Z, Manipulation of the Cuboid?
Question for Jeremy
Bike Riding??
Lateral Column Destabilization