theresa's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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1/3 of Plantar Fascia
Needless Suffering
Burning sensation coming from Scar Tissue
Valgus Ankle
Question for Jermery/Drew women's dress shoes
Jeremy what about Drew 'Desiree"??
Question for Jeremy/Custom Made Shoes
What is an LMT?
Is ART okay on a TTS foot?
Pronation and TTS
Tens Unit
Question for Jeremy/Arch of Drew Shoes
avicenna laser Class IV Laser
Question for Dr. Z
Could Iontophrosis cause a nerve disorder?
To Mike D./Shockwave
ART/Has it made anyone worse?
Semi Rigid orthotics vs. harder plastic ones
To Mike D./Any progress with feet?
To John King
Mild Cuboid Subluxation?
Relocation of nerve?
Question for Jeremy about Drew shoes
tarsal tunnel release
I think my dr. is nuts!
Dr. W. re: I think my dr. is nuts
baxter nerve?
Orthotics offer lateral support?
Fusion for a mild cuboid sublaxion
Shoes like Propets?
Question for Jeremy/Custom made shoes
Question for Jeremy/Do you make shoes??
Scoliosis/gait issues
Dr. Z you are so right...
Anyone seen a good movie this weekend?
I meant Valgus Heel
Is Dr. Z Around ? Have a question.
complications from baxter nerve release