vickij's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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I should have asked before...
Pigeons to the Rescue!
Low Carbs
No single diet is the cure for every person
If Healthronics "Cares" so much...
My apologies and HAPPY HOLIDAY!
Forget Phil
Why are you puzzled?
It's People like you that keep me coming back
Go For it!
Cross Country Skiing???
Don't give up Alan
Yes, but...
What a dramatic turn around!
Dangerous Dave, your approach frightens me...
Any BAD press on MSM?
What are you saying?
I'll post anything I come up with eom
Re: Cooking & Standing
Re: Vitamin B6
CTS sufferers...warm up exercises??
Deja Vu
Thanks...but how do I exercise the thumbs?eom
I wish you the best
Barbb: FYI
The most dangerous thing about you Dave...
I stand corrected eom
Thanks for saying it so well Nancy. eom
For RobinB and all other Birk wearers...
Thanks Very Much for all the info...eom
Post Ossatron Treatment
To Kim and Nancy
Somedays it just goes from bad to worse....
Thanks NancyS...
I'm sorry!
Three Cheers for Nancy!!!!!
Stress vs sleep
To Robin and others using Bromelain
The most insidious characteristic of pf...
Post Script
What a great idea
Great new addition to the site! eom
Nothing New
Dr Roth...I took another look
PFT update..long post
Doctor's ID
Doctor's ID
The value of "rotating tires"
Clinical Study in NYC
FYI: Good Boots
Anyone Familiar with Resistance Stretching?
Anybody: Need Help With SPAM
Heated Debate versus Patient Input
ESWT Success??
I meant to respond to everyone, not just Dr Z
Great shoe find...for my feet at least