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Cryo Sphere Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

38  reviews,  3.7 stars out of 5.

Rating: 3 by Sheila
Althought the size and shape are good, the material inside freezes unevenly and doesn't stay really cold all over. I ahve to keep adjusting it so I find the cold spots.
Rating: 4 by Donna
I haven't used this very much yet but when I did I found it helpful even without making it cold or warm.
Rating: 4 by Elizabeth
Handy size. Works great. I keep it in the freezer & use it while watching TV. Helps to sooth the foot and gives a good masage as well.
Rating: 5 by Cheryl
This feels great when I have heel pain from my heel spurs! I store mine in the freezer and use it while I'm on the computer or watching TV. However I have not needed it since I got my custom orthotics.
Rating: 2 by Mike
I agree with Shelia. The material inside rolls around so that the cold spot is always facing the floor.
Rating: 1 by Kim
No better than a golf ball.
Rating: 5 by Oscar
It is very convenient. Just put it in the freezer. The cold is very soothing, you just have to get over the intial shock of the cold. The shape is perfect if you want to roll it under your foot. I highly recommend it.
Rating: 5 by Don
Wonderful..very convenient and easy to use. Well worth the price.Finally, a product that alleviates the pain from plantar faciitis....thanks Cryosphere
Rating: 4 by Heather
I enjoy using the CryoSphere in addition to my insoles and stretching. Even if one doesn't have foot problems, it feels really good after chilling to soothe the feet. I only rate this product a 4 because after three months of regular use, one of my Cryoshperes started leaking very slightly.
Rating: 4 by Sandy
This product did work as it should. I like the quick cooling and the massage that it gave my foot.
Rating: 4 by John
It's worth it. Use it out of the freezer. You have to remember to use it at least twice a day.
Rating: by
Rating: 5 by Mom
Very convenient and easy to use. However, should come in two's. One to keep cold and one to keep warm. Does relieve the pain.
Pros: Works
Cons: Cost
Rating: 3 by Hart
Provided temporary comfort. The only real relief I get is when I see my massage therapist.
Rating: 5 by DEBI
Rating: 4 by Kat
This is a good tension reliever after a long day on your feet. I have found it to be easy to use, and the cold feels great!
Rating: 1 by Maureen
I found this product to not be very effectiveas as it is difficult to keep under the foot, I was trying to roll it back and forth under my arch, it kept wondering off and out of the way: I think it was the football shape,and that it was much too large, it may work better if it had been round where a person could control where it was moving around and keep it under the area of the foot where it was needed.
Rating: 4 by Polly
I keep the CryoSphere in the room with my computor and run my feet over it while I am at my PC. It gives me a great foot massage because of the bumps. I have not used it either super cold or heated, do not feel the need. Just a good way to give the feet alittle extra attention.
Rating: 2 by robin
Occasionally helpful - mostly use it as another ice bag for spot issues.
Rating: 4 by Harry
My plantar fasciitis became so bad that I could not walk. I ordered these blue inserts and put them into a proper shoe. I could walk again. My doctor said that I had made a good first step toward recovery.
Rating: 4 by Linda Oliver-Eckhardt
It worked very well at easing the pain my right mid heel.
Rating: 3 by Greg
I really like the product but it seems to have a soft spot on one side that has collapsed due to the weakness of the wall. I may just have gotten a lemon. Otherwise I like it very much - I just think the plastic needs to be stronger.
Rating: 2 by Karen
The cyrosphere gets cold, and is as good as any coldpack, but is very hard, and rolling on it made the pain worse. I find myself preferring a flat, softer ice pack.
Rating: 4 by ann
Nodules give a good massage. Place on a surface where it can't roll away as you roll it. Convenient cold source, no wet spots as it warms.
Rating: 5 by E. K. Bentley
When I used this regularly in the evenings, I was able to completely eliminate the inflamation that was perpetuating my plantar faciatis. It's incredible!!!
Pros: IT WORKS!!!
Cons: Don't let your dog get a hold of this!!!
Rating: 2 by John
I only used this product a few times--it was a bit uncomfortable and did not give me any significant relief.
Rating: 5 by Michael
I had to stop running as a result of my foot pain until I got a Cryosphere. I followed the directions and my feet are as good as new. The Cryosphere is easy to use and WORKS! I am able to run again and use the Cryosphere any time I need relief from my plantar faciitis. I am an engineer and can't believe I did not think of this! Thank you Cryosphere!
Rating: 5 by Jen
I really like the product. It is easy to use just pop it in the refridgerator or freezer then roll it on your foot. The raised balls on the sphere are the perfect size for a good massage on the bottom of the foot. I recommend this product for anyone who has aching feet.
Rating: 5 by Teena
WOW fantastic! Most cold compresses are or become wet to the touch after minutes out of the freezer. The CryoSphere stays cold and never feels damp or wet. Great texture, delicate enought to use on sentative feet (heel spur) yet textured enought to give a good massage. I have not used it hot.

Rating: 3 by Ed
In regard to the cryosphere, I really feel a frozen bottle of water gives me more relief than the cryosphere. I very much apprciate your web site which has helped me have some heel pain relief.
Rating: 1 by Sridhar
This is the worst product I have tested. the thing leeaks so there is no fluid left in it so there is nothing to freeze 2 weeks from purchase.
Rating: 5 by NANCY

Rating: 5 by Ea
After reading info on your website I began the stretches. What a difference! Thanks so much. Then the CryoSphere arrived, and I have been using it. To tell you the truth, I was so much improved from the stretches I don't know if the sphere really makes a difference. I gave the website to my sister-in-law with full recommendations that she get the sphere and do the stretches. I also bought the ibuprofen cream, mainly because it makes sense, but haven't used it yet. Thanks again!
Rating: 5 by Kari
As a Physical Therapist a patient turned me on to the web site. She got one and loved it. Now I use mine in the clinic for my patients. Much more effective than a cold pack!
Rating: 5 by shirley
great little tool to take away the pain
Rating: 4 by Jim
Work well; a good value.
Rating: 2 by Elise
I thought the cyrosphere for good for temporary relief. I did not use on a regular basis. Consquently, I had to get a cortisone injection in my foot to relieve the plantar fasciitis.
Rating: 3 by Randy
Although the Cryosphere seemed to help by just the rolling motion under ny foot, I think a plastic water bottle filled with frozen water was much colder and more helpful. Only problem there is that water tends to leak out onto the floor.
Rating: 4 by Roman
Good combination of cooling and stretching.
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