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Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

19  reviews,  4.7 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Lynn
I highly recommend these, as they've alleviated my heelspur pain tremendously. However, you may want to you start wearing them for just an hour or two a day until your feet adapt as the arches are high and it takes a few days before they are comfortable.

Only complaint: I wish they were a bit more fashionable.
Rating: 5 by Nancy
These orthotics were very helpful. I have custom orthotics also. I use these for a change of pace. It works for my sneakers & they are pretty comfortable. I have very flat feet & plantar fascitis so my condition is not the best to begin with but considering everything these worked well & I have tried many over the counter inserts.
Rating: 5 by StuartHB21
I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and this orthotic alleviated the pain because I placed them in my work shoes where I do a lot of walking every day.
They are very comfortable and I would definitely recommend.
Rating: 5 by Dave in NY
From putting the Orthotic on, 95% of the pain went away. These are great.
Rating: 4 by Swee Ling
When i first used the product, the heel pain did become lesser. However, i have developed blisters behind my leg because the shoes became very tight after putting in the orthotic insert. I bought a bigger pair of shoes to fit in the orthotic insert, but the tightness is still there. After 2 weeks, the shoes seem to fit better, the tightness of the shoe is gone. The heel pain is now manageable.
Rating: 5 by Jewel_1446
I found this website by doing some research on heal spurs. I have a heal spur on my right heal. After reading the write up on these orthitics, I thought I'd give them a try. They are fabulous! I am definitely a heavy heal striker. I've tried all sorts of sneakers hoping for some relief... much to no avail. I am in the gym 4-5 times per week. I usually do 45-75 min of cardio...my treadmill routine is usually 3.5 mph on a 10 degree incline. I used to leave the gym limping...but no more! Look, I'm not going to say I don't feel it every now and then but I definitely feel the improvement. Well worth the money! As for the fit...I am an 8/8.5 depending on the cut of the shoe and I got the size 8. They fit great. I took my insole out of my sneaker before putting in this one and it fit perfectly.
Rating: 5 by Teri
I am an American working in IRAQ and we have to walk on rocks all the time. they put rocks down to hold the sand and dirt down. it prevents less sand in the air. i have Plantar Fascitis, which i had under control until i arrived here. My feet were killing me. the insoles are the best i have ever had and i have had cortisone shots as well as spent a fortune on insoles. i also purchased the splint for the nite-time. it is much more confortable than i thought and i can actually walk in the morning. I am now going to purchase some for my father as he works on his feet as a pharmacist all day.

awesome relief!!
Rating: 5 by Sheri
I love this insert. It provides excellent support and it really helps with pronation. I purchased an insert for about $54 from othoheel(sp?)which also helped with prontation.This one is much cheaper and works better! My sister who has purchased a slew of inserts tired one and she loves it too.
Rating: 3 by Kris
This item took up so much room in even my roomiest shoes, it makes them difficult to wear. The support is good though.
Rating: 5 by Michael
Put in work boots for 2 hours then removed to get used too The following day never removed and have kept them in since these products work great I am in construction and spend most of my day on feet My heel spurs and plantar facitis have caused me unbearable pain in the past These insoles have made being on feet bearable and would highly recommend to all
Rating: 5 by Nancy
These orthotics are great! I purchased a name brand orthotic at my local running store several months ago for over $50 per pair. I needed to get another pair for a different pair of shoes, so I looked online. These orthotics were very, very similar in appearance to the ones that I already owned, so I decided to take a chance on them. When they arrived I was pleased to discover that they were the exact same product, for nearly half the price! I haven't tried many different orthotics, but these keep my feet comfortable walking all day. I am very pleased with the product, especially at this price!
Rating: 4 by Kathy
This product did not work for me as well as the Pinnacle Powerstep inserts, which are fantastic. This insert definitely does not improve on heel comfort for me. I won't re-order them.
Rating: 4 by Rod
Takes up a lot of space in the shoe, but does the job. I'm still testing it out, so hard to completely rate it at this time. So far, so good.
Rating: 5 by marti
i have pf in both feet and was unable to make it through the grocery store! i bought the new inserts with scotts help and i put them in my n/b walking shoes and i love them! i have very high arches and they really help! i would HIGHLY recomend giving thease a try. there is nothing i didnt like about them! wish i could find a summer shoe they would fit in!!!
thanks scott marti
Rating: 5 by Rocky
Paid over $500 for a pair of orthotics from "The Good Feet Store"!! Thay do not compare to the comfort of the Planter Fasciitis!! Great price on an item that really works. I liked them so well that I ordered three more pairs immediately.
Rating: 5 by Smitty
After about the first 3 days, I was not having any pain! I tried to stick with wearing a good athletic shoe with the insert. I notice that if I don't use the insert for a while, it starts to get irritated again, so I have tried to be more diligent in using it because it does help! I love to wear flip flops, but I just have to control myself and not put them on :)
Rating: 5 by Brenda
I like the firmer arch support and the deep heel cup on these orthotics. They are the best over the counter orthotics I have tried. I have a high arch and the rigid orthotics the doctor made are just not comfortable.
Rating: 5 by juju
My heels hurt so bad before using these orthotic insoles that I walked off balance. Now my feet do not hurt esp at night after working 12-13 hr shifts on my feet.
Rating: 5 by Min
I bought Pinnacle's Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic for my brother who had been suffering from plantar fasciitis( he had been taking prescription steroid medicine for the pain but it didn't do much for him)

My brother said he felt immediate relief, with Pinnacle's Orthotic lined inside his shoes. He started playing golf again.

I conferred with Scott first about my brother's symptoms, and chose Pinnacle's orhtotic upon his recommendation.

I'd like to express many thanks to Scott on behalf of my brother.

Min from Toronto
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