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Pinnacle Orthotic Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

309  reviews,  4.5 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Roger
Fortunately I never wasted my money on going to doctors with my plantar fasciitis. I started researching the condition on the internet and eventually found this website. I started out with the standard powerstep prior to the introduction of the pinnacle. The powersteps cured my pain. Once the pinnacles came out, I upgraded to them for my walking shoes and hiking boots. I also got my wife and son hooked on these. I used to use the trim to fit superfeet in my hiking boots, but these are far superior.
Rating: 5 by Javier
Just simply awesome! I never leave the house without them in my shoes. I have had Plantar Fasciitis for about a year now and thanks to these Pinnacle Power steps they have allowed me to continue my work outs and basketball playing without further problems or pain.
Pros: Very comfortable!
Cons: could be a little thicker!
Rating: 5 by SIndi
Theres are Awesome, the pain has finally subsided and I can walk normal again. They have REALLY helped and they are the BEST I have found. Thanks Pinnacle PowerStep !!
A Very satisfied customer
Pros: Awesome
Rating: 5 by Sara
These insoles have made a world of difference for me (I suffer from plantar fasciitis). The arch support is excellent and the insoles last a long time.
Pros: Excellent Arch Support
Cons: A bit inflexible
Rating: 3 by Paul
I ordered the high arch support, and it was so high, that I could not use it. All my weight was on my arches when I walked. Make sure you really have HIGH arches before you order one.
Rating: 4 by Alex
I was told when I was first diagnosed with PF that I had high arches. This was not the case though, so these inserts had way too high of an arch for me and they jab into my foot when I walk with them. However, somebody who is actually diagnosed with the high arches should benefit greatly from these because they provide the highest arch support besides custom arches in my opinion (just like it says) and they're more comfortable than the custom arches I have.
Pros: High arch support
Cons: Too high for me
Rating: 5 by Dennis
Great Product...Good for athletes!!
Rating: 5 by Fred
I love these inserts.
Rating: 5 by tom
makes my feet feel better--- very simple. I also have custom doctor made inserts--- these are better. I have a set of your inserts in a dozen different pair of shoes.
Pros: Great !
Rating: 5 by Robert
I was actually surprised Powerstep worked as well as it did. My first experience was during a 5 month deployment. I had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis after my previous deployment. When I received the inserts, I really felt comfort as soon as I put them into my combat boots. I have gone through a few pairs and although I do daily stretches and have used other inserts in other shoes none have been as noticeably helpful.
Rating: 5 by Doug
Excellent product. Stopped my Plantar Fascitis.
Rating: 5 by kathy
I've been bothered with plamters faciitis for nearly 3 years. I'm an Rn and am on my feet on hard floors most of the workday. A friend recommended powersteps. I'm beginning to get some relief! Thank you so much!
Rating: 5 by John
This is a very comfortable. For others it may take a lot of extra room, but this was no problem for me.

This is comfortable running as well
Pros: Comfort
Cons: extra room required in shoe
Rating: 5 by chirmore
I had bilateral plantar fascia from doing exercises on steps. The pain, the pain whenever I walked. I was trying to avoid cortizone injections. So I researched the internet and found the Pinnacle Power Step. It really did help.
Pros: helps until the conditions heals
Rating: 3 by Happy Feet
I found the PowerStep to be well-made and a great value (especially compared to my custom orthotics). However, for my particular foot, the arch support was a little too aggressive.
Pros: Inexpensive option
Cons: Too much arch support
Rating: 4 by Deefle
The Pinnacle PowerStep helps my very high arch and, combined with new shoes geared more toward my needs, has me back on a routine again.
Pros: Got running again
Cons: A bit more cushioning in the heel would help
Rating: 4 by Jill
These, combined with taping my foot, allow me to do "regular" amounts of footwork; I was not having the immediate pain on getting up in the morning after this combination. Definitely better than any drugstore ones that I tried. However, they're not stiff enough for my problem (plantar fasciitis caused by a hypermobile foot), so I have to go for the expensive orthotics.

These are pretty thick - more comfy, IF your shoes can fit them and your foot at the same time!
Rating: 5 by Msosborne2u
First insole that actually helped! I need to order more!! Thanks!
Rating: 5 by angie
I put these in my running shoes and the difference is amazing! After using them for a few weeks, I took them out and ran without them to see if there was much of a difference...I will never do that again! I feel so comfortable before/after my runs when I have these in my shoes! Thanks for a great product!
Pros: immediate difference
Cons: none
Rating: 3 by Alan
I've purchased two pair of the pinnacle powerstep insoles. It didn't take long to break them in, but the fabric began separating from the base at the heal within just a few weeks. Not very durable.
Pros: Easy to break in.
Cons: Not very durable
Rating: 5 by John
This product provides just the right amount of cushioning which greatly improves the Power Step.
Rating: 4 by SOBHI
Smooth transaction.fast shipping.Great items.Thank you
Rating: 5 by A.D.
Of the various insoles I've tried, I do like these best for a few simple reasons: 1)They are hard and don't bend down when stepped upon, 2)They offer the most arch support I've come across to date, 3)Seem to be reasonable durable and well made.
Pros: Has the most arch support of any insole I've worn.
Cons: Half-length soles are hard to use due to slippage.
Rating: 5 by Bill
My heel spurs (Plantar Fasciitis) quickly went away - I have about 6 pairs in the shoes I wear regularly - even my soccer cleats!
Pros: High, solid arch support, lasts years
Cons: A bit expensive
Rating: 5 by Gary
Well worth the money. I have a custom insole which I use to run in good weather and use the powerstep to run in bad weather. If I had gotten the Pinnacle product first (before going to the doctor) I probably could have saved lots of $.

Was out of commission 10 weeks last year with PF. Found rest, the night splint (still wearing that jewel every night), ice and the insoles the best remedy. Foot still hurts on and off, but I am running every day.

Also your order process is very, very good. You place the order and within literally a day or two, you have the product. Excellent.
Rating: 5 by Mark
I have used the PowerStep and the Pinnacle PowerStep, and both are excellent in providing arch support and cushioning. I have returned to running since a bout with plantar fasciitis, and the PowerStep Pinnacle has provided the arch support I needed to be able to run pain free. I run about 4 miles each day and have been running in Addidas Supernova with the shoe insert removed and replaced it with the Pinnacle Powerstep. A tremendous difference in the arch support provided that allows me to run pain free. I will always use either the Pinnacle or the regular Powerstep in my running shoes.
Pros: Excellent arch support and full foot cushioning.
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by Francine
I have had two surgeries on the same foot for neuromas. Walking for exercise is tough because the ball of my right foot doesn't get enough support, and my foot starts to hurt. I have found that I can really get out there and almost run--something totally unheard of since the surgery--with these inserts in my walking shoes. Power-walking, here I come!

My husband seems to have some additional podiatrical issues that need to be addressed. He has noticed, however, that his feet don't turn inward as much (you had a name for it) with the inserts, and he can really feel the arch support as he has fallen arches.
Pros: It makes my foot feel better when walking
Cons: Doesn't fit into my work shoes; not enough depth
Rating: 3 by Brian
I never used this item. The inner soles helped me so that I did not need to try this.
Rating: 5 by Fernando
I've tried custom made iserts before, the pinnacles are much better because the material quality and confort. The thing is that they are kind of thick for some shoes. I'm ordering a pair of powersteps original for some shoes that the pinnacles feel tight. If you have PF or HS please try them, you will not regret it.
Rating: 5 by Shirley
I am on my feet all day and the pain in my heels was terrible. Once I started using Pinnacle PowerStep the pain is gone. I am recommending the Powerestep to everyone I know.
Rating: 5 by lchamm
I am very happy with the inserts. They replaced the cheap insert in the shoes that I used for officiating football games. I obtained much relief from the plantar fascitis in my heel, and was able to run with these inserts in my shoes. Without them, I would be almost crippled after officiating 1 game. They are great and well worth the money spent.
Pros: easy to insert, excellent support, rugged
Cons: NONE
Rating: 5 by Larry Johnson
Very comfortable. Noticeable difference in cushioning (better) when compared to the regular PowerStep.
Rating: 4 by Matthew Robinson
Pretty good, and seemed to have helped my Plantar Faciitis, but I know have tendonitis in the ball of my foot, so it's hard to tell if my foot is much better. Ho, hum. Much better than any other shop bought products I have seen.
Rating: 3 by Jeb
Did not relieve my plantar fasciits. I had to go to custom arthotics.
Pros: Height of arch support
Cons: Location of arch support
Rating: 5 by Mike
I've used the standard PowerStep for about a year and love it. Saw the Pinnacle with extra cushioning, decided to try it, and love it too. A little extra cushioning is a good thing!
Rating: 5 by Kristen
These inserts made a huge difference in the pain I was experiencing from Plantar Fascitis. When I wear them, I am virtually pain free. and I notice a huge difference if I don't wear them. The only issue I have is with lower shoes like my keds sneakers and some lower shoes, my heel tends to come out because the inserts raise my foot quite a bit. But, hey, I'll take pain free anytime!!
Rating: 4 by talltimbr
This product is great in my tennis shoes!
I still have planter ficiitas, but it is not as all consumming painful as it used to be. Shipping was very timely and the product was reasonably priced.
Pros: Comfortable, cushy, it does help the foot
Cons: Too thick for my dress shoes
Rating: 5 by Steve
Between the PowerStep insoles and my stretching I no longer have foot pain. I can't compare with custom made insoles as I've never tried the custom made ones. I liked these well enough to buy additional pairs for all the shoes I wear regularly and I probably wouldn't have done that with the more expensive custom ones. I give the product two thumbs up!!
Pros: Work great, seem very durable
Rating: 4 by john
Works great, I wish I had more than one pair. I use them in every pair of shoes. I notice a huge difference when I don't have them in.
I'm not sure how long they will last using them all the time. They are showing wear after a couple of months.
Pros: works great, comfortable
Rating: 5 by M
I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for some two years plus now. I read all the reviews about the Power Steps before I visited my podiatrist for some 400.00 custom orthodics. While waiting for them to be made the doctor suggested the Power Steps and I declined. Some 5 weeks later I went to pick up my orthodics. I wore them as I was instructed and just couldn't take the pain. I ordered a pair of the Power Step Pinnacles and have stop wearing the customs all together! The Power Steps are GREAT!!! I just ordered another pair today! I will recomend them to anyone with foot pain.Oh yeah, I forgot, My plantar fasciitis pain is all but gone!
Rating: 4 by JP
It lessens my pain and makes it easier to walk. There was no uncofortable periord where your foot is being pushed or "reshaped" like with others. It just felt better from the first day to today.
Rating: 4 by marnie
I have plantar fascitis and purchased these to wear in my sneakers - I have found them comfortable and supportive. I used them particularly when I exercise and find them comfortable. I would buy another pair.
Pros: supportive and provides good cushioning
Cons: none
Rating: 3 by Chris
I was pretty happy with them for 2-3 weeks but then they started separating at the edges. They are comfortable and seemed to help with my PF but for the price they ought to hold up better. I switched to the green Superfeet which are lighter, the same price, doing the same job, and not showing any wear.
Pros: Great arch support and pretty comfortable.
Cons: Heavy and not very durable.
Rating: 4 by Baz 23
It is amazing my back pain went away .
Rating: 4 by Linda
I like the Pinnacle Power Step. They are not a miracle cure. How good they work depends on the severity of the condition. Mine is very severe, more than just sore heels. They are not as hard on the foot as some others I've tried. I will keep using them.
Rating: 5 by
I already had standard Powersteps in all my shoes, but I decided to try a pair of the Pinnacles. They are great! I can't wait to try them out in my hiking boots on my next backpacking trip (I'm betting they are going to save me from a lot of pain compared to the Superfeet I used to use!).
Rating: 2 by Robin
I tried these once after purchase, within a half hour I had to take them out, the arch was just to high.
Cons: To high of an arch
Rating: 5 by John
I had very bad plantar fasciitis and went to a doctor. He immediately told me to stop wearing Docksiders mocassins and get some arch support and cushioning. I tried some store bought products and they were no help. Then I found this site and ordered the PowerSteps which worked very well.

After some time (a couple of years) my PowerSteps got old and compressed and didn't offer much cushioning. This time I ordered the Pinnacle PowerSteps. I have been pleased with them, however they do offer ***a lot*** of arch support so unless you have a very high arch I would recommend trying the conventional PowerSteps first.
Pros: excellent support and cushioning
Cons: work up to this product
Rating: 4 by
Noticeable improvement after putting PowerStep into my Basketball Shoes.
Rating: 5 by paige
I think this is a very good product. I had a lot of other things to implement as well (especially stretching of my calves) but I had to throw away my $700 custom orthotics because they were KILLING me. These are much, much better.

Thank you for your incredubly informative, helpful site.

Best wishes,

Paige Perkins
Pros: helped my plantar fascitis a lot
Cons: none, really
Rating: 5 by paige
I think this is a very good product. I had a lot of other things to implement as well (especially stretching of my calves) but I had to throw away my $700 custom orthotics because they were KILLING me. These are much, much better.

Thank you for your incredibly informative, helpful site.

Best wishes,

Paige Perkins
Pros: helped my plantar fascitis a lot
Cons: none, really
Rating: 5 by Cynthia
I love these and am going to order another pair. My PF is not nearly as painful after about just week of using Pinnalce Powerstep. They do make your heel stick out of some shoes, but I have decided not to wear those shoes until my feel are better.
Rating: 5 by Carol
When I first began wearing the powerstep support, it was almost too much support and caused my foot pain. I have worn them for 2 months now and can not imagine wearing my shoes without them. The majority of my pain has subsided. This product was amazing!
Rating: 5 by Wilelder2
I've revised my previous comments about this product. I now think that the high arch, while it takes getting used to, is necessary to relieve pain from severe PF .
Pros: High arch and molded contours do help severe PF
Cons: Hogh arch takes getting used to
Rating: 4 by Brian
I really liked these insoles i wore them constantly until my heel pain went away, now i just wear them when i need the occasional relief from heel pain, all in all a very good insole, comfortable very cushiony , but takes time to break them in and get used to them, but definitely relieves the pain. I bought two pairs so that when i wear out the first pair i have a backup.
Pros: very comfortable and supportive
Cons: takes time to break in
Rating: 1 by scott
no help so far, causes more pain than my orthotics, Acupuncture has worked the best for me as well as custom orthotics but i am not pain free yet....its been 4 years, if anyone can help me i will listen...
Rating: 5 by Tom
My inserts are with me wherever I go. I had severe pain from a left hell spur and now it is gone. I wear them in my tennis shoes and dress shoes.

Thanks for a great product.


Pros: I received relief in a very short time.
Rating: 5 by cindy
worked great. The pain was gone in 3-4 weeks
Pros: worked great. the pain was gone in 3-4 weeks
Rating: 3 by Bob
Evidently my foot is not the same as yours. In order for your insole to come close to fitting my foot I had to cut off the rear of the heal cup in order to get the arch far enough forword to do any good.Walking on the cut off heal is not real comfortable but,thats what I had to do in order to get any support from your product.
Bob Johnson
Pros: It would be good if it fit
Rating: 4 by
Maybe I'm the exception, but as a high-arched person with bad achilles tendons and serious PF in one foot, I find the older standard Powerstep more comfortable -- it's nearly perfect for my feet. The Pinnacle Powerstep seemed a little too much and I had to periodically change it out of my shoes. Maybe it gets better over time?
Rating: 5 by John
The new PowerStep with greater cushioning is very comfortable. Like its predecessor, it provides excellent arch and heel support, and you can certainly feel the extra cushioning. I was a bit concerned about whether the additional thickness might be problematic in fitting the PowerStep into my shoes, but it was no problem at all. I'm very grateful that there is a product like the PowerStep available.
Rating: 1 by Mary
I thought it looked like a great way to stretch out my plantar facia. Unfortunately, either due to the too simple directions, or not enough information with the instructions, it is very easy to stretch your foot too much thus further injuring your foot. This item set back my recovery by many, many months. I do not recommend this item.
Pros: Looks like it would work well.
Cons: You can SERIOUSLY injure your foot with this.
Rating: 3 by carol
I don't use them that often because they are a bit thick. I bought walk-fit at target and like it better and cheaper. I think they are overpriced.
Pros: feel comfortable
Cons: too thick for my shoes
Rating: 5 by operamouthsmom
I had a bout of plantar fistious and was really hurting. I work at the library and can't stay off my feet. After putting these supports in my work shoes, ski boots and snow shoes, I'm a new woman. Thanks!
Pros: REALLY supports your feet and especially your arch
Cons: none I can think of
Rating: 5 by martin
very good product, reasonably priced. Provided relief instantly and have improved almost every day! I only wish that I had ordered more sets the first time!
Pros: very good product
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Robert
I will buy again
Pros: Durable, comfortable
Rating: 5 by Thomas
The Pinnacle PowerStep has been invaluable as a great support for my arches. I work as a teacher with the multiply handicapped... and must walk around a great deal all day long in our classroom (which, by the way, happens to be in a basement area with hard concrete floors). I have arthritis and have, in the past, had pain problems in my feet, even though I purchased expensive gym/walking shoes. Since purchasing the Pinnacle PowerStep, the pain in my feet has terminated and I have been feeling a lot more comfortable. These inserts are of a high calibre comparable to inserts costing hundreds of dollars; they are of excellent quality! I am very glad that I purchased them!
Rating: 5 by Jody
These fit just like the ones the podiatrist ordered which cost $300!!
Pros: Really helped
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Teri
I've been wearing the Pinnacle PowerStep for about 1 month and I can most definitely feel the difference. Unbelievable the diffence this product can make for my overall comfort!
Rating: 5 by Andy
These are superb. If you are a PowerStep user, you'll absolutely love these. You get all the benefits of the PowerStep plus some added comfort. The only thing to watch out for is that they're thicker than standard PowerSteps. This may not work for some types of shoes.
Rating: 2 by Kimberly
Although the arch was too high for me, it worked for my roommate.
Cons: Arch was too high for me
Rating: 4 by pgoat
I have also used the regular Power Steps, which are equally great - but the pinnacle is more cushioned. It also fills the shoe's volume much more, so a bigger shoe or thinner sock is needed, compared with the regular inserts. I bought several for all my shoes and boots. The arches in my main walking shoes is sagging after several months of heavy use; however, my podiatrist added supports below the arch area and they are still going strong. Very durable otherwise, holding up better than my $450 custom orthotics!
Pros: very comfortable great arch support at low price
Cons: arch can flatten under heavy use
Rating: 5 by Yoram
Very supportive for the arch, decreased my shin splints to absolutely none.
The only disadvantage is running with thin socks can cause skin irriation due to incrased ridigity of the insole - otherwise a must!
Pros: Very rigid and supportive
Cons: can cause calluses and skin problems due to rididi
Rating: 4 by Paul
I am a big fan of both the original and the new Pinnacle. Both offer great support and have allowed me to run pain free for going on two years. If I had to choose between the two though, I would choose the original. Why pay more for the same support?
Rating: 5 by Heather
You have to get used to the insoles; they feel a little different at first. But, I found my feet were more comfortable at work (I wear combat boots)and definitely were less tired than ever at the end of the day. The model I purchased was the new extra thick Power Step.
I have been doing prescribed stretches and adding the insoles has been a good combination for me in dealing with my plantar pain.
Rating: 5 by Walt
I had a bad cast of Plantar Fasciitis I was searching the web for understanding an came across your site....best thing that could of happened...after about 3 months of using the Power Steps I would
say I'm about 99% back..playing tennis regular again,standing on my feet most of the days and without PAIN....I owe it to the Power Step...NOTHING ELSE helped as this simple product has...Thank You
for being there...I will continue to use the Power Step all the time
now as no more foot fatigue....
Rating: 5 by vtskier
After spending $450 for custom (hard heel) inserts from my podiatrist who calls himself a "doctor", I tried the Pinnacle Powerstep inserts instead. They are great. I now transfer them from work shoe to slippers to sneakers. I am going to order two more pairs. A lot of support that seems to be helping my PF along with stretches, a night splint, and the tennis ball routine (also, never walk barefoot - even in the shower).
Rating: 5 by Christy
I thought they ran just a bit small. In the future I would order one size larger and cut them down if needed.
They are very comfortable and helped tremendously to ease the pain of the plantar fasciitis.
If you cannot afford custom made insoles, then this is the perfect solution. I used these insoles in my running shoes and would switch them to my everyday shoes and combined with exercises, my plantar fasciitis is under control.
Pros: They support my high arches perfectly!
Rating: 5 by Karen (from Kansas)
After reading the testimonials review. I tried the pinnacle powerstep. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. I just don't go without these ANYMORE. First thing in the morning upon waking, I slip on my comfy shoes with these inserted by my bedside. I can walk without feeling crippled and in pain. I would most definetely without any doubt, say to you to do your feet and self a huge favor and try these. These are the bomb. Thanks you so very much for an absolutely no doubt about it fantastic product. I feel like dancing, and I do (and can) dance around the house NOW.
Rating: 5 by Phil
Had plantar fasciitis for a year. bought these 4 months ago. Helped me heal. Great support. I wont walk without them. when these are trashed, I will buy another set. Worth the money to walk in comfort.
Pros: Great support .
Cons: none
Rating: 4 by Mary
The first time I bought a pair, I was suffering from plantars fasciitis. They really helped. The insoles fit nicely in my workout shoes without having to trim them. I bought a pair for my husband to put in his workboots. He hasn't complained about his back, knees or ankles in weeks. I will certainly buy Pinnacle PowerStep insoles again.
Rating: 2 by Ray
Didn't like this padded version
Liked the original much better
I have 3 of them
Rating: 5 by Hans
Slightly better arch support than the regular PowerStep insert, which is already an excellent product. Durable, so they're worth the cost.
Rating: 5 by John
Very comfortable. Spur pain removed upon wearing the powerstep.
Rating: 5 by Harry
I have these inserts in all my shoes. I think that they help prevent a reoccurence of plantar fasciitus. Best thing I have found on the Internet!
Pros: Really works!
Cons: Expensive
Rating: 5 by Deb
I have always thrown away my original insoles on every new pair of runners... I have had pretty good luck with another very weel known brand of insoles. Suddenly, I was having pain. Same shoes as always, same insoles. Changed to the Pinnacle PowerStep and voila, the pain subsided and I was off and running. I have extremely high arches and these fit perfect on the very first day. Will definatley purchase again and again!
Pros: perfect for high arches
Rating: 5 by Biggteee
This is my 5th pair, they r the best, Im on my feet all day, and they make a big difference.
Rating: 5 by Betsy
I had previously purchased custom orthotics to the tune of a total cost of $400, though I 'only' paid $80 after my insurance contributed. These are as good as, if not better than, the custom orthotics. These fit just as well and have more padding in the heel. They took a little getting used to, but now I wear these regularly and keep the others in my house slippers.
Rating: 5 by Jim
This product completely eliminates my heel pain during normal walking and while playing tennis. Together with a stretching and icing regimen, my plantar fasciitis is almost gone now. It was so bad I had to stop playing tennis for two months.
One note: Any shoes you put these in should have removable insoles or it can get very tight in the toe box. If you can't remove your insoles, you may want to go with the unpadded PowerStep.
Pros: supportive, comfortable, well made
Rating: 4 by David
Thes supports are good. I had a big flare up of PF last summer and while these didn't stop the symptoms, (my Birkenstocks did) they didn't make it any worse. I did start using these in athletic shoes after my symptoms cleared up. Have nod had a flare up since.
Pros: Great Support
Cons: Very wide
Rating: 3 by pcyn2
I appreciate your taking them back.
Pros: Excellent arch support
Cons: Lining started peeling off after 3 days of use.
Rating: 5 by Allen
This product has been nothing short of great for me! I had a extremely painful heel problem for about a year. I ordered the Pinnacle Powerstep and as soon as I put it on I knew it was going to work for me. It took the pressure off my heel and supported my arch. My foot problem is 85% better in a couple of months. I just ordered my second pair. because I got tired of constantly changing them from shoes to sneakers. They fit perfectly. I think a few more months and I will be totally cured! One word of advice...When you first wear them take it slow. Maybe an hour at a time so your foot gets used to it. Wearing them too much at the beginning will hurt your foot and cause a set back.
Rating: 3 by Bob in NY
Tried the PowerStep Pinnacle inserts.. while they do greatly help the heel pain, it's too much arch support for me and for being on my feet all day long. My arch is keeling me and feet are killing me over all.
I ordered a pair of the Super Cushion Insoles.
These offer me the same support, but I come away in much better shape wearing them all day. The Super Cushion Insoles are a 5+ for me. I ordered two more pairs for my other shoes and the PowerStep Pinnacles are going in the pile of inserts tried, but can't keep using.. I originally gave them a 5, since the support is great.. but too much support for me and I can't keep using them, I come away with new pains in my feet from too much support. The Super Cushion Insoles are a better choice for me.
Rating: 3 by Deb
I am sure these supports would be great for the right person, but I have high arches, but the Pinnacles are still too high for me. I had read a lot of the comments on these so I thought they would be perfect heighth, but I think they must be for someone with extremely high arches.
Pros: well made
Cons: the arches are just too high
Rating: 4 by Phillip
PS Pinnacle is a great product, although I'm not noticing much of a difference in my PF compared to using the regular PS. Initially, I could tell the difference in the extra cushioning, but it hasn't really helped my PF or heel pain. My heels still ache throughout the day, but I'd be in real bad shape without the PS's.
Rating: 5 by Joan
I can't tell the difference between the Pinnacle Powerstep and my $250 custom made orthotics.
Pros: comfortable
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by jim
My heal pain reduced about 75%, with ice 100%
Rating: 4 by nick
These things are great. I've tried them all,even $400 special made orthodics. Wear them in all my shoes. Wish the pad in the sole was more resilient.
Pros: fixed my plantar fasciitis,
Cons: The pad in the sole flattens right away
Rating: 4 by Judy
Very good. As good as any custom made orthotic.
Thanks very much
Rating: 4 by nancy
I am unable to isolate what made the difference. When I began having foot pain, I searched the internet and found your wonderful, helpful, detailed website. You described my symptoms perfectly. I got new shoes, began wearing shoes all the time, using the Pinnacle PowerStep insole all the time, taking anit-inflammatories, stretching and resting. In a few weeks, the pain was sporadic, in about two months, my feet were fine and have remained pain free for the last 8 months. I continue to use the insoles, just in case. I am not sure if they were key, or if they were contributors, or if it was something else. I am happy with my feet, whatever the solution. Thanks!
Rating: 5 by Dave
The PP insoles provided me with instant pain relief from the first time I started wearing them. After 3-4 weeks, I suddenly noticed I was totally pain-free (even when I walked barefoot). I was skeptical when I ordered these, but now am a believer. I've recommended these to two people with chronic plantar fasciitis, and they both have experienced results similar to mine. Save your money on expensive treatments, and buy these things for $30 bucks. Use the rest of your money for dancing lessons!
Pros: Cured my plantar fasciitis
Cons: None
Rating: 3 by Debbie
All in all, I'd say the insoles aren't any better or worse than some of the new ones you can buy in the drug store for alot cheaper. To me, they weren't worth the price, but maybe it was just me. I think I needed much more padding, and perhaps I should have gone with something with a bit less of an arch. The insoles didn't take my pain away, but everyone's pain is different. I'm still hunting for something that works, the best thing I've found so far were Dr. Scholl's gel heel cups...go figure!
Cons: a bit expensive, didn't work
Rating: 5 by Bob
love these supports; I've bought several pairs; my podiatrist looked at them and was very favorably impressed with them compared to custom orthotics. He was going to recommend custom orthotics but when he saw these he said they were fine.
Pros: Great arch support
Cons: could have more forefoot cushioning
Rating: 5 by Rick
I ordered a pair of the Pinnacle Powerstep about a couple of months ago. My Doc recomended another brand that I got locally (at a premium price,I might add)The Pinnacle insteps are far superior, in comfort and fit for me. I am now going to order two more pair for the price of one of the local Doctor recomended brand! I love these! The info on your websight has helped me more than my Doc too. Thanks!
Rating: 3 by kevin
they are ok better than stock insoles, but inferior to Lynco sport orthotics.
Rating: 5 by Aaron
Oh my god! That's what I was saying five minutes after I slipped these marvels of modern manufacturing in my boots. I mean immediate relief. I'd read all the rave reviews here and didn't think anything could work that well. I was wrong, the pain that's been ruling my life for the last six months has magically dissipated. I even tried to run a little bit after wearing them for an hour-no pain, but a little sore the next day. Still if i would have done that before I got these I would have spent a week icing my foot. I have hope, for the first time in a long while, that I'll emerge from this sewer of podiatric misery and once again resume running, hiking, dancing, aerobicsing(?). Namely doing all the things that people without faciitis enjoy.
Rating: 4 by Margie W.
I had been using the original PowerStep for several years in my running shoes (I'm a walker) and really liked them. They have great support and I have a high arch. I like the Pinnacle too but I think next time I may go back to the original. I don't know if I feel much of a difference for the extra $8. Perhaps extra cushioning is not what I need as much as just good support. They are both great products for anyone with PF (which I have had for 15 years).
Rating: 5 by CMA, MI
I was experiencing a moderate amount of pain in my right foot - diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. Needless to say, I was very bummed, I LOVED to be barefoot and to walk for exercise. My doctor recommended Playmakers (a leading retailer for footwear in my area) and they suggested these. I also bought some Birkenstocks & supportive shoes to always wear. These really did the trick. I was healed and pain free over the next couple months and have not had a reoccurance. Although I cannot go bearfoot and constantly have footwear on - I am pain free and comfortable at a reasonable price!
Pros: Eliminated heel pain I could exercise again
Rating: 5 by Joan
I have been relieved of all pain in my heel since I started using the pinnacle powerstep. I'm able to walk and ride my exercise bike just as I used to before my heel pain started. Thank You!
Rating: 3 by
My PF is still bothering me greatly. I do like the Pinnacle power step better then my custom orthonics tho?? Icing,taping,ibproferin cream, Im still in misery. The only thing I have not tried is the night splints?
Rating: 5 by Martha
I began using the product after an expensive orthotic device was sent back for adjustment because it made my symptoms worse.The product, along with stretching and exercises, has made drastically improve my PF.
Pros: Really made the difference in my progress!!
Cons: none
Rating: 4 by Barbara
I found it to be a little too firm. It does not work as well as my regular orthotics; however, it is good for a spare in alternate shoes so you don't have to keep changing and wear out your orthotics. It is worth the money spent.
Rating: 4 by didoamanda
Heya There
I've had this Pinnacle power step for 3 months and yer it's a great product... Would highly recommend this product for anyone suffering with plantar Fasciitis and bad heel spurs...The only thing I would like to see improve is a higher arch to really stretch out the plantar injury... Thanks cheer's Amanda...

Pros: All good great product
Cons: Arch could be higher
Rating: 4 by Shirley
I find the powersteps better than my custom made orthotics which I paid $400+ for.They are very comfortable and I will be ordering more very soon.
Rating: 4 by Sore foot
I've got these in some dress shoes while I struggle with a long case of plantar fasciitis. While the PF hasn't cleared up, the PowerStep has helped-much better than what I had in my shoes to begin with. There's no silver bullet for PF, but this is one tool in the toolbox.
Pros: Comfortable, stable and easy on the foot.
Cons: Still haven't recovered!
Rating: 5 by Michael Ann
The powerstep insoles have made a big difference in my running shoes because I have really high arches and now can't run without them. I still have Plantar Fascitis, but the insoles help relief some of the pain and has been the best thing I have found soo far. I just ordered two more pairs for my other shoes ;-)
Rating: 5 by Mike
I'm a police officer that has been wearing uniform shoes and boots for the past 20 years. I also run about 25 miles a week. 2 years ago I developed Plantar Fasciitis and I was at the point that I could barely walk in the morning and was crippled by the afternoon. I tried anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots and every other product out there, but did not see any real relief and improvement until I started wearing the Power Step inserts. I have since run two marathons and still wear the inserts for comfort.
Pros: easy to use, instant relief
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Maureen
Having used the thinner powerstep insoles and having received so very much relief I have now purched the Pinnacle, which has more cushioning and is so wonderful...I have to use them mostly in athelitec shoes, as by being thicker they have a tendancy to make the shoes fit tighter.....Two years ago I could hardly walk, and often used a cane, and after doing the things you sugested on your web site, and using the insoles...I am almost virtually pain free and I work as a barber on a Military base and stand on my feet all day long which can be quite painfull for a 61 year old woman....thank you so very much for all of your wonderful products....Maueen Valenti
Rating: 5 by rdn
After using the Pinnacle Powerstep inserts for over a year, I am totally satisfied with them. The heelspur pain I had is virtually gone!

I have two sets - one for my dress shoes, and one for my casual athletic shoes. On the athletic shoes I simply removed the inserts that came with the shoes and put in the Powersteps. Definitely a great product.

As my Physical Therapist says, forget the "gellin" soft inserts; what your feet need is a proper firm insert.
Pros: Firm enough to provide great foot support!
Cons: None.
Rating: 5 by Mary Ellen
The Pinnacle PowerStep has even more arch support than the original PowerStep inserts. I removed the insoles from my New Balance walking shoes and replaced them with the Pinnacles. Now I can walk (and even run a bit)with no PF pain!
Rating: 5 by Weldon
I was having a lot of pain in the heel of my foot due to heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. I ordered a pair of the Pinnacle PowerStep shoe inserts and the results were excellent. Within a few days after purching them my heel pain started to improve. Within about a week, things were subtantially better. I am very satisfied with the results.
Pros: They worked very well
Cons: none
Rating: 3 by William
I tried the Pinnacle PowerSteps for a few days, but I could not get used to the very high arch. I've been trying some other shoe inserts trying to find ones that fit my feet. Any soft inserts help my PF problem, but some are more comfortable than others.
Pros: Better support than flat pad inserts
Cons: Arch support too high for me
Rating: 5 by Chris
Excellent product.
Pros: I haven't had any pain since I started using this
Rating: 5 by CHELLE
Cons: NONE
Rating: 3 by David
I have not tried this insert but it looks good;>) ( I have a pair and plan on using soon ... one of the benefits of the previous one is you can use it on top of whats in your shoe or in my case boots ...YOU CAN'T DO THIS WITH THE NEW ONE ..IT IS TOO THICK!!!! I will post further comments when I use it with my other boots with removable insoles...but if you have a tight fit shoe/boot or like to keep your current insoles under the power step I would be dubius in thinking these will work for you.... they are thicker albiet not by much ...but in my case too much. I do think for most foks they would be an improvement since power steps main draw back has been they are HARD especially for those with diabetes or other foot problems ...But I LOVE the old power steps and have had NO planar faceitis since I started using them three years ago!!!!...David
Rating: 5 by Tim
The Pinnacle Powerstep have really taken care of my heel problems.I have tried other brands of insoles but none have come close to the Powersteps.
Rating: 4 by Gary
I got pair these inserts as part of my effort to eliminate plantar fasciitis. I use them in my street shoes, together with regular stretching, seem to have started to eliminate the PF.The web site is very informative too.
Rating: 5 by Roy
I have been having problems with heel spurs and foot problems for years. I have tried many ensoles to help and the Pinnacle Powerstep is the most comfortable I have ever had. I took them to my foot doctor to get his opinion and he said it is rare to find a pair of ensoles on the internet that acutally fit your feet and the Pinnacle fit. I bought two more pair. They also seem to be durable and hav held up well since I put them in my shoes. Because of other inserts I change them back and forth between pairs shoes.
Pros: good fit comfort
Rating: 3 by jaredjo
They certainly help and I have two pairs - I try to have some sort of insert in most of the shoes I wear all the time, and these are pretty good.
Pros: much better than the custom ones I had made
Cons: Still have pain but maybe always will
Rating: 5 by Pete
I was diagnosed with Planter Fasciitis and my Podiatrist recommended the Pinnacle PowerStep. My foot pain had been going on for 6 weeks and within 1 week of using the PowerStep the pain was gone! I have since purchased 3 more pairs so I am changing shoes less frequently. I highly recommend the product to all folks that are getting older and are susceptible to foot pain.
Pros: Cured my Planter Fasciitis
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by
This is my second pair of PowerSteps. The Pinnacle PowerStep was recommended by my Podiatrist over surgery. My ankle, heel, and knees are considerably better. Although I'm also doing exercises to increase the strength in my ankle, without the PowerStep, I could hardly walk. There is some pain at first in getting used to the support, just give it some time and if anyone is like me, they will find it helps not only the ankle and heel but knees and back also. LOVE THE PRODUCT!
Rating: 4 by Pete
Work okay. Good cushioning, however they tended to push my foot foward in my shoes causing my toes to rub the front of my shoes. Seemed to work okay in my sport shoes, however, I had hoped to use them in my work shoes.
Rating: 1 by MaryAnn
very overpriced - I don't even use them
Cons: very uncomfortabe
Rating: 5 by mandona
These inserts keep my plantar faciitis under control. I don't leave home without them. Literally.
Pros: Reasonably priced
Rating: 5 by metsss
I purchased these for my 15-year-old daughter who runs track and cross country and plays basketball. She began to have foot pain when running. We went to the doctor, and he recommended these specific insoles for her flat feet. It took her about 3 days to get used to them, and she has had no more pain since then. It is gone completely. They seem to be made well and are holding up well under her constant hard use. They are well worth the money.
Pros: Eliminates foot pain
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by anne
I believe this is an effective device for people who suffer from heel and/or arch pain. I recommend them.
Pros: This insert really supports the arch and heel
Rating: 4 by David
I bought these insoles and a night splint at the same time, so I can't really assess which is helping my plantar fascitis the most. However, I can feel the insole adding pressure to my arch (which it supposed to do), thus minimizing the pressure on my heel. While my calf still feels tight at times, walking is rarely painful anymore.
Pros: My feet feel better
Cons: A bit awkward at first
Rating: 5 by William
Great product, reasonably priced. Needs more support in arch.
Pros: Great Product Reasonably Priced
Cons: More support in arch
Rating: 5 by Chris
I have Plantar Faciitis and initially ordered the Pinnacle Power Step and Power Step insoles. They did not work for me as the arch was too high, and thus too painful for me. I then ordered the heelspurs.com insoles and have been very happy with them. I am wearing them in my sneakers with a generic gel insole (no arch) under them. I can't begin to say how much this web site has helped me to understand what was going on with my feet. I also appreciated all the comments by other customers and found their input very helpful in figuring out what to purchase. I usually wear a Woman's size 8 or 8.5 shoe. I found that the size listed as Woman's 6.5-8 was the best size to choose. The next size up was too large.
Pros: Perfect
Rating: 5 by Marion
While I still struggle with PF, I wouldn't be walking as well as I am without these insoles. They're very easy to get used to and fit well in all of my shoes. I've purchased multiple sets and they seem to be holding up well.
Pros: Solid Arch Support
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by Karen
At first they bothered my legs. I think I wore them too long at a time in the beginning. But eventually my heel pain went away and I can wear them all day without any discomfort. I did feel the instep was abit too arched and very hard to get used to. But am so glad I got them as my feet are feeling so much better.
Pros: eventually took away heel pain
Cons: instep abit too high
Rating: 4 by cin
I am very pleased with my night splint that cost 48$.I have worn it faithfully every night for 1 month and there is remarkable difference in my plantar fasciitis. I also wear the powerstep insert during the day. I'm a nurse and spend a lot of my time on my feet and would recommend these products to any of my patients in a similiar condition. The sooner you start using them the better the results!!!!!!!!Also ice every night and take an antinflammatory.
Rating: 5 by Becky
I have tried many different inserts for my feet and these are the best. I noticed a difference from the beginning. Being a PE teacher and on my feet all day, these inserts are awesome. I can get through the day now with minimal pain then before.
Rating: 5 by Richard
I use these in my "docksiders" style shoes and they give me day long walking and wearing comfort and support.
Pros: Immediately comfortable and long lasting.
Rating: 5 by Michele
I love this product. I don' think it was the "cure" to my PF issues, but the Powerstep fit right into my shoes and was comfortable to me from the start. I also purchased a pair fo the 3/4 length slimmer design for work shoes (I keep getting funny looks when I wear my running shoes with a suit), and they worked great. I even put them in my boots when I had to dress up.
Rating: 5 by Bob
My only options were Powersteps or surgery for a bad case of hammertoe. I am glad the Powersteps work because surgery has risks and there was no assurance that it would work. Thanks.
Pros: Held off surgery. Can walk and jog pain free
Rating: 4 by Diane
Good arch support but still need more cushioning in the heel.
Rating: 4 by Chris
I love the original PowerSteps, so I wanted to give the Pinnacle a try. I find the padding is too thick, and takes up too much room in my shoes, making them too tight. Also, they feel a little less supportive than the original PowerSteps, but I think that is because the padding is so soft. Overall, they are good, but save your money and get the Originals.
Pros: Excellent support
Cons: Extra padding is too thick
Rating: 5 by Phillis
I work in a warehouse and must be on my feet on concrete at least 8-12 hours a day. The Pinnacle PowerStep really helps support my feet during the day so that at the end of the day I am not in pain.
Pros: Good support
Cons: cost
Rating: 5 by Tina
These are good over the counter inserts to try in lieu of expensive orthotics. They are only a good arch match for people with medium arches. Flat footed, and high arch feet would not match up the contour. I ordered 2 pair for my 19 yearold son and his pf is almost gone after wearing these and stretching for the last 3 months. I've also used them and found them to be almost as good as my custom made orthotics in terms of supporting the arch. The do "give" a bit more than hard orthotics but then again they are only $40- instead of $400.
Rating: 5 by Holly
I have used regular PowerSteps for a year - they completely relieved my plantar fasciitis pain within a couple weeks when I started using them. The new Pinnacles don't work in my Merrell Primo clogs because the extra cushioning raises my foot too high and it slips out over the back lip of the clog, but I put them in my hiking boots and they are great. I use regular PowerSteps in the clogs with no problem. I have them in all my shoes now and my feet are pain-free and comfortable.
Rating: 4 by Dee
This was essential during a 6 month bout of plantar's fasciatis. It it now healed, but with hopes of avoiding a recurence, I were good arch supports allmost all of the time (even in my slippers). The smaller version fits a litter better in my dress shoes.
Rating: 5 by Harper
The Pinnacle PowerStep has turned out to be just the ticket for dealing with my PF--absolutely the best purchase I could have made.

In addition to the Pinnacle PowerStep, I bought a cartful of other goodies with which to try and treat my PF--and while I'm sure they too are aiding in the healing process--TRULY, it's the Pinnacle PowerStep that's helping most of all. I simply cannot recommend this product highly enough. I'm walking without pain for the first time in months.

Keep in mind if you put your Pinnacle Powerstep inside a shoe that's already loaded with cushiony insole material, when you stand up to walk it will probably feel like you're about to walk right out of your shoes. Fortunately, the answer is simple: Take the insoles that came with your shoes OUT. Replace them with the Pinnacle PowerStep and THEN walk around and see how your feet feel. For me, it was instant heaven. I had no difficulty getting used to these things. They felt wonderful--just right!--immediately. (That is, immediately after I removed my shoes' insoles.)

Great going, heelspurs.com. Thank you!
Pros: corrects problem w/out any discomfort
Cons: none!
Rating: 4 by Guy
I coach junior golf and so I am standing quite a bit! I have even tried custom orthodics, the only way that the PowerStep could be better is if they cured heel spurs!
Pros: Of the many things I have tried, they are great!
Rating: 5 by Terry
Better than the previous insert - much thicker. I have high arches and it gets up there, but if you have flat or very low arches, these may annoy you.
Rating: 4 by Rae
This is a very good arch support and along with the night splint it is really helping me get better. I found it more effective to add a gel heel cushion on top but other than that it has been super.
Rating: 4 by James
The powerstep pinnacle is a great insert, and I would give it a 5 if the arch was just a little less aggressive (or a little lower). I have an earlier powerstep insole, the Pro, which I donít believe they make anymore, and I have found that to be just about perfect. However, the issue is complicated because I have only worn the pinnacle in a narrower shoe, and I believe that causes the arch to ride a little higher. I havenít worn the Pro in the same shoe. To sum up, I think the powerstep/pinnacle is an EXCELLENT insole for the price, and it has worked wonders for my feetóin combination with some other treatments I have used.

Regarding my insole regimen, I wear this one day, then a different pair of shoes with some Super Cushion Insoles on the next day. Alternating this way, I feel, gives my feet days of greater exercise (on the Super Cushion Insoles days) and days of greater rest in between (on the powerstep days). That seems to work pretty well for me.

Pros: Good cushioning, good support, good price.
Cons: Arch is a little on the high side.
Rating: 4 by Angie
Good arch support. A little hard to get used to, especially if you already have significant foot pain. After a few days, the pain in my foot has decreased somewhat.
Rating: 5 by Jeff
The extra cushioning really helps the insole feel more comfortable. Can make some shoes fit too tight though.
Rating: 5 by HMR
Brief history of my problem... for years I have suffered from such severe heel pain and have tried so many things such as OTC insoles, inserts and custom orthotics, not to mention taping, corticosteroid injections and medications. I am not the poster boy for pain relief. However, I have been thrilled with the Powersteps... I love it foot pain is gone and in less than one week.

I wish that I could give it a higher score than five. I received the insoles one week ago and the first day I used it for 3 to 4 hours before they started to bother me. The next day I went to work with them and only noticed the support it gave me. No pain ever since. I use them all day long and no longer fear walking... infact I now enjoy walking and standing around having found a new bounce in my step.

I highly recommend them.

By the way, I am a physician :)
Rating: 5 by MGV
A great product -- highly recommend to people with plantar fascitis or achilles tendon problems.
Pros: Excellent product
Rating: 5 by Steve
I got about four pairs of these inserts as part of my effort to eliminate plantar fasciitis. I am 61 years old and quite active. I use them in my running, golf, and street shoes. These, together with regular stretching, seem to have eliminated the PF. They are comfortable, cheap, and interchange easily among about six pairs of shoes. I couldn't be more satisfied.
Pros: They seem to work!
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Joe
Provided immediate relief from near-crippling pain.
Rating: 4 by Stephen
I came back from a long vacation with plantar fasciitis because I believe I over-walked/jogged. After an appointment with my primary care physician, he confirmed my diagnosis subsequent to reviewing xrays of my foot. My physician recommended that (1) I do stretching exercises everyday (for my feet and calves) and (2) that I purchase a set of inserts for my shoes because I am flat-footed. After reviewing various internet sites which I located by googling, I found the heelspurs.com site most informative for plantar fasciitis. Consequently, I ordered a set of the Powersteps about 1 1/2 months ago. Since receiving the Powersteps and daily stretching as advised by my physician, my foot (left) appears to be about 90% improved. Actually, I can't really quantify the improvement - only that I am not focused on my foot most of time which is wonderful. Unfortunately, I cannot pinpoint whether this improvement was caused by the Powersteps or the stretching or a combination of the both. Whatever happened, I am delighted with the Powersteps, and plan on purchasing another pair soon.
Rating: 5 by Pete
I would like to retract my negative feedback. The first day I wore these insoles, my feet hurt worse than they did without them. But then I began to notice that my feet felt exponentially better. I've only been wearing these things for a few days, but my feet are already feeling a lot better! I don't know how these things work, but WOW. If you can make it through the first couple of days of pain, these things actually work. [ heelspurs.com response: I found the other rating and deleted it. - Scott ]
Rating: 4 by Jana
So far they have helped, although, just like anything I have tried, by the end of the day I still have some pain.
Rating: 5 by l
Pros: relieves pain on an ongoing basis
Cons: I wish it were less expensive
Rating: 5 by
The Pinnacle PowerStep has proven extremely helpful for my plantar fasciitis. I started out with one pair as a test, and shortly thereafter I bought 4 more pair: 2 for two pair of running shoes and 3 others for walking and casual dress shoes. They have made an enormous difference, especially when used in conjunction with stretching and icing after runs. The inserts provide important arch support. Their construction and durability make them superior to all of the other inserts I have tried from stores. After the first month of inserts, stretching, and icing, I saw a decrease and quicker recovery time from the plantar pain. You get so accoustomed to the inserts that walking barefoot or only in socks can be problematic. I am not one to make endorsements (this is my first ever), but if you're looking to get plantar pain under control, it is well worth giving this a try.
Rating: 5 by louise
I had a heel spur in my right foot that hurt so bad my foot felt like it was on fire. It hurt to walk and working out at the gym was really painful. The insoles and the stretching exercises have helped a lot. After about 2 months of wearing the insoles all the time I started to get a lot of relief. I can walk a lot and work out at the gym with out serious problems. It use to hurt a lot when I would first get out of bed or when I would walk after sitting down for awhile but that has gotten better too.
Another nice thing about the insoles is that my shoes fit better with them. I have narrow feet and it's hard to find shoes in narrow sizes. Sometimes with the insoles I don't even need a narrow size.
Rating: 4 by John
Would recommend this to anyone suffering from foot problems.
Pros: Helps ease my foot pain
Cons: Didn't fit in all my shoes
Rating: 5 by Gloria
Purchased this wonderful product after having used numerous over-the-counter and custom orthotic products for years. It has solved my heel and other foot related pain completely. As opposed to those gel innersoles, I prefer firm support, which is what a custom orthotic usually is. But they were too hard, bulky, and EXPENSIVE, and usually not covered by health insurance. Started with the original PowerStep, then purchased the upgrade. Both are wonderful. Ordered several for different pairs of athletic shoes.
Pros: very firm yet light weight support
Cons: none for my uses
Rating: 5 by Sean
Best Price on the WEB!!!!

Excellent cushion and fit:)

I plan on buying a set for ALL of my shoes:)
Rating: 5 by Martha
These hold my feet up so that my feet don't not lean in over the ankles which reduces stress on plantar fascia. They have helped and work better than the ones I had bought at the store. I have 2 pairs and switch them into different shoes. Plan to purchase another pair soon.
Rating: 4 by Kimberly
I love these they are the best thing that I have tried so far. They were exactally as described, and when my wear out I will by a new pair. The only con would be that they don't have much padding for heel spurs to give more comfort. I have read that there is a different model that does and that is the one that I should have gotten.
Pros: fits in any shoe and reallly helped my feet
Cons: not so much heel padding
Rating: 5 by Allen
Works better than any insert I have purchased at a retail store. I had to buy larger shoes to accomodate it because it uses up a good deal of space in your shoes. It is the only insert I can stand and walk in all day.
Pros: allows me to walk fairly comfortably
Cons: I had to buy larger shoes to accmmodate the insert
Rating: 5 by matt
I bought a pinnacle and a regular powerstep insoles. Both are great and provide a lot of support. I think the pinnacle's cushioning is great for casual shoes, and maybe the regular powerstep insoles are a bit too hard for this-so I use them in my running shoes. I think I have less aches and pains since I've had high arches and have always had to tape them for support. I highly recommend both, the pinnacle is great!
Rating: 5 by Nancy
This is one great product. I keep a pair in my running shoes and wear them almost constantly. I have had custom orthotics that do not provide the support and comfort that these do. Worth every penny!
Pros: Instant relief !
Cons: May be too thick for some shoes
Rating: 4 by Judith
Like the support, will order more. The full support requires me to buy shoes a larger size. Not a big deal. Still have some arch problems but don't know how to correct it yet.
Pros: It does work
Cons: Shoes have to be larger than normal
Rating: 5 by D
I've used the PowerStep inerts for 7 years and they have brought me the comfort I craved and prevented further progression of the plantar's fasciitis. I have recommended them to many friends who have also enjoyed great relief from pain.

You should give them a try...you won't regret it!
Pros: comfortable, easy to use and transfer among shoes
Rating: 5 by Chris
Were immediately comfortable and soothed the pain of the plantar fasciitis in both feet; will be buying another pair soon.
Pros: Immediate improvement and comfort
Cons: Very tight in other than athletic shoes
Rating: 4 by Christine
I just got my new Pinnacle PowerStep inserts and my feet feel much better. Thanks!
Rating: 4 by linda
i feel these are a great when you are unable to custom made orthatics in some shoes. i have several pairs and styles of the powersteps for different shoes styles.
Pros: the price is right
Rating: 4 by Britt
I have a very high arch. this product is not quite high enough. they should sell one that is a little higher. i still use the three pairs i purchased
Pros: i did get some positive results .
Cons: wish there was an insert with a higher arch
Rating: 5 by Doug
Tried one to see how it worked and bought another pair. They indeed have done everything they claimed. I'm a ballroom dancer and was worried about my ability. I've had no pain since I started using them. It took about a week for the pain to start subsiding and gone after about a month.
Pros: Stopped my arch and heel pain.
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by David
The best insole I've used-better than the custom orthotics I had made.
Rating: 5 by Jill
I have tried many, many other brands and types of insoles and haven't found any better. I have even spent exorbitant amounts for prescription insoles that were extremely uncomfortable and did nothing to ease the discomfort in my knees. The Pinnacle PowerStep helps position my foot correctly so that I'm comfortable all day long.
Pros: Very comfortable right from the start
Cons: I only get about 300 running miles out of them
Rating: 5 by John
I have had plantar fasciitis since I was a kid. The discomfort would come and go, but the episodes of discomfort increased in duration and intensity as I got older. I have used several over the counter insoles with varying degrees of success. Once I tried the original Power Step, I completely switched over to using the Power Step original. The last time I needed to replace my insoles, I ordered the Power Step Pinnacle. These insoles are just great. I use them in my work shoes and in my running shoes. I just realized that I have not had any plantar fasciitis discomfort in weeks. These may not work for everyone, but I don't wear shoes without them. Thanks to Power Step and heelspurs.com!
Rating: 5 by Doug
The Pinnacle's have turned out to be as good as the $300.00 "Custom Made" I bought through my doctor.
Pros: Outstanding value
Rating: 4 by Richard
I give the Pinnacle a lower rating because its not worth the extra money. I think the product is good but I don't see any difference between and regular power steps.
Rating: 5 by Jo
I am ready to order more. Please send reply on the same size/arch support as my first pair.
Pros: Simply wonderful!
Rating: 5 by Leo
Since the first day that i used i felt the diference already, and with the time the heeling prosses, Does take time but really helps better then any other product that i used from the Supermarket..thank you for such good product, i am happy right now with the results...
Pros: Solved my problem, Wonderful relief .
Rating: 5 by FrankV
After sufering of heel pain for two months and trying lots of medicines, and shoe gels with no success, I tried the Pinnacle Power Step. In a week I was able to walk with no pain, and two weeks later I was playing racquetball. I now have them in all of my sport and street footwear.

Pros: The best solution for heel pain
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Andy
Searched for weeks and tried all the orthotics from every major store. None had close to the rigid type arch support needed and were basically just foam to mask the problem.
Checked the PowerSteps profile against the "customs" with not only mine but with 4 other guys at work. They matched virtually identically to all. We ordered about 20 pairs total in the last 2 weeks.
Paid 450 for customs from podiatrist. One pair! What a rip-off for a piece of (thermo)plastic. Don't rely on a doctor to recommend this product. They can't get the kickbacks, make it themselves, or keep it in the family the same as when you have the customs made. I wish I found these sooner. I would have told the Dr. I can't afford customs at this time and showed up for the next appointment with the powersteps, put them against my foot and ask what he thinks of the fit. Unfortunately I already had the customs when I did this! After close examination his only comment was that his were stiffer for better support. He had to say something to justify $24 vs. $450! There really isn't any difference at all.
Removed the stock inserts from sneakers and golf shoes to allow for the extra padding with the pinnacles, they seem slightly more comfortable than the regular.
Use the regular for some boots or shoes that are tighter fitting. The padding on the powerstep regular is still more comfortable then any stock insert. In high boots (Leather/kevlar fireman boots) we use the regular, also some boots with the steel toes. Also got one of the 3/4 length (like my customs) and they work just a good but my preference is for the full length.
Great product overall.
Pros: Support is good as customs at fraction of cost.
Cons: None.
Rating: 5 by Dale
I bought several pairs for all my tennis shoes. They give great support and along with frequent streching I think I licked my foot problems.
Rating: 4 by JSlivka
I would like to know if you have similar products which give even more support. I have a high arch.
Pros: It has helped me in healing my PF. It gices great
Cons: None
Rating: 1 by Tom
Received them very quickly. Insoles helped by heel spur a great deal. I was able to keep running while I was heeling. Recommened them to a running buddy and he bought some too. He is also getting great results.
Pros: very comfortable, great shoe fit,
Cons: none noted
Rating: 5 by TravelNurse1
I will never again not own a pair of powersteps. Read all of the reviews and was very skeptical about how well people said they work. Not a lie! I have been suffering with bilateral plantar faciitis for 3 years. I've gone thru night splints, injections, PT. Next option was surgery. These inserts have made all the difference and I feel I will not need surgery. That kind of pain is gone. Still have to stretch and wear night splints sometimes on days when I can't wear my inserts but these will take away the pain. I wear the pinnacle at work (I'm a RN) and the regular Powerstep in my workout shoes because they are thinner and fit better for that. Wish there were some that would fit in my "sexy" shoes but I wear them in everything I can. Can't say enough! Save money on the pricey custom orthotics and get these first. You won't be sorry!
Pros: Reduces Pain!!!!
Cons: Difficult to wear in some womens shoes
Rating: 4 by Alexandria
This is a very good off the shelf orthotic. I thought they might be as good as my custom orthotics but after running with them a little I realized that there were still certain spots that the custom orthotic supported better. Still, if I started with these rather than the custom orthotics, I might never have tried the customs (they're definitely better priced by over a factor of ten). I put these in my Rockports at work and they are great.
Pros: Good arch support
Cons: Not quite as good as custom orthotic
Rating: 5 by John
I have several different shoe,boots and i don't want to keep changing the PowerStep from one to another pair of shoes or boots.My concern is my feet and the PowerSteps are great but i have no idea what i will wear from day to day.The pinnacle PowerSteps are what i need to keep my feet comfortable and i will continue buying them.They were recommended by my foot doctor and she was right.
Rating: 5 by John
Bought one pair, liked them so well, I ordered another pair the next day. They are really good quality.
Pros: very comfortable to walk with, good support
Rating: 5 by Barbara
I absolutely love these insoles. I have tried many different ones and these are as good as my orthotics from my doctor--only much cheaper. I have walked for three months in these and have experienced no heel pain at all. I have a very high arch and these insoles cradle it and give it great support as well as cushioning.
Pros: Excellent, wonderful!
Cons: They squeak when I walk.
Rating: 5 by Robert
3000 miles across China! I used these in Aasics running shoes. I also use them in New Balance shoes. They are the greatest!! THese are far superior to the prescription orthodics my podiatrist recommended. Even he was impressed with them. Thanks. Bob
Rating: 4 by Liz
I injured my heel in Sept. 07 doing aerobic exercise dance class. I truly could not walk form my kitchen table to the sink to clear the dishes. I visited your site and felt that your taping method gave me so much relief from the pain and eventually allowed me to continue exercising. I did go to an orthopaedic Dr. after 8-10 weeks and received one steriod shot. I feel that the taping and stretching exercises were the most beneficial and thank you for the information! It's been 7 months since I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and your site helped me keep up with my exercise goals and I am now pain free! Thanks!
Pros: it provides great support
Cons: i think i may do better with a custom made orthoti
Rating: 5 by Michael
My feet have been hurting for some years now. After trying a friends 250 dollar custom arch supports and getting instant relief, I started looking for something in my budget range. Immediately after typing the Pinnacle PowerStep I received the same benefit as the expensive custom one. I whole heartedly recommend the Pinnacle Powerstep.
Rating: 4 by Jim
Very comfortable. Entirely satisfactory.
Rating: 4 by Rosa
This support was very helpful for my foot and relieved most of the pain, but I found that I needed a soft heel insert with it for the best relief.
Pros: It gives very good support
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by "Sam"
It would be great if it was offered in "Narrow" for big-footed women. I wear and 11 narrow and play lots of tennis. It fits my tennis shoe okay, but would fit much better if it was a little narrower.
Pros: supports the arch and helps cushion the heel area
Cons: see comments
Rating: 5 by Rob
I remember a time years ago before I found this website that I used to crawl to the bathroom with foot pain in the morning. I used to limp around in pain all day. Doctors gave me injections and foot mold inserts without any help. Then I discovered night splints and PowerSteps. Now I run/walk over an hour a day pain free...as long as I use the splint nightly and PowerSteps daily. What a difference.
Pros: works great
Cons: expensive
Rating: 4 by Kathy
I really liked these but started developing unusual knee pain after a few weeks. I finally decided that they provided too much support and were impacting my gait too much. I put different insoles with less support in my shoes and the pain went away in about a week.
Pros: Heavy-duty arch support
Cons: Too much arch support for some
Rating: 4 by Eric
Pros: My heel spurs have pretty much dissapeared since I started
I started using the insoles. They're much better than
anything I've purchased in the store.

Cons: Not really any cons. I was just curious if I could use these
insoles for high-impact exercises or if doing so would be too
stressful on the product.
Pros: See comments
Cons: See comments
Rating: 5 by Tom
A very good product at a reasonable price. I found that this product (along with adequate stretching) helped reduce my plantar fasciitis symptoms. I purchased one pair initially to determine if they would help eliminate the symptoms which occurred as a result of my running. They did, and I purchased two additional pair for other running shoes. I have not regretted spending that money!
Rating: 2 by Lynn
Awful....wasted $40. My heel still hurts terribly, even though I wear them everyday!!! Don't bother wasting your money.
Rating: 5 by Allen
It's better than the cheaper inserts that I bought from you guys. All of them have made my pain manageable and I tell everyone who has the same problem to visit your site and buy your products. Your site is exactly what is great about the Internet. Without itm I would still be limpoing along choking down 8 aspirin a day. Thanks, from the bottom of my foot.
Rating: 5 by Ken
A quality product with an effective arch support. Unfortunately, the thickness of the padding makes them impossible to use with most of my shoes.

Taping, stretching, massage with ibuprofen cream followed by a topical application of DMSO seems to be working for me. The CryoSphere and ActiveWrap are nice too.
Rating: 5 by ZiggyZ.
RELIEF AT LAST! After 3 days, I couldn't believe the difference. My plantar fascia was finally NOT killing me. My first pair worked so well in my running shoes that I bought a second pair for my dress shoes.
My healthy foot balked a little at the high arch, but got used to it quickly.
Not sure how they'll work as I try to start running again, but before these inserts, NOTHING was taking away my pain and inflammation. Now I'm pain-free and can start speed walking and lightly jogging again. Outstanding product.
Rating: 5 by ftpainnomore
My feet feel SO much better in these. I think they are why I have no more pain. Hard to say. At my podiatrist's insistence, I also bought better shoes--but they feel even better with these in them.

If they make your toes feel squished, or don't fit in the shoes at all, try the 3/4. And remember to take the existing insole out of the shoe if you can.

I know some people who hesitate to spend the money, but these are MUCH cheaper than a good pair of shoes (which are usually about $100). They limp around in Crocs without insoles and lose their job before they will spend $30 on these insoles.

Best if you could buy a pair for every pair of shoes, but do what you can.

Definitely get a pair of these for athletic shoes (if you really work out in them or walk a lot) and/or work shoes if you stand all day.

The 3/4 ones do wonders for dress shoes!

Pros: my feet feel better with them
Cons: price may seem high for some--but worth it!
Rating: 5 by Kristina
I just purchased my second pair of the PowerStep inserts and I cannot say enough about them. I have had plantar fasciitis for years and these are the best inserts I have found. I tried a couple of the cheap inserts you find in the stores but they were so uncomfortable. These have just the right amount of support.
Pros: Best insole on the market
Rating: 5 by Jerisa
This is a great product. I find them better inserts than anything that comes with a shoe. They wear well & give great support. I've been buying them for 6 years.
Pros: fits in most shoes, gives great support, lasts 6 m
Cons: They are expensive & wear out in 6 mo with reg use
Rating: 5 by LeeLee
These have been lifesavers for me. I have plantar fasciatis and could barely walk. I went to my Dr. and she gave me a referral for a orthopaedic surgeon. She mentioned that I could try the insoles first, but to get good quality ones. I bought the powerpoint insoles and put them in my Croc slip-ons and have been using them since. There was no real "break in" period for me. My foot just felt better with the insole than without and now I wear them always. Don't hesitate on buying these, I don't think you will be disappointed at all.
Rating: 5 by
Did not work for me. Arch is too high and caused problems in my knees. If there is a way to heat these and reduce the height of the arch please let me know because I have 4 pairs just sitting in the closet not being used.
Rating: 5 by Lee
I was very skeptical when I saw all the great reviews for this item. Could it really be that the Powerstep Pinnacle supports could be that great a produce? ABSOLUTELY!!! I received these yesterday and put them on immediately for my PF pain. By nightfall my foot felt better. I was sure I would be in lots of pain this morning but I wasn't. I have had them on every since and have done a lot of walking. Some people may have to do a breakin period, but so far I am much more comfortable with these on than off. Spend the extra few dollars and help your foot pain out, it is true, they really do help. I have the site on my "favorites" list for future purchases. I am forever grateful.
Rating: 5 by Phil
I've suffered with PF for 11 months and I'm finally able to reduce the inflammation and heel pain, thanks to these inserts. I wish I had known of them 10 months ago, and that they were the ticket to relief. Worth the $40. Quality of materials is very good. Arch is not too high or stiff for me. It is just right, and the padding is not to thick either. I wouldn't want less. I've had mine in for three weeks. It did not take long for the PF to begin to heal. I will buy them again when these are shot.
Pros: Great arch support and padding.
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Mike
While training for a 10 mile run a few years ago I managed to get plantar fasciitis in both feet. It shut me down completely. I could barely walk after getting up in the morning. I could not run without severe pain. After trying several different remedies I stumbled upon this web site and the Pinnacle PowerStep. I've used the PowerStep for over a year now and I am happy to say I am running again pain free.
Rating: 5 by Mary
Pinnacle PowerSteps are absolutely fabulous. I didn't think I could like anything better than the regular PowerSteps, but I do. Pinnacles offer cushioning that the regular PowerSteps lack; yet are almost as thin as the regulars. Pinnacle's small layer of cushioning makes a big difference when you have to stand for long periods of time -- shopping, walking, or just standing in the kitchen cooking. I have used PowerSteps for years and have them in the shoes that I wear often, from dressy shoes to my hiking boots. They offer unfailing firm support for my high arches, and my arches don't hurt after a lot of walking. When recovering from a broken leg several years ago, I had to wear one of those ugly Frankenstein boots after I got my cast removed. I put a PowerStep in that boot and walked around like nothing had ever been wrong -- no limping and no pain! These are a quality product, expensive, but well worth the money for me and my feet.
Rating: 4 by Phil
They work. It took about two weeks of gradually increasing the duration I wore them but now I can wear them most of the day and don't have any heel pain when I do so. But they don't fit in all my shoes (eg. my golf shoes) and when I don't wear them, the heel pain tends to return.
Pros: They work. Heel pain is gone when I wear them.
Cons: Need a break-in period. They don't fit all shoes.
Rating: 5 by Tony
Can't really say anything bad about these. I've tried all sorts of inserts that you can buy over the counter, PLUS some doctor prescribed inserts made for my foot by a lab for $350. I saw and felt absolutely no difference whatsoever between these and the prescription ones. I recommend these to anyone trying various inserts.
Pros: Just as good as the $350 prescription inserts.
Cons: Still have bad PF.
Rating: 5 by Jim
I'm extremely please with the Pinnacle PowerStep. In fact, I have not notice any difference between the Pinnacle PowerStep and the costly custom-made inserts that my podiatrist prescribed. I would have saved $270 if I had used the Pinnacle PowerStep first. I'm only making this rating because it may (1) help relieve someone's heel pain and (2)save them $200-300. I would also like to mention that I have purchased several pairs of the PowerStep inserts, so that I do not have to change them each time that I change shoes.
Rating: 5 by Loni
I bought these for 3 different people all with varying degrees of heel pain. All of them are pain free now and use the insoles everyday. They have recommended them to other friends and family with similar success.

I'm a fitness instructor and recommend them to my class participants whenever plantar fasciitis may be an issue. Everyone is amazed at the instant relief.

I have never had plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain and hope I never do! I'm a very satisfied customer and plan to buy more!!!

Pros: excellent product, great price, no more pain
Cons: none
Rating: 4 by Jim
The biggest difference between custom support arches and off the shelf arch support is their stiffness. The Pinnacle Powerstep is the best I have tried but it is still not stiff enough to provide support for a 6'3", 230 lb guy.
Pros: comfortable, good support
Cons: not stiff enough for heavier people
Rating: 5 by Jeff
I think the Powerstep Pinnacle is the single most important product in my recovery regiment. The additional cushioing made a huge difference in comfort both walking at work and using them in my running shoes over the regular Powersteps. Both offer huge support and comfort. ( I now use my regular ones in my cycling shoes)My friends with expensive custom orthotics can't stand to run with their 300 buck inserts and I can't run comfortably without my 33 dollar inserts! Go figure...
Rating: 4 by John
Good product, but probably not better for me than the regular version because they tend to make my shoes hurt my feet because they are a bit too tight. When these need replacing I will buy the regular version.
Rating: 1 by James
It did help my plantar fascitis somewhat, but made my arch hurt. I recently bought some medical grade orthotics from the Walking Store with some new shoes. They are helping much more.
Cons: My arch hurt instead.
Rating: 4 by chuck
Even after removing the original insole some shoes are too tight with this product. Others however are OK.
Pros: provides adaquate support
Cons: makes some shoes tight
Rating: 5 by Roger Stone
I think this product helped cure my plantar fascitis the most. I tried custom orthotics from a pediatrist, night splint, exercises, different shoes and Neo Vita. What worked was : stop wearing forward leaning running shoes, get walkers or cross trainers, use Powerstep. I had also tried Superfeet, but I have high arches and Superfeet did not touch my arch. Pain free now for 8-10 months and recommending Powerstep to anyne who has heel pain
Rating: 5 by Bill
I suffered from plantar fasciitis for several months. I purchased Pinnacle Power Step and after several weeks of use-No more pain-well worth the money!
Rating: 5 by Windi
I have ordered the original Powersteps for years now and been very pleased with the way they alleviate my PF pain. So I was excited to see the new cushy Pinnacles. So far they have been very nice. The only caveat is that they are too thick for some of my shoes. So I use the originals in certain shoes, and the pinnacles in other shoes that they work in. They made my already cushy Sauconys feel like a dream! Have not worn them long enough to determine how durable the cushioning is though.
Pros: very cushioned support
Cons: too thick for some shoes
Rating: 3 by Bighoss45
currently using custom orthotics which provide more support than the Powersteps
Pros: Reasonable price
Cons: A little too flexible for me at 250#.
Rating: 5 by Gerry
It really worked to cure my pain -- which was considerable. Inserts make my feet too snug in some of my shoes, so I haven't been able to use all of them anymore. However, I would rather replace my shoes with larger ones then do without the Pinnacle Powerstep inserts.
Pros: It worked!
Cons: Shoes are snug
Rating: 5 by dragonhat
I use them to rotate with my custom orthotics which were designed to relieve my PF pain. These are "practically interchangable" with my orthotics -- don't tell my doc.
Pros: Need the arch support this product provides
Cons: With heavy use, the compress a little
Rating: 5 by Richard
I have found the inserts to be everything advertised. I would not hesitate obtaining additional inserts in the future.
Pros: great product
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Fred
I had considerable foot pain due to heel spurs. After a few weeks wearing this product, the pain disappeared and has not returned. I highly recommend them as a first step before seeking medical attention.
Pros: It works
Cons: Can't purchase in a store.
Rating: 5 by Marilou
I believe that this product was absolutely essential with helping and healing my plantar fasciitis. I put one in my racquetball shoes and even though I do not have plantar fasciitis anymore, it is still in my shoes and I would not consider removing them because they make a huge difference in terms of comfort and support. (Buy New Balance shoes with removable footbeds.) And by the way, my orthopedist was so impressed when I showed him the Pinnacle Powerstep, he even asked me where I purchased them. Thank you again, heelspurs.com for a GREAT informative website offering real solutions.
Pros: Incredible comfort and support
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by sheila
it would be nice to have an optional insert for metatarsal support or more arch support if needed. it is better that most of the prescription orthotics that i've had over the years.
Pros: effective support
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by aileen
This product has really helped my PF heal. Super comfortable and
fit well in my shoes. So glad I found them.
Pros: great price and value
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by badfeet
These supports created some additional pain initially as I was used to the model with a little less arch support. It took a few days but now my feet are much better. I've been doing hard work- hauling rocks, dirt, landscaping on uneven terrain, and there's no way I could have gotten as far in the rocky yard (1/4 acre) these past 6 months as I did without these supports.

I've worn out two pairs of shoes doing the work but the supports still look, work, and feel like new. Before Powersteps I could barely make 20 minutes on a treadmill without a day or two of paying for it. And my feet are a wreck if I dare wear sandals or shoes without the supports for any length of time.
Pros: great support
Cons: a bit aggressive overcorecting, took some time to
Rating: 4 by lynneallen52
I ordered these because I needed a lot of arch support. I am able to wear certain pairs of shoes with these in them now, whereas before after a short time my feet would hurt a lot. I gave them a four out of five becasue I would not have mined a little more support but overall very good.
Pros: Good arch support
Rating: 5 by milek
With the problem I have with my right ankle, I'll easily wear any soft orthotic out within 6 mnonths. (I got through a pair of socks in a week.) However it's still a lot cheaper than a custom fit orthotic.
Pros: works as well as a custom pair
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Louise
I use these insoles in my running shoes, and they are comfortable and supportive, better than the Superfeet I had before. They don't fit into my casual shoes as they are too wide. They may have helped with my foot pain, along with wearing more supportive shoes around the house.
Pros: very comfortable and supportive
Cons: a bit wide for women
Rating: 5 by Pam
Excellent product that solved the heel pain I was having. Very affordable in comparison to very expensive customized forms that foot doctor was recommending with no guarantees that it would work. I tried the more expensive competitors found in drug stores but was not as comfortable and did not produce the same comfort level. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone suffering heel pain.
Pros: Comfortable, Affordable, and Solved the Problem
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Charlie
They are being used in a pair of new Balance walking shoes with great results. The extra cushioning is great for walking but I am sticking with the regular firmer power step for tennis.
Pros: Great cushionng and arch support
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by RickM
The Pinnacle Powerstep & 2" athletic tape (shorelinesms.com) solved my foot problems after about a month. The Dr. Scholl's adjustable arch support helped too when set on medium, but wasn't quite as comfortable, so that goes in my slippers! I plan on ordering at least one replacement soon, but after about 3 months the Powerstep is still working great. Oh, and don't forget to stretch.
Pros: Good fit & comfort
Cons: Nothing bad to say about them.
Rating: 5 by Cappy
I am very pleased with the quality of this product. I purchased both the 3/4 and the full length supports and utilize both. My doctor actually got me started on these inserts. He sold me my first pair and I went on the Internet to purchase the next two pairs directly from you. I tried "Good Feet" and find your product much more comfortable and most definitely more affordable. Wish I had not wasted the $400 + on "Good Feet." Thanks for a great product.
Pros: No heel pain when wearing; durable; grt arch sup
Cons: only one arch support size
Rating: 4 by Michael
Great support, I'm able to be on my feet for quite a long time, But still in some pain. I hope more time on them will help. I will purchase another pair so I don't have to keep taking them out and putting in other shoes.
Rating: 5 by jamie
Hi I have been wearing the powerstep in my shoes for over a year, can't do with out them!! they helped me so much I honestly haven't gone back to the foot doctor since I have been using them.
Pros: have to have them!!
Cons: cost
Rating: 5 by Don
I can not believe the differrence I experienced as soon as I put the in my shoes
Pros: Pain gone
Cons: should've bought 3 pair
Rating: 5 by Gary
I have tried many inserts and Pinnicle Powerstep is by far the best. I bought a pair to wear until I could get custom orthotics. They worked so well I bought more and forgot about the orthotics.
Rating: 5 by Karen
I have very high arches, which now has caused occasional and painful plantar fasciitis. For a few years, the right sort of athletic shoe was enough, but suddenly this support was ineffective. These inserts really support well and currently I am pain free. I will be ordering these again and putting them in all shoes that I wear frequently. I'm glad these were available.
Pros: Terrific product
Rating: 5 by Mark
Rating: 5 by Linda
I paid alot more for other brands but I have found yours to be just as good if not better. Thank you.
Pros: It eases the pain in my foot from heel spurs.
Cons: can't think of any
Rating: 4 by Kevin
Best inserts you can get that aren't prescription. I have prescription inserts and the powerstep inserts cost a fraction of the price. My only complaint is they sometimes feel like they have too much arch support. Overall they are well worth the money.
Rating: 5 by michael
I'm 289 lbs and on my feet all day. they really work.
Rating: 5 by csmith
The Pinnacle PowerStep is probably the best insole I've purchased to date. While there's nothing sexy or high-tech looking about it, it simply and silently does its job providing extra support around the arch and heel areas.

I've tried most of the Dr. Scholl's, the cheaper store-brand kind and whatever else I could find at the pharmacy. While some of those "feel" better to the touch, the fabric or gel "soft-touch" is not what my feet need, rather the support underneath and a reasonable cushion. That's what the PowerStep provides.
Pros: Helps reduce pain while being worn
Cons: Does not miraculously heal my problem.
Rating: 5 by gary
these are working out just great, backaches have vanished.
Rating: 5 by Renee
Excellent product. I've been dealing with PF for about a year now and can't seem to find shoes with the right support (have really wide feet, women's shoes are very hard to find and men's don't fit me right). Was wearing birkenstocks and got some relief with those, but I've worn through two pairs in the last year, so didn't want to spend another $130+ per pair to replace them. These are the answer for me! I use these in my New Balance (men's) shoes for my high impact activities and they are wonderful. I wear the regular powerstep inserts for all other activities. It took about 4-5 days of wearing them all day to get used to them, but now I wouldn't trade them for anything. I highly, highly recommend these inserts.
Rating: 4 by Sargis
overall this was a great temporary orthotic while waiting for custom orthotics, perhaps better. In the end, I stretched and did physio and ditched all orthotics since my feet get to a point where they won't tolerate them and want their own arches back. Every case of PF is different and this was my second major case after 7 years. good luck and keep and open mind.

ps - the pf foot yoga on this site is a great read and helped me alot as I was overstretching at one point
Pros: great temporary product while waiting for orthotic
Cons: large for most shoes
Rating: 5 by Bill
Awesome product. I use them in my running shoes. The extra support makes a big difference in the way my feet, ankles, and lower back feel during and after a run. I highly recommend this product.
Pros: support they provide
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by hbranch
still getting use to them but so they are helping tremendously
Rating: 5 by Janette
If you suffer from plantar fascitiis because of high arches, this product beats anything that you can buy without getting something custom made.
Pros: Beats anything that I've tried!
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Yvette
This is an amazing product, I thought I would never resolve my pain and upon the first week I felt immediate relief. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who has my same symptoms worth every penny!!!
Rating: 4 by Bill
I don't put on a pair of shoes without the powerstep. I am a 50-60 mile a week runner and these powersteps have taken care of my issues with pain in my lower legs. Apsolutely love them
Pros: relieves all my pains
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Betty
I purchased an expensive pair of foot supports from a name brand manufacturer and got no releif for my plantar faciitis at all. They were just too rigid. Then I tried the powerstep pinnacle and within a couple weeks had no more pain. I love them. I have been wearing them for a year now and have had no return of the heel pain. I told other footpain sufferers about them and all were very happy with them. Thank you Thank you for the pain relief.
Pros: Completely got rid of my heel pain
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Dale
After recurring problems with plantar fasciitis I ordered and installed the Pinnacle Power Step in all of my golf and running shoes. The Power Step allowed me to jog daily and walk 18 holes of golf without pain. I will probably order additional pairs for my regular shoes.
Pros: Instant relief for plantar fasciitis
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Tom
This product has helped me when no other insole and/or cream did. I feel it took enough pressure off the heel to allow for natural healing.
Pros: Really did help. Better quality than drugstores.
Cons: A little "sweaty" due to hard plastic material.
Rating: 5 by Pam
While these a not a cure for plantar fasciitis, I'm still rating these a 5, the $30 ones, as I have felt the best walking with them. I've owned these for over 6 months and still wear them daily. I was surprised to be pain free for the first time in months, however, after a week I began to hurt again. Yes, I still need to stretch every morning, but they work better than anything else I've used. Thank you for providing a wonderful product.
Rating: 4 by lecarmat
I am a 44 (or so) year old runner. I run very aggressvly and am competitive in most races if not the masters age bracket. Am smallish, 5'7 135lb, and have described by a podiatrist as severe pronation in my left foot and have terrible bout of plantar facittis. Cant run on a track for speed work right now. Whay am I telling you all this? To give you enough background to understand my tepid reveiw. For me no one item (and I have tried ALOT of them) has helped much or reduced with consistance the pain in my foot.PRO's I can say I like the ease of use from shoe to shoe, they do give support to my PF, via the arch bridge. Con's they seem a little short in the footbed, I go about 8.5 size shoe and my toes hang over a little which makes them want to claw and grip, which seem to trigger some pain. Also as a middle age person/runner the "fat pads" in my feet are diminishing so the P.P.S. could use a little more cushion in ball of foot and certainlly heel.
Summation, if you get this far, better than most store bought inserts, as well as semi customs, but not the ultimate answer.
Pros: easy to transfer between shoes
Cons: fitting
Rating: 5 by Devon
The PowerStep insoles have saved my feet! They are comfortable and durable. I have been running in them for over 4 months, and the heel spur problems I had been experiencing have almost completely vanished.
Pros: Very comfortable
Cons: a tad pricey
Rating: 5 by Dorothy N.
I love these inserts and wear them when I run - the cushioning really helps. I also like the regular Powersteps, but if your shoes can fit the thicker cushioning of the Pinnacles, then get these. Well worth every penny.
Rating: 5 by Verne carlson
Powerstep immediately started curing my plantar fasciitis in one foot and achilles tendonitis in the other. After 3 months I'm all well and use them regularly. Verne
Rating: 5 by Denis
I had a plantar fasciitis for three years and I bought anything on this site that could give me some relief, the pain was so present that it stopped me from doing activities. I purchase the night splint, the taping, the active wrap, the streacher and the pinnacle soles. I believe that these are the best treatment for plantar fasciitis because you simply put it in your shoe and forget about it. The soles prevents excessive stress on your plantar fascia it's a continious treatment as long as your wear them they are fare more confortable and cheaper than custumized plastic ones. The other items that I purchased were used in conjonction with these soles and provided good relief also.
Pros: Easy, confortable, excellent arc support
Cons: tight in some shoes
Rating: 5 by Linda
This is the the best shoe insert that I have used for my heel spurs. I have suffered for many years with this problem and this high quality product appears to wear very well with time.
Rating: 5 by lillyatl
The Pinnacle Powerstep is the best orthotic I have tried. With two seriious inflatmations of heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, in the past 15 year, I paid dearly for orthtics ordered by my podiatrist. They were for sports shoes and women's dress shoes. These prescritption orthtoics was hard and uncomfortable.
The Pinnacle Powerstep offered the best support in a softer feel. I think they should give discounts for purchasing more than two. I also like their half heel orthotic.
Pros: Better than prescription orthotics
Cons: Discount should be offered for buying quantity
Rating: 5 by Jude
I paid $450.00 for a pair of orthotics from my podiatrist. They did not help me nearly as much as the Pinnacle Powerstep. I wear them all day, every day.
Pros: best insert i've found for heel spurs.
Cons: The create a bad odor.
Rating: 5 by Rayman
Threw all my other 'experimental' insoles away!
Pros: Excellent insert! Great arch support!
Rating: 4 by Corwin
I have been wearing the PowerStep Insoles for about 6 months and have not had any pain from Plantar Fasciitis for about 2 months.
Pros: fixed the heel pain
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Ken
works better than the $300 ones from the Dr.
Pros: Good price -
Rating: 5 by Vernon
I have a callus on the bottom of my foot and the Pinnacle PowerStep has allow me to walk and play golf without undue pain in my foot.
Pros: An outstanding product
Rating: 5 by carlos
good help for my plantar fascitis problem. after 3 years and starting a lot to walk against the pain finaly made it go away 95%. still there is a "rest-feeling" sometimes but it is not bad at all. i started running marathon's again.

Pros: supporting, smooth
Rating: 3 by Michael
Just received it today and started using it from about lunchtime. Noticeable improvement in pain levels by early evening. I'll come back in a few days with a fuller assessment.
Rating: 1 by Chris
The top layer is soft enough for them to feel very nice to wear. However over time it became apparent that there is a kink in the design half way along the foot which started to dig in to my arch. That go so painful i stopped using them. I have also tried superfeet and these do not quite have enough arch support for me. I have since found that birkenstock in germany do a full range of cork soled shoe inserts that have a good smooth arch support.
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Started to hurt my feet
Rating: 1 by f
did not help at all
did not hurt either
Rating: 4 by Steve D
My work requires that I am on my feet for 12hrs+ per day on hard, concrete flooring - hence the PF injury.

I have always used after-market insoles but this did not prevent my injury, nor helped in the recovery.

I tried numerous forms of insoles (all unsuccessful) and was about to resort to the mega expensive (£300+) when I discovered the PowerStep.

During early stages of PF inflamation, I found the arch support too intrusive increasing the pain. However, after undergoing various treatments, the inflamation has reduced and the insoles can be worn without any discomfort.

This product has been viewed by both a Podiarist and Sports Physiotherapist and both regard it as the best product for my injury. The arch support turns out to be firm enough to do the job required (re-directing the PF back into position), and with enough padding to make the insole comfortable to wear over long periods.

I intend to continue using this product even after my injury has healed and will purchase further items as they wear out.

Highly recommended.

Pros: Supportive; some padding
Cons: Arch support ?
Rating: 5 by Tom
This product was recommended to me by a friend that was EXTREMELY impressed with its accurate claims. He was absolutely right!! It took a couple days to get used to them in my shoes but after that the comfort level has been awesome! I would highly recommend this product to anyone, in fact a friend is a physical therapist and she is now recommending them to her patients based on my experience. Thanks for such a good product......... Tom S.
Pros: Great product that really works!!
Cons: none really
Rating: 5 by Archie
I tried other, similiar products, some costing much more. The Pinnacle Powerstep has a great arch support and the firm foundation that provides a secure sensation. They have great durability, unlike some of the others I tried. I have them in my dress shoes, my walking shoes, my backpacking boots, even in my leisure time shoes. Well worth the money.
Pros: A+
Rating: 5 by Misty
My plantar fascitis is much improved with using these inserts. I put them in all my running and work shoes and couldn't run comfortably without them.
Pros: Great extra cushioning and arch support.
Rating: 5 by Tom
Before I starting using the Pinnacle PowerStep, the pain from my heel spurs were VERY painful. I was in constant pain and was worried about future. Being very active, the foot pain made it difficult to train. About 10 days after I started using the Powerstep insoles, the pain subsided. Now I have no heel spur pain. Buy this product, it works.
Pros: N o Pain
Cons: None
Rating: 2 by Margie W.
Going back to the regular Powersteps. The Pinnacles I bought last year did not hold up very well. They have pits worn in them in several places!! Never has happened with the regular Powersteps.
Rating: 4 by Bob in NY
My history...
Over the summer I "blew out my heel". Bad sneakers, running up and down the stair 20x a night , while renovating a bathroom and lots of travel for work inbetween. So now I have typical plantar fasciitis. Worse in the right foot than the left. Seems the spasming calf muscles were the lead in to it.

Great arch support, for as hard as it feels, it really does help reduce the pain in my heel.
But it seems to be just a bit too much support. Feels as if my feet are rolling out to their outer edge. And aggravating my knee on one of my legs.. which isn't a good knee to start with.

So when I'm on my feet for too long, my knee hurts, the arch is aching and the heel is a bit sore. But the heel would be 10x worse without the insert.
But it does do as it says.
I think a bit more cushioning under the heel, and a tad bit less of arch support would do it for me.

I'll keep using them, to me they do get the weight off of the heel and on to the arch where it needs to be.

Ordered the Super Cushion Insoles and giving them a shot.
Rating: 3 by Dave
I haven't found it to strech my calf very well. It doesn't seem to allow me to get a good strech as well as say using a curb. I am sure I must be using it wrong as it got several great recomendations but it isn't my favorite product.

I think I would also get the dual one as it saves a fair amount of time.
Rating: 4 by David
They work well in my running shoes. They're too wide to fit in my other shoes and they appear to be difficult to cut to size...I didn't want to risk damaging them.

My plantar fascitis seems to be improving with the Power Step, the Foot Stretch and icing my arch with a frozen can of beans.
Rating: 4 by Doug
The PowerStep seems to help a lot, as long as I don't spend too much time on my feet. Nothing helps completely, except anti-inflammatories and keeping off my feet. Unfortunately, I can't do that.

The night splint is comfortable and easy to use and wear. It does not present a problem sleeping, but it wore a hole in some expensive sheets and I'm in trouble with my wife for that.
Rating: 5 by Kim
Excellent product.. the arch support really helps..
I like this cushion support much better than flat cushion only inserts sold OTC in drug store or chain stores..
Rating: 5 by Lilly
Excellent product. I have expensive orthotic made by my podistrist but they are hard and cause pain. These are much better. Also tar the three quarter ones with my dress shoes. Great web site for those with pf.
Rating: 1 by Patricia
These inserts hurt my foot. I tried breaking it in slowly each day and the pain just kept getting worse. I finally went to the podiatrist and he told me to THROW THESE AWAY. Does not recommend. Waste of my money.
Rating: 5 by Paul
Although I love the product, I have a couple pairs of shoes that I had to replace the Pinnacle PowerSteps with the older version of PowerSteps because the Pinnacle made the shoe uncomfortably tight.
Rating: 5 by rhoma
Wonderful product.

I have falling arches and it helps with pain.
Rating: 3 by Rich
Although it helps short term, working 10 hours on a cement floor,I need more than extra padding.
Rating: 4 by Ron
I returned the power step to you because the arch was too high for my flat feet.
I have found the night splint I purchased very helpful especially after I started wearing my sandles with it. This gives it a more comfortable fit. I suppose the splint size was too large, but wearing the saddles creates the perfect fit, and relieves the pressure from the straps. I have the "recommended" spint. Rating I give above is for the night splint
Rating: 3 by Sally
I was hoping for more relief from my Heel
Spurs, they are better not not gone.
Rating: 4 by sean
These totally helped. I purchased 3 pairs, to several of my shoes. The way it's designed takes almost all of the pressure off of my heel, distributing it over my arch.
The only issue is the "breathability" when using the inserts - my feet get a little sweaty by the end of the day. That's a small price to pay for pain relief. They are made of some stiff plastic material (i think it's plastic), which I believe is preventing the breathability. I can't imaging any way to prevent this, as it needs to be stiff fcr support.
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