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PowerStep Insole Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

164  reviews,  4.3 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Lindsay
I did not purchase this product from this website, but I have bought 3 pairs so far. I'm not a runner, but I work in retail and often spend 10 hrs on my feet a day. My Dr suggested these inserts for my PF before trying custom inserts, so I did. They work great, last a long time, and are resonably priced. My pain has decresed by 75%. The only thing I wish they had was cushion heels, the material is stiff (for a reason) but can be a little rough on the heels.
Rating: 5 by Abhi
I bought these recently and they have helped me be much fitter than before. No more PAIN !! I can workout for an hour and still no strain on my legs. It took a day or 2 to get used to them but now I dont even feel them inside my shoes.
Great Product! I am planning to get the new Pinnacle Powerstep too.
Rating: 5 by Brian

I got my Powerstep (Pinnacle's) today. I had been wearing the Superfeet. It's like night and day difference. The Powersteps feel like a better arch support and more cushion and are quieter. I put them in my Merrell Jungle shoes and it's so comfortable. I was going to buy some Birkenstocks, but after this combo (I read on here actually), I decided that it's a great combo for the PF in my left foot. I also got the Foot Stretch one foot model. This Scott person is very knowledgeable and a great person running this place. I am convinced you can go stir crazy chasing too many things you ready. Stay with something that works!
Rating: 5 by Roy
Although stretching the calf muscles helps, the inserts provided most of the relief. It makes all the difference in the world. I have ordered two more pairs to keep them fresh...they, like shoes, need to air out after use. I had gotten to the point that walking, after first getting up in the morning and to a lesser degree after sitting, was becoming a painful chore. A few months ago, I was mall-walking 2 miles 2 or 3 times a week. I think that walking with my flat feet may have been the agrivating factor. At least, now, I can walk normally in everyday activities.
Rating: 5 by Diane
I now have these in EVERY pair of shoes I own and I NEVER have pain anymore!! I think they are absolutely wonderful and would highly recommend to anyone. I am on my feet a lot at work and walk lots during leisure time and on various vacation trips with no problems whatsoever!
Rating: 5 by Garry
Great PORTABLE stretching aid! I have not tried all the stretches it can be used for but the ones I do are simple and as the Foot Stretch is always in view I do more stretches now than I did without it.
Rating: 5 by Craig
I recently bought both the pinnacle and the regular powerstep inserts and I love them. I use the pinnacles in my athletic shoes since they are thicker and the regular inserts in everything else. I have bought more expensive inserts before but find that these work just as well for a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend.
Rating: 5 by harold
I suffered with nearly unbearable pain for 6 months before I found Powerstep product. They completely relieved the pain in both feet after several weeks of use. I had considered the $300+ custom supports, but I'm glad I tried these first.
Rating: 5 by Rich
I bought the PowerStep inserts while waiting for custom fit orthotics for plantar-fasciitis and heel-bone spur. Prior to the powerstep, I had used heel cups and anti-inflammatories with little relief for my pain. After wearing the powersteps for less than a week, my pain is GONE! I ran yesterday for the first time in 6 months! If you can't get custom orthotics or have to wait for them these work very well. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5 by Roger
I got relief from heel pain on the very first day of wearing the inserts. It was amazing! I am ordering extra pairs for my other shoes, and a couple of pairs for my wife too.
Rating: 3 by Tom
PowerStep is an effective alternative to Orthotics for me, although I have found a comparable item for about $10 less at a Academy Sports. Orthotripsy was the biggest helper for me. I was in constant pain, and I was a mailman, and the day after orthotripsy I could of gone dancing.
Rating: 5 by Isabel
I love these inserts and still use them every single day.... They are worth every penny. I feel these inserts played a big role in healing me. I am not 100% cured, so I continue to use them as I do not want that excruciating pain to return.

Here is some comments I left for other products:
I suggest freezing a bottle of water, like a 32oz bottle, sit on a recliner or chair or couch and roll your foot over the frozen bottle for about 10-15 minutes like 2x a day. It is one of the best things I ever did. The ice helps the swelling and the rolling motion alleviates the pain big time. It's like buying one of those rollers and applying ice at the same time. I think the frozen water bottle, proper rest, stretching using the Stretch Cord and the POWER STEPS orthotics that Scott sells is what did it for me. I am truly greatful for this site. I am 95-98% healed and it took about 4 months. I had this pain years ago and it lasted 1 year... I think the power steps really really helped me the most, I still use them in all shoes everyday, I never want to get the pain again. I literally could hardly walk, especially after just getting up. It's horrible. Good Luck to others.
THANK YOU SCOTT, God Bless you for this site!!!!!!
Rating: by
Rating: 5 by mike
i have pf and i walk on concrete 8 hrs a day. i bought the powerstep insoles b/c i was looking for a cheap alternative to the custom orthitics. (i don't usually have $400 laying around) after a few weeks powerstep worked so good i'm not planning on trying anything else, except another pair of these. i'm very pleased w/ the results
Rating: 5 by Pam
I started with pretty severe PF, which a night brace helped a lot very quickly -- but then sort of stalled at 'improved but still really sore.' When a former paratrooper and competitive runner turned me on to PowerSteps, made another move forward. This was after trying 3-4 different brands of OTC inserts. Don't waste your money on other types -- these are the real deal.
Rating: 5 by Karen
My heel pain was so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I dreaded the thought of getting up. I would hop on one foot down the hall. As soon as my heel hit the floor... OUCH!! I went to the Dr. He shot me with Cortisone. That didn't work. Surgery was next.
I turned to the Internet to see, if by chance, there was another option. I found the Powerstep website. I tried this product for about a week and some found relief. The longer I used Powersteps, the better I felt. Now, I'm pain free!!! I can even wear my sandals a couple days without pain. THANK YOU!!!
Rating: 1 by Robert
It was very wide and stretched my shoe out, it might have been ok if it actually fit the width of my shoe. More money down the drain.
Rating: 5 by Dale
I have used PowerStep Inserts for several years now and I couldn't live without them. My problems began when my very high arches fell and I found myself flat footed at age 55. The flat feet caused one of my knees to turn inward so that my leg is crooked. The pain in my heels and knees was incredible. I do quite a bit of walking on concrete floors on my job and I could barely walk at all. I couldn't afford the high priced inserts and the steriod injections weren't working, so I got on line to do some research and found this site. It turned out to be a great blessing.
I have just ordered a pair of the Pinnacle PowerSteps and hope to continue with the same pain free comfort level that I have gotten used to. I never have any pain in my feet or knees anymore, although my right knee will always be turned in. (I believe Charlton Heston also has this condition, so I'm in good company). I probably couldn't run and races, but then, I never could. Just walking without pain is the best thing I can think of, because when your feet hurt, you hurt all over.
Thanks, Scott, for this great product. It really has changed my life and I will never been without it.
Rating: 5 by Marianne
The Powerstep insoles have been a Godsend for me. I have very High arches and was developing very bad foot pain to the point whereI could hardly walk some days. These insoles (with the added arch booster) finally gave my foot the support I need. I wear them in all my shoes all the time and I no longer have foot pain. I was very glad that I didn't have to go with expensive orthotics
Rating: 5 by Madeline
Outstanding product. I returned to running 2-3 miles a day
after a long period of just walking. Developed a severe pain
in my left heel that kept me from continuing. I was also having
terrible pain just walking in regular shoes. After using
the inserts in my running shoes, the pain stopped almost
immediately. It was an amazing transformation.
Rating: 1 by Fred
The generic shape does not fit my foot. It's OK for a very brief stop-gap while looking for real orthotics, but it would be damaging to wear them for any extended period of time because they dig into the arch of my foot instead of supporting it evenly. And they are constructed so that even if they were not damaging, they would still be of almost no use to me, as they provide hardly any support. I'm surprised that so many people rate these things highly. I suspect that for some of these people, the supports really do work, but that the other high raters are too inexperienced with any alternatives to realize how cruddy these things really are.
Rating: 5 by Ryan
I can finally jog again. This along with a Nike Max Air running shoe took away my pain. I'm going to buy 3 more. I have been using them in every shoe. 100x better than the ones you get at the sports store. Took a while to get used to the sensation, though.
Rating: 5 by kate
After a month of pain in right foot, finally there is relief with the powerstep inserts. Taping helped greatly to defuse pressure on the tendon, stretching and ice and massage helped too. But I couldn't return to running until I used the inserts. After 2 days the improvement was enough that I could do a short run. Two days later I doubled the run. Now at a week later the symptoms are nearly all gone. At first the strong arch support seemed uncomfortable to my flat feet but now I realize how much better-aligned my feet and ankles and legs are, and the inserts bring great comfort. I highly recommend the powerstep inserts, and I'll be purchasing extras.
Rating: 5 by Tom
Actually 4.5 only because my pain is managable but not gone.
I tried every insert the department store sells and still could not work 2 days in a row. I work construction. I have done nothing else other than switch to POWERSTEPS and PINNACLE's and have made drastic improvment. I am sure if I tried other methods like weight loss, nite splints and ice I would be even better off. My point is that just switching to powersteps almost elimanated my "on my feet pain". I still have the morning pain and the pain after the drive home from work. I recomend these to everyone! I also have $350 Orthotics but they work only with padded socks and for about 4 hours.
I can wear my powersteps in my running shoes with thin quarter socks.
also pinnacle's all day in my work boots.

I have had these for over two month's befor writing this review and love them. my advice to anyone trying these is dont put them in and expect instant recovery. but they do work great and will help after a few days to a week or so.
Rating: 5 by john
I had severe heel pain in both feet. I tried Powersteps and in one week my left heel was pain free. It took three months for my right heel to become pain free. Also my lower back pain and knee pains are a thing of the past. I highly recommend the Powersteps. For the price I think anyone with foot pain should give them a try.
Rating: 5 by Harriet
I ordered one set of Powerstep Inserts about four weeks ago and now I'm back to order two more to be sure I get them into whatever shoes I'm wearing (must have in my bedroom slippers, very important). This is not a cure -- I still have to do lots of stretching to keep everything from tightening up -- and I still hurt upon first putting my feet on the floor in the morning. But, with these arches, I can walk as far as I want (I live in Manhattan so I walk A LOT) and have no pain whatsoever while walking in my day to day activities. I've also been able to return to my aerobics exercise class, which I missed badly.
Rating: 2 by bob
Tried them for my plantar faciitus,i wear steel toed shoes all day in a warehouse,made my heel hurt more. even tried gel heel cushions from orthopedic surgeon.they made it worse too. best thing i found was ice pack and using electrical therapy. one patch on bottom of foot and other above the heel.
Rating: 3 by robin
I walk 4 to 8 miles a day and stand for hours. This is too not much different from other full foot OTC arch supports I've used. I use it as the support for an acupressure insert (heel-that-pain), which really digs in and gets to my specific issue.
Rating: 5 by Chris
Like everyone else says, these are the best. Even better than custom orthotics from my doctor. The only fault I find is that the material on the bottom is very slippery, and that can make them slide around in my shoes a bit, if there is room.
Pros: Excellent support
Cons: Slippery material on bottom
Rating: 2 by CB
These are great arch supports for sure, but they may actually be too much support for some people. I have a high arch and it did take a couple days to get used to these. Like other arch supports, they helped my heel pain but at the cost of aggrivating other problems. I ended up with pain in the front of my foot (morton's) due to the excessively high support. My podiatrist recommended that I stop using these because they were causing me to walk too much to the outside front of my foot when walking. Caution is warranted - these are truly the highest support you can get, but that may not always be a good thing.
Pros: GREAT arch support
Cons: Maybe TOO much arch support
Rating: 5 by D.
I have just ordered my second set of these wonderful inserts. They were a tremendous help during my recovery and I have been pain free for 11 months now. As a chef who is on his feet many hours a day, this has been a life and job saver. I had actually considered retiring and finding a new way to make a living.
Rating: 1 by Peggy
Three months ago, I had surgery for a heel spur on my right foot. Recently, on the insistance of my podiatrist, I stopped using the freebie arch supports my GP had given me, and switched to Powersteps. After a week of wearing Powersteps, to my surprise, my feet feel WORSE, not better. I've developed pain in the arch of both feet, not just the foot that had the surgery. I had such high hopes for my Powersteps, but they turned out to be $30 down the drain.
Rating: 5 by john
It's a mystery to me, but 3 months of PF pain (and a forced cessation of running) has come to an end with this product. I have only had the PowerStep on my feet for 4 days and my heel feels quite normal - what a relief. The funny thing is that they do resemble the store bought orthotics that didn't work at all. Very cautiously, I will resume running now.
Rating: 5 by JIm
I was absolutely delighted to find these and use them. Before I got the PowerStep Inserts, I could only be on my feet for an hour or two and then my heels would ache. Now my feet actually feel good. They are a great and economical solution.
Rating: 5 by Jim K
I'm not sure about arch support etc, but I had PF and with these inserts it's gone away. I got my first PowerStep and after about three months, my heels starting hurting again. Got a new insert and within a day I was pain free.

PF was really holding me back. I couldn't even take walks on the beach with my wife due to the pain. If you are having problems, I recommend you try these. It doesn't work for everyone as you read the comments, but it works for a lot of people and does a wonderful job.
Rating: 2 by DEBORAH

Rating: 5 by HMR
Brief history of my problem... for years I have suffered from such severe heel pain and have tried so many things such as OTC insoles, inserts and custom orthotics, not to mention taping, corticosteroid injections and medications. I am not the poster boy for pain relief. However, I have been thrilled with the Powersteps... I love it foot pain is gone and in less than one week.

I wish that I could give it a higher score than five. I received the insoles one week ago and the first day I used it for 3 to 4 hours before they started to bother me. The next day I went to work with them and only noticed the support it gave me. No pain ever since. I use them all day long and no longer fear walking... infact I now enjoy walking and standing around having found a new bounce in my step.

I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5 by Rob
I had to quit my jogging routine because of so much heel pain. I purchased a pair of the powerstep inserts and can run with virtually no discomfort. Thanks so much, I was gaining weight and was worrying about my health.
Rating: 2 by Melissa
The Powerstep inserts I purchased through this website were just too hard for me. My 29-year-old feet have needed padding for years before I developed plantar fasciitis, so it came as no surprise. The arch support was great, however. If only they were more padded!
Rating: 2 by Jim M
Terrible for mid- to low-arches.
Rating: 5 by amanda
i am a personal trainer, and have no problems with my feet other than high arches, however, i am now 6 months pregnant and was concerned about how tired my feet are at the end of the day and do not want to suffer from fallen arches, as many pregnant women do. I am strict on my own alignment and can feel myself rolling in on my feet, so tried these out (after trying various other products which didn't feel as though they were changing anything) I am so pleased with them so far and am going to recommend them to my pregnant clients once i do more research on them for pregnancy ...
Rating: 5 by Daniel Armand
These inserts are wonderful. After 10 steps I knew they were different. No more pain in my right heel.For the last 3 months I've been limping . Not today. I walked again without pain and without difficulty.
Rating: 5 by Barbara
I was skeptical with such a "low tech" solution, especially as I am an extremely large woman. I cannot believe what an immediate improvement I experienced. Wonderful
Rating: 5 by David
I am in the Army National Guard. It is very important I stay in shape. I love running/ jogging but in 2004 I injured my knee in Iraq. It was not combat related but I went from running 14miles to hurting pretty bad in just two miles. So I stopped running to allow my knee to recover. I waited about six months before I tried running again. This time I had shin splints on both of my legs and plantar ficiitis on my left foot. I didnt know how to repair it and was worried about my physical condition. I talked to a Special Forces medic and he recomended a couple of stretches for both injuries. I combined this with kinesio taping, bandage wrapping, powerstep insoles on all my shoes and boots. I am glad to say that a year later those injuries are all gone. All I do now is strectch, warm up and run. I love these insoles and have recommended them to alot of people and some of my soldiers. I found them recomended on a book called "Get Selected for Special Forces." I love these they are the best.
Pros: Outstanding
Cons: Non
Rating: 4 by Linda
The PowerStep gave great arch support and did relieve some of the pain, but I found I needed more cushioning in the heel. I wound up adding a gel heel cushion underneath the PowerStep, which helped. Overall a good product.
Rating: 5 by Bill
These inserts have changed my life...rather the life of my feet.

I would come home from a day of work in excruciating pain until powerstep. I tried numbers of others but none gave the relief of these inserts. I am ordering two more pairs to have on hand.
Rating: 5 by Katalin
I have a real killer feet. Specially my left foot. I have collapsed arch on that. My Doctor provided me with this inserts. I have all the foot problems, one can have from the list, and this arch support as good as I used to have when I was a child, and that time, doctors did not fool with arch supports! They were made out of metal, and had just leather cover.
So, only those, who have REAL Flat foot can appreciate the Powerstep.
Harder the support, better the support. (actually I wish that they were metal)
I use it in my orthopedic shoes. When the shoe have soft cushin, I place the arch lift over it. This is a blessing for those, who have flat feet, and combinations of many other problems.
My husband works in retail, all day on his feet, has high arch, and wear this to protect his arch. His shoe is well build, so that privide the cushion.
I'm broke now, purchased 4 pair of shoes (not cheap) for my aching feet. I will check back, and will buy some more of this bionic arch supports.
Rating: 5 by Nikolai
I believe these are the best out even better then my orthodits i had coustom made a 300$ waste. The power step are the best thing out thnks you.
Rating: 5 by Ann
After 8 useless months of treatment at a podiatrist, I found this website and ordered these inserts and the nightsplint. My heel pain is almost gone, and I am confident that it will completely resolve soon. This worked after $550 custom orthotics, 3 cortisone injections, and 10 physiotherapy treatments failed. I wish I had known about this site's products and tried them first. I would have saved myself a lot of money, and probably would have recovered much quicker.
Rating: 1 by Linda
At first, felt great, but by the end of the break-in period, my arches hurt worse than my heel did. The package guarantees a moneyback return in 30 days, but the website will only return if unused.
Rating: 5 by
I bought a pair of these a few weeks ago, and I've been really happy with them. I've got a low arch, and these provide tons of support. I made sure to break them in slowly, but was wearing them all day after about half a week. I wore the Superfeet inserts before this; the Superfeet were good (no complaints), but these are better for me.

My PF is doing much better now, due to a combination of treatments, and the PowerStep inserts are part of that combination. Highly recommended if you're looking for a high-quality, supportive insert.
Rating: 5 by Renee
I wrote a detailed review under the Pinnacle Powerstep, so I won't take up as much room here. These are excellent. It took me about 4-5 days to get used to them, but now I wouldn't trade them for anything. I wear these almost all day, every day...with the exception of my high impact exercise in the morning, during which I wear the Pinnacle Powerstep. My PF isn't really noticable at all since I've started wearing these. I just can't say enough good things about this product. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5 by Michelle
I was about to make an appointment for the foot Dr. for my husband for his heal pain. But, before I did I started doing some research online. I came across this site, and because of the reviews on this product, I was influenced to order and have him give them a try. My husband is on his feet all day long working 10-12 hour days. I felt so bad for him because in the morning he could barely walk when he got out of bed, and I know he has a high tolerance for pain. I was scared he was going to need surgery. He has been wearing Powersteps for about 6 months, and his pain has gone away. I'm just visiting this site now to order another pair, as the first pair have served him well and are getting a bit worn. I want to keep on top of things as I don't want him to go back to experiencing the pain he had before. I'd highly recommend for anyone with foot/heel pain to give these a try. I'm so glad they have helped my husband!
Pros: No More Heel Pain
Rating: 5 by Michelle
As I mentioned previously I ordered these for my husband. He has been wearing them for about 6 months; however I should mention he noticed an improvement in the first week, durring the first month of use he was pain free!
Pros: Pain gone
Rating: 5 by Sharon
I had severe heel pain 4 yrs ago and looked into getting expensive orthotics but couldn't afford them at the time. It was so bad that I could barely get out of bed during the night or in the morning. I was desperate. I found this website and ordered these inserts. Using these inserts has changed everything. I am pain free and can even walk barefoot. If I don't use my inserts because of dress shoes or going barefoot for a period of time, I start feeling a little pain but once I get back to my inserts, I am pain free. Everytime I replace my shoes .. I replace my inserts just as a precaution.
Rating: by
Rating: 5 by Tim
My Podiatrist recommended the Powerstep inserts which I bought from him at $40 a pair and as soon as I wore them I could feel a 90%improvement in my heel pain. Now I wear them all the time when I am on my feet,(in my work shoes,slippers,everyday shoes)and they are wonderful. When I take off my shoes at night and go barefoot, the pain comes back, and I just want to put my slippers on or get off my feet. I plan to buy more so I don't have to keep switching them from shoe to shoe. Hard to believe one product could do so much to help free me from pain but they sure work for me!
Rating: 4 by Al
My heel problemm was killing me but when I began wearing the Powerstep inserts and some stretching excercise the pain is completely gone.
Rating: 5 by Amy
The PowerStep Insoles work so much better than any other over-the-counter insert I have tried. They really helped my foot pain. Now I don't where shoes without them.
Rating: 5 by Barbara B
Powerstep is helping my comfort level considerably while my Plantar Fasciatis heals. My Podiatrist saw it and was quite impressed!
Rating: 5 by Bev
I'm very happy with this product. All of the heel pain is gone, even in the mornings. Even the foot doctor said they were as effective as custom orthotics. I will not be without these ever again!
Rating: 5 by Bill
I had a bad case of PF about two years ago. Heard about Powerstep Inserts on the web. After two weeks of wearing them, I started feeling much better. After 12 months of constantly wearing them in all shoes, I forgot all about PF. I've bought three pairs and can't recommend them enough.
Rating: 4 by Bill
My podiatrist provided me with the power step insert to help treat my heel spur that was inflamed.

He first injected my heel with a "home made" mixture of anesthetic and steroids.

But on leaving he told me it was very unwise to not wear good shoes while at home.

I had always been told that it is good for the feet to be freed from the confines of shoes when at home, walking on good padded carpeting.

Was I misinformed by my friends and parents?
Rating: 3 by Bill
not bad, not great
Rating: 5 by bob
This is a re-rating from the one I gave last December, which was 4. After wearing these(one pair, only one pair of shoes, the ones I mostly wear)for five or six months, the heel pain totally disappeared, even when not wearing them. No ice packs, no stretching, nada. Let's give the inventor the Nobel Prize for Medicine!
Rating: 4 by bob
Good product! At first I thought they didn't work, and in fact the heel pain even seemed worse. But I figured I'd give them a fair try, and after a few weeks there was a quantum decrease in the pain and discomfort, even when not wearing them. There is still some minor pain and discomfort, but I can get out of bed in the morning and walk, with considerably less pain than before. Not a cure-all, but for the price worth every dime.
Rating: 5 by Bobby
These inserts have finally solved my pf. It took some time as I guess it heals slow, but without these I was getting worse, and now after 6 months its almost gone. These babies last some time too. I'm at 10 months now and still using them.
Rating: 5 by BRENT
They worked for me.And I'm very thankful.
Rating: 4 by Buck
The power step inserts are one of the better inserts I have tried, and I have tried many. They offer good support and felt comfortable from the start. I would highly recommend the powerstep inserts.
Rating: 3 by Carl
the Power step are better for me than my custom-fit orthotics. So I like them to use some times. Not all the time, cause my feet feel best, when i vary the shoes and insert often. After a histoy of 15 month the Power step relieved the pain, but did not make the plantar fascitis go away.
Rating: 3 by Christine
I have custom orthotics but still have a lot of pain. The Power Step helped relieve some of the pain but only for a short time.
I would rate them 3.
Rating: 4 by curt
A very good fit for non-custom made product. Very sturdy; it should last a long time. I wish it had some padding in the heel, though. No matter how snug and supportive the heel cup, some padding would help.
Rating: 5 by Dave
Having suffered from P.F. for the last 10 yrs or so and having 3 pairs of custom orthotics made at a cost of $300.00 + each I am thrilled to have found the Powerstep inserts. Couldn't tolerate any of the expensive orthotics but seem to be OK with the powersteps after wearing them full time for the last 2 weeks. Pain not completely gone but much more tolerable. Will definately buy several more pairs.
Rating: 4 by Dave
I knew I needed orthotics and these were rated well.
They were simple to use but I havn't been able to tell
if they are making a big or small difference.

Ordering and delivery were very easy.
Rating: 4 by David
great fast service, the Power Step mostly fixed my
Plantar Fascitis in about 2 months. I am thinking about
trying the "Phase 4 Orthotics" "As Seen on TV"....
does anyone have comments on those?
Do they work--as well as the Power Step, better, not at all????
Rating: 5 by David
My feet feel a lot better because I feel more support from the inserts in both feet. Although I still have my plantar fasciitis in both feet, it pains me to a much lesser degree.
Rating: 3 by Debbie
Kind of expensive and didn't help my plantar fasciatis.
Rating: 5 by Diane
I have one pair in some Rockports and another pair in some Easy Spirit dress shoes and they are wonderful. I am down to usual pain level 1 or 2 from usual 4 or 5. Thanks for providing such a great site and such useful products!
Rating: 3 by Diane
I bought Powersteps hoping for some relief from plantar faciitus, but the arch hurts. I have had the best results from the Dr. Scholl's $5.00 foam inserts. I still use the Powersteps, but with Dr. Scholl's over them.
Rating: 4 by Don
Seems to have helped some.
Rating: 4 by Doug
I paid $200 for a custom footbed orthotic from a ski-boot fitter. The powerstep works just as well for a fraction of the cost.

I have a high arch and the support is excellent.
Rating: 5 by dsouthwood
I just ran the NYC Marathon with these insoles. Not only did I finish, but I ran a new PR and was pain free the whole race. These are hands down the best insoles I have ever used and work great. I have a bad heel spur on my right foot that caused me great pain while training for the race. Powerstep insoles save me from having to drop out. I only wish they were made in a mens size 14.
Rating: 5 by ED
I wore these at work and really liked them. Next I wore them for two sets of tennis. My feet had none of the usual soreness. I have very high arches and these were much more supportive than the OTC supports I have been using for the last several years.
Rating: 5 by Ed
Back to running again after 5 months! Went to the doctor and got a PF/heel spur diagnosis as well as the price for orthotics ($475) yikes! I tried some of the store brands and had mild success with some and amplification of the pain with others. This set me in motion to try things since there seemed to be different results either way.

I was ready to spring to the orthotics when I found this site and purchased the Powersteps was pain free within days. After 2 weeks I started a light jog routine. After 4 more weeks of building up I just ran a 24 minute 5k race! Age 41 and 190lbs with normal arch. I do get occational mild pain after I push things, but stretching helps reduce this.

I'm now back to buy another pair. One for working out and the other for routine. Every foot is different, I understand why some work and for others it does not. I'm fortunate with these.
Rating: 5 by Elaine
Since my insuranc company doesn't cover orthotics, I had to try an alternative. A company in Cincinnati has the Power Steps, and the podiatrist that I am under the care of directed me to this store. The Power Step has provided cushioning for the plantar fasciitis, along with my [new/inexpensive] tennis shoe. So, yes, I am feeling better, and it's a MUCH cheaper alternative than paying $500 out of one's pocket (which we do not have!!) for custom-made orthotics. I will buy more pairs for different shoes. Thankfully, I don't own many pairs of shoes! Cost of the Power Steps that I bought: $30+
Rating: 5 by Erica
Here in Puerto Rico, I wouldn't have found out about PowerSteps if it hadn't been for your website. THANK YOU! I couldn't believe how light they were when I got them in the mail in June 2001. Delivery and Service were fantastic. I live in the tropics, so I wish I could use my Powersteps in my sandals and open shoes. I began using the inserts immediately, and within 2 days, I noticed immense relief. They work much better than any of the other over-the-counter aids I had been trying for months! Powersteps helped me hold on until I was able to go see a podiatrist two months later (I've got no health/medical insurance, so treatment has been slow). The doctor checked out the design of the PowerStep inserts and was very pleased. She even requested that I keep wearing them daily until my prescription orthotic inserts arrive from the lab in the continental U.S.

I'm feeling much better (plantar fasciitis, R foot) thanks to a combination of several things:

1) invested in better shoes/arch support & heel cushioning;
2) Power Steps every day, all day;
3) Stretching my calves & feet, BEFORE I get out of bed, every day;
4) night splint when I sleep, several times a week, especially when I've had a really hard day on my feet;
5) ice and elevation, occasionally;
6) anti-inflammatory shots and short-term medication (NAPROXEN 500mg) due to the severity of my condition;
7) custom-made orthotics to correct & balance my gait dynamics in the long-term.
8) improved nutrition and weight control to help my feet carry me better!
9)an overall increase in awareness about my foot health & care.

Rating: 4 by Gilda
I have never been able to handle pain of any kind so when I was diagnosed with PF I was at my wits end. I bought expensive orthotics on the advice of my doctor and they didn't help one bit, possibly made things worse. Got a second opinion and he sent me to a specialized shoe store where I was fitted with a pair of SAUCONY shoes with a suggestion to put a pair of Powerstep inserts in. I have done so, and off and on I notice a bit of improvement. I have already had 2 cortizone shots (one in each foot) and the pain level is improving SOME. I'm on my feet all day working with children and I am a usually active senior. I do the stretching, the icing,etc.....but recently, someone( not a doctor) suggested I might try those night splints.That's my next move.I do feel there is progress in my recovery, but I'm not used to this SLOW progress. Good Luck to you all!
Rating: 5 by Gloria
I previously spent $385 for custom orthotics. The Powerstep Inserts worked so much better and did not hurt my instep as the prescription orthortics did. The Powersteps are FIRM...but not HARD. I recommend them for anyone like me who has PF with a normal to high arch!
Rating: 3 by greg
it made my foot hurt worse so i had to stop using it, Iam sure it works for some but for me it created more pain, i even gave it a week and could stand the pain anylonger
Rating: 5 by Harold
After 6 trips to the podiatrist, he said only cure was surgery to grind down large bone on side of foot to relieve pressure on tendons attached to it (basically tendonitis of foot). Found powersteps and decided to try. Wow, what a difference, now own a pair for every pair of shoes. Expensive, yes, but better than 6 weeks of limited mobility to recover from surgery. May not be answer for everyone but sure helped me. Pain before on scale of 1-10, around 7-8. After powersteps for 2 weeks, probably 2-3. I can live with that.
Rating: 5 by hollywood
they are the best thing ever
Rating: 5 by Hoyle
I suffered from a sore foot for 4 months, with ever increasing discomfort until I found this web site. I bought the powerstep inserts and my pain was 80% gone in 3 weeks. It may not be a complete cure, but it has made it possible to walk without searing pain. My pain is closer to my arch than what some here describe; I have explained the pain as stepping on a razor (running lengthwise) in the middle of my foot. Took a couple of days to get used to, but now I wouldn't think of going without them. Well worth the $30.
Rating: 4 by IanJ
Great product. I was using Spencos before which are soft then heard about the Powerstep inserts here on heelspurs.com. I ordered 2 pair then got worried when 1 doc here thought I should maybe have a soft insert because my arches (not my heels) are sore . Anyway I tried them for a couple of hours first time. They seemed good but I waited two days until trying them again. They seemed great after that and I can no longer wear my Spencos as those seem too soft and don't support my arches. I guess I really needed the support!
Rating: 5 by james
Rating: 4 by james
i ask you where i buy powerstep inserts,i wants onefor my feet!!!!!!
Rating: 4 by Jeff
They hurt for the first few days, but now, wow!! All heal pain is gone and I'm back to backpacking without pain. They worked for me!! I've ordered two more pair. The strong arch support is super.
Rating: 4 by Jeff
I've been very satisfied with this product. It has helped quite a bit to reduce pain caused by a heel spur. I just wish these insert fit in my dress shoes as well as my casual shoes so I could use them more often.
Rating: 4 by Jeff
I have not tried these insoles, but, someone above asked about Phase 4 Orthotics [aka walkfit] ...I HAVE tried those. I found them to be VERY hard and difficult to wear. They helped just a little bit....I'd say my feet felt about 5% better than without...my advice to someone who wants to try Phase 4...save your time and money!
Rating: 3 by Jim

The Powerstep initally made my foot feel better. However, over time the arch portion of the insert caused both of my feet to hurt. I have a family member that also has the same problem, and he told me about Clark Active Air shoes. These shoes have made a major improvement in my walking pain. The Clarks Active Air shoe were expensive $180, but was worth every cent.

Rating: 5 by JoAnn
I have been very pleased with mine. The company gives very good service.
Rating: 3 by Joe
I like Spenco moldable supports better. The Powersteps are not rigid enough to maintain their shape under weight. That said I found your web page very informative and useful. I should be getting custom orthodics in a week or so.
Rating: 5 by John
Unbeleiveable is about the only way to describe these inserts. I purchased 3 pair and it is the best thing I have done of my feet. I was unable to walk hardly any distance at all because of the pain from my heel spur. Now I'm walking up to 2 to 3 miles a day pain free.I will now be able to walk the golf course, something I haven't been able to do in 2 years. Thank you.
Rating: 5 by John
Recieved yesterday and already have relief. I am very pleased. This whole website has been a GREAT resource.
Thank you and God Bless <><
Rating: 5 by John
I was diagnosed with PF about 5 years ago. I followed the directions of the (GP) doctor which did away with the acute symptoms, but he never recommended an orthodic insert, custom or otherwise. The acute symptoms disappeared after the 4 months of inactivity. A couple years later (about 18 months ago), I had a constant dull footpain in both feet, which I was attributing to working on a hard surface.

I visited a podiatrist yesterday, and she gave me a set of Powersteps until I could have custom inserts manufactured. This morning was the first time my feet have been virtually pain free for a year and a half (and 30+ lbs I picked up over that time). I plan to rip out the inserts out of all of my shoes (Rockports, running shoes, etc) and replace them with Powerstep inserts. My feet were diagnosed as "flexable," "flat," and "pronating" as well as dealing with never ending life as a PF sufferer. I can't vouch for other foot/arch types, but they definitely work for me.
Rating: 4 by John
Inserts worked to perfection in terms of treating the pain I was having. My only complaint is that their construction is suspect. About the fourth time I wore them, they began to come apart on the edges. Now the plastic forms inside the inserts come out when you take them out of your shoes.
Rating: 5 by John
Fabulous. I read about this product and the techniques to alleviate heel pain on your website. I also do massage in the mornings, stretch regularly, and wear Birkenstocks. I am now running 5 miles with very little pain. I will be buying more in the future.
Rating: 3 by josie
Unfourtunatly your product hurt instead of helped.I was real excited about it at first but after a week my feet became numb and vey painfull so I can no longer use them. Im thinking of sending them back but Im not sure I will at this time. Im sure the product is helpful to many people, too bad Im not one of them..Thanks for making a product that has helped so many people.. Thanks again, Josie
Rating: 5 by Julia
These were given to me by my podiatrist to treat plantar facietis. I finally got relief within days after years of unbearable pain. I was in prescription orthotics, and they seemed to just make it worse. It is so nice to not have to find ways to avoid walking or standing anymore.
Rating: 4 by Keith
I started using Powersteps about 6 months into my condition. I had
been using a different commerical arch support previously. They had
a less agressive arch, and less padding than Powersteps. I felt an
immediate improvement upon switching to Powersteps. They were not
a cure by any means, the healing process has been agonizingly slow.
However, the additional arch support provided by Powersteps seems to
have allowed me to extend my walking periods at home and work before
my foot would become tired. Now at 16 months since I got pf, I feel
like I'm 70-80 percent recovered and the extra arch support seems to
be a part of that recoverery. I still don't dare walk barefoot for
any length of time.
Rating: 5 by Ken
After suffering from Plantars for months, and trying several solutions & fixes to relieve the pain, I ordered a pair to try them out. I now own 5 pair and continue to get a discount with each additional pair I purchase. While I run in $400 orthotics, (I also suffer from a forefoot problem) I use PowerSteps in all my dress shoes, motorcycle boots, deck shoes, running shoes when not running...even my house shoes! I am now back to running pain free...they work for me!!
Rating: 5 by Kendall
I was in terrible pain from plantar fasciitis and the Powerstep helped support my heel and made being on my feet much easier to bare!
Rating: 5 by Kurt
After being dissatisfied with custom othoditics, both in terms of performance and cost, I decided to try some over the counter products. I tried one pair of Powerstep Inserts and now own four pairs -- two that I use in my "street" shoes and another two that I use in my running shoes. I am sold on them.
Rating: 5 by Larry
Seems to have helped.
Rating: 5 by laurieinwa
this looked lame but it worked wonders for me. I am not sure if i had Plantar Fasciitis or what..i had the heel pain and also some on side of foot. My pain was BAD...barely could walk. I ordered the inserts (got them in two days!) and the first two day they made my feet ache....then the pain was totally gone in one week, not a hint of any pain even when i don't wear them. I do try and wear them 90 % of the time. I looked at a friends custom made that she paid $400 for (and do not take away her pain 100%) and these are almost exactly like em except provide better coverage.
Rating: 5 by Linda
I was limping 2 months ago. I ordered the inserts and wore them for a week and noticed an immediate alleviation of pain. Now I no longer limp. I'm very grateful for this product.
Rating: 5 by Linda
I've run for 24 years. Had plantar fasciitis a few years ago and got custom orthotics. These inserts are far better! I'm wearing them in everything and my husband's knees no longer hurt when he walks a long distance.We are sold!
Rating: 4 by Lisa
I Love them! After several weeks of foot pain, my Dr. told me to wear inserts. I found Powerstep Inserts and within the 2 week period before my re-check, my heelspur went away. The very deep callous on my other foot went away too!
I rated the powerstep inserts at a 4 only because I think they should come in brown and black. My Daughters said the blue was a fashion crime. Until I can purchase other colors I will continue to break the fashion rules and let the blue show through. Thanks for getting me back on my feet!
Rating: 5 by Lois
I can walk again without the searing pain in my heel! My podiatrist suggested custom inserts costing $375. I tried Powerstep Inserts and after three days I was walking normally again. Now my sister uses them and swears by them. Thanks for making such a good product at such a reasonable cost.
Rating: 2 by Maria
The powersteps just didn't work for me, they were too hard and flat. After months of a really bad flare up I've recently had alot of improvement with my foot. I've been wearing only birkenstocks, taping - the style that goes from metatarsal heads diagonnally across foot (over the plantar fascia) and around the outer heel,a night splint (active ankle), icing and massage that includes my calf. I never realized how much my achilles,gastrocnemius and soleus were involved. The massage has really made a big difference.
Rating: 4 by marilee
The Powersteps Inserts have really helped! The only negative thing I have to say is that they don't fit comfortably in all my shoes. They fit best in tennis shoes ... and by wearing them everyday for two months, they have helped ease the pain in my right heel. I can now walk for long periods of time without feeling perpetual pain.
Rating: 5 by Mark
These inserts are the best! I've been using them for 2 years and I no longer have foot or heel pain. I have them in all my shoes including house slippers.
Rating: 3 by mark
did not provide much relief, idi allow me to finish the day with less heel pain, but only marginally.
Rating: 5 by MARSHA
Rating: 1 by Mel
It was horrible! It never gave me any comfort and or pain relief.
I spent $30 on that stuff.I want a refund!
Rating: 2 by Methee
Arch too high and far to the back. Too hard.
Rating: 2 by Michael
Product provides little relief for my flat feet.
Rating: 4 by Michael
everything was good for service.Got the inserts promptly in a good package that explains how to use them.

The product helped my plantar problems and i was able to run 20 miles in them without plantar problems ( something i could not do without them ).The arch gave great support while the forefoot was still nice and flexible.

However, the only criticism would be that they are a little HARD in the heel area.Once i removed the regular sockliner , to replace with powerstep, i found i had less cushioning in the heel area of the shoes which provided more of a jarring effect.It was probably the effect of the rigid material but i wonder if its needed right in the heel ?......maybe a cutout of the plastic material could be done here and a soft eva piece inserted ? ....or maybe a sorbothane type material could be attached to the heel area under the bottom of the liner .This could be a more expensive version which i think some people might pay for.

Hope this helps,

Michael Capper
Rating: 5 by Michele
I love these inserts. I have PF and was using Spenco inserts prior to these. I do pronate and since using these, my pain is greatly reduced. I went online to buy some today for my mother in law.
Rating: 5 by Monica
They were in my shoes when I qualified for Boston, pain-free. Then I spent a month without them and got, apparently, PF. A lesson learned. Now I'm getting them for all my shoes.
Rating: 5 by Norm
The Powerstep really did make a noticable difference in my heel pain. I put them in my walking shoes and my casual Clarks shoes (replacing the original inserts). I had no idea how much arch support I was lacking. I tried putting them in my EasySpirit dress shoes (that I wear to work) but found that the original inserts actually were more comfortable even if they have a little less arch support, so I'm just going to use them in my non-EasySpirit shoes for now. Since I don't work on my feet, that's not a big issue.
Rating: 5 by Pam
A little too expensive for these but very pleased with their comfort. Pam
Rating: 5 by Patrick
Absolutely fantastic, I have very bad heal spurs and if it weren't for these inserts, surgery would no doubt have been the next stop but these have allowed me to get on with my lifestyle, hiking, walking and working out. I have had this pair for a year and put the same ones in all the different shoes I wear. I got caught in some flood water once and they got completely soaked thu, I thought this would ruin them but they were impervious and work just fine. I am going to order another pair even tho the ones I have are still in great shape, just so I will have an extra pair. The price was much better the the ortho alternatives which are big $$.
Rating: 5 by Paul
I got them in two days after ordering them on line. I tore out the insoles of my running shoes and put in the new product. For two days my feet started to hurt a little more in different places around the heel. I knew that it would take a few days for my feet to get use to them. On the 3rd day a miracle! All of my pains in my heels are gone. I worried that this product would be to heavy or have to much bulk for my running purposes. They are light and very surportive
Rating: 2 by Paul
I'm one of the 20% that it didn't work on. I'm a soccer referee who had plantar faciaitis (<-sp?) from too much running. Most likely the constant pounding of 190# for 90 minutes a day on hard fields caused my problem (overuse injury). I took the $20 cusioned inserts out and put this product in and ended up with a back and knee problem within three days (3 games). Then went back to the old inserts, everything healed within a week. Ice and ibuprofen (and rest or days off) are the solution for me. Nothing against the product, just didn't apply to me.
Rating: 5 by Pedro
The Powerstep, by itself, has taken care of the very nagging heel pain I'd been enduring for over two years. After numerous visits to my doctor, and many therapy sessions along with custom inserts (none of which alleviated the pain), it only took 3 months of wearing the Powerstep to clear it up. Thanks for a great product!.
Rating: 4 by Pedro
I would recomended the inserts to a friend. Powerstep Inserts have helped me on my facial plan... However, I did slow down on my running a lot, that also helped. I bike an swim more now. For me, running is like sugar, taste great but it is not good for my health.
Rating: 4 by Peter
The insert seemed to work for me. I am not cured, but it sure makes a difference when I use the insert as opposed to not.
Rating: by
Rating: 3 by Phyllis
They have helped somewhat but I was hoping for a little more cushion.
Rating: 5 by robbie
I want to thank you for your great products. My husband could not walk without pain. I ordered the inserts, the magnet, and the tape and followed the picture directions for taping. He wore the tape and magnet and used the inserts for about 8 days and the pain went away. He has since had no trouble with the foot and is now pain free. I highly recomment your products. They really work!
Rating: 4 by Robert
Although I haven't gotten complete relief, it is the best thing I have found. It is much better than the $400.00 custom devices that I used before.
Rating: 4 by Robin
I purchased these inserts while I was waiting for my orthotics to be completed, and they did help lessen the pain for the period of about 6 weeks that I used them before the orthotics were available. They didn't totally rid me of pain, but they helped. The orthotics since then have just about knocked out the pain, so the Powerstep inserts weren't as effective, but they certainly helped lessen the pain.
Rating: 2 by Sal
Rating: 3 by Scott
fair comfort, i do use them but dont feel they are helping much.

Regarding the night splint i purchased through you, it fell apart after only one week of use and is now in the trash. An expensive lesson not to beleive on line recommendations.
Rating: 4 by Scott
i bought the product because I had plantars fascititus. While it has not gotten worse, it has not gotten better. I'm not sure if the inserts are really helping or not. Service was great.
Rating: 4 by Stephen
Significantly better than the custom-fit orthotics my podiatrist sold me (not to mention significantly less expensive). Just wish they made a dress-shoe version.
Rating: 4 by STEVE
Rating: 5 by Susan
I have had heel spur pain for over 2 years and within a few weeks of wearing power step inserts my pain was gone....they are amazing...
Rating: 5 by Ted
Powersteps work for knee problems caused by overpronation as well. They do hurt before you get used to them, and occasionally my foot muscles cramp up while hiking in them. But these insoles have enabled me to resume running in my 40s after chronic knee pain forced me to quit for several years. I'm here on the website ordering another batch of them. An excellent product.
Rating: 4 by tim
great I went from going to have surgery to I would do without my power steps
Rating: 3 by Tim
The Powerstep might be useful to many people, but for me I think a better product would be one where the stiff arch portion is a little less high, with additional padding added in that arch area to compensate. I found myself feeling the arch portion of the product pushing too hard against the sore part of my heel, and I never could quite adjust to it. I went back to using the SOF insert I had previously purchased, with one of those yellow Nike banana inserts underneath for additional arch support. I do think it is better to first try a Powerstep before going with an expensive orthotic.
Rating: 1 by Tina
I don't see any difference in these for $30 and the Dr.Scholls for $8.
Rating: 5 by Todd
Pretty amazing results. I have high arches and rigid feet. My heel pain was severe and I've had foot problems for more than 2 years. I was skeptical at first because the inserts are rather stiff. But after about about a month of use (both in running and street shoes) the pain is almost gone. Lot's of stretching and even a night splint certainly do help. But the Powersteps really did the trick.
Rating: 5 by Tom and Judy
I seem to be one of the few who use the Power Steps for lower back pain. Normally, walking the mall or any concrete surface, I would only last 15 minutes before my back would bother me. Now I can go for hours. I own 5 pairs and even have them in my slippers. I am never without them.
Rating: 5 by Tom
At first the inserts were uncomfortable having stood on fallen arches for 50 years! But, as I adjusted to them they have become quite comfortable and I often slip them when I get home from work (don't fit in my work shoes) just to get the extra comfort. I also began stretching some and my heel pain is mostly gone. I have slowly started to run again but with the inserts in. Can't say the inserts have brought the relief but things are improving and either time, stretching or the inserts have made walking comfortable again.
Rating: 5 by Tommie
My podiatrist told me to get RUNNING shoes (not walking, not tennis) and Powersteps. He advised me to have them fitted at the same time so that's what I did. I wore both of them out of the store (sorry, I didn't get them here) and have been wearing them ever since. I have progressed enough that I can wear other shoes once in awhile but I have happier feet when I wear my running shoes/Powersteps combo. I'm on my second pair now. I didn't discard the first. My first shoes got so shabby looking that I had to replace them for work but I kept them to wear around home and when we go picnicking or whatever. I didn't want to have to keep switching the inserts back and forth. I didn't actually REPLACE them, I added to them. My problem is a neuroma (right foot) but since I have been using the Powersteps faithfully, it doesn't bother me. Just wish that running shoes were more conservative. If I get in the light just right, my feet glow from all the reflectors. Not too cool since the dress code in my office specifies dress shoes. That could be a whole new market for running shoe manufacturers. Nike, Saucony, Reebok! Are you out there?
Rating: 3 by vance
some relief-problem is plantar fascitis
Rating: 5 by Vicki
I appreciate the much needed support provided . I self diagnosed plantar fasciitis (two years ago) before going to an orthopedist to hear that I had it right. I don't go anywhere w/o support in shoes and these Powerstep inserts travel from one pair of shoes to another. I have used other products, and think that Powerstep is as good a product as exists out there for this problem. They "are" stiff - as reported by others - and they do take up space that makes some shoes fit tighter - but I know the importance of keeping some cushion there.

At all costs, I am determined to avoid the need for cortisone injections and/or surgery - so thank you for providing some insurance toward that end.

Service/delivery was prompt and highly satisfactory.
Rating: 5 by Wanda
I have found the insert to be better than the top of the line SAS shoe which has the best support in a shoe that I found. I am very pleased that I can move the inserts from shoe to shoe as I find necessary. Thank you for the help that I needed. I still have some problems with one heel, but when I exercise and soak my foot in ice water, I find improvement. I cannot wear a shoe that does not provide the kind of support that these inserts give me.
Rating: 5 by Wes
I have had Plantar Fasciitis for 4 years now, and these are the best inserts I've ever found. They give the best support for my high arches, and I've tried everything but custom orthotics.
Rating: 5 by Windi
A great product!
I been diagnosed with PF (in both feet) for about a year and a half and have worn the Powersteps for about 6 months. Ice, massage,night splints, and my Sauconys got me over the acute phase, but I was stuck with a fair amount of chronic pain until I got my Powersteps. Now I have a very low level of pain in both feet and continue to see a slow but steady rate of improvement. I only use the Sauconys and the inserts now unless I have a flare-up. I highly recommend these! The adjustment period was hard because my arches are non-existment and this insert has a fairly high arch. Please do not put these in for the first time and run 5 miles--your feet will kill you! It took about a month of gradually increasing the wearing time before I could wear them all day. Now I won't walk without them!
Rating: 5 by Joe
Very good product and very good service.
Rating: 5 by John
These Powerstep inserts are pure magic! I had a very severe heel problem before purchasing them, and with use for about two months now my pain is essentially gone. I liked them so much I bought three pairs total, and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone with heel pain.
On the financial side, after I bought mine I did see these inserts for sale in a magazine for less than I paid on the internet. But overall a great product that has made a real difference to me.
Rating: 4 by Kathy
I bought them to help my feet while I was waitng for orthotics. During the time that I used them, about 10 weeks, I noticed a increase in comfort for my feet and a slight decrease in pain. I kept them in my shoes after I got the orthotics but had to remove them after a few days because of the arch support. I wish they had been a miracle cure for my feet but that would have been unrealistic. But they did give me more comfort and more decrease in the pain than any other insert except for my expensive orthotics. I was satisfied with them overall.
Rating: 5 by Kathy
I love my Powerstep inserts and have bought multiple pairs. I used to wear custom orthotics, but after developing a heel problem, I decided to try something else. I think the powerstep inserts give me more cushioning than the custom orthotic, while providing enough arch support so that my foot is supported. I've been very happy with the results. My heel problem has been resolved; I believe with the aid of the powerstep insert and anti-inflamatory therapy. Thanks for the great product.
Rating: 4 by Michael
Gives some relief, size fits as stated, will probably order a couple more of different sizes.
Rating: 5 by Ron
Of all the remedies I sought for the pain in my left heel, the ONLY one that has been long-lasting are my Powerstep Inserts. The inserts let me have a normal life.
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