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Foot Stretch Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

100  reviews,  4.4 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Harriet
My podiatrist recommended doing stretches against the wall. None of those felt like enough of a stretch. The stretch with Step/Stretch is a REALLY big stretch and seems to be helping a lot. I think I caught my PF fairly early as it is only really painful when I awaken in the morning. I bought the Step/Stretch as soon as I figured out what the problem was and in eight weeks I seem to have noticeable improvement. I plan to buy another Step/Stretch to keep in my office.
Rating: 2 by M AC
This rating is for the double. You just do not get enough stretch. Plenty of stretch with the single but I thought the double would save me time. How can I take the double apart w/o wrecking it? [heelspurs.com response: by using a pair of pliers - it's easy] My calves are plenty stretched but PF continues into year 4.
Rating: 4 by Adrian

I am been suffering for almost 3 years with this problem, and has spent thousand of dollars finding solution (ortho, dr.s', etc..). After using this device almost 2 weeks 3times daily and has seen much improvement. Great purchase I recommend to everyone with PF.
Rating: 5 by Wendy
My son's orthopedic surgeon recommended this to help stretch out tendons tight and shortened from clubbed feet. It worked and so far he's avoided additional surgery.
Rating: 3 by Shawn
I think this is a good stretching device if you can handle weight-bearing stretches. I overstretched my Achilles tendon on it though. So if you use this, ease into the stretch and be careful not to rock back on it too fast. I use the Stretch-Rite device everyday in front of the TV and prefer that.
Pros: sturdy & portable
Cons: Easy to hurt Achilles tendon
Rating: 5 by Fernando
This is the first stretching device I use (the double unit). I been using it two weeks ad the results are impresive. My pain has reduced more than 50% in two weeks. My tratment is:
1) Stretching two times daily (morning before walking and nigth)
2) Pinnacle powerstep inserts. Great all day long.
3) I use a 100% natural pain neutralizer every night for feet and calfs. You can find it here http://www.024zone.com

The only thing is that this device is not for easy transport in trips. If you have pain, please try this products and routine.
Rating: 5 by kELSIE
Rating: 5 by MARC
I use this product at physical therapy and it helps stretch out your muscles and ligaments in your calf and foot.
Rating: 4 by Vali Jo
I'm now online trying to find out where to purchase the Foot Stretch.
I have Plantar Fasciitis. I spotted some at the gym that I go to, and decided to give them a try. The stretch that they gave my feet were absolutely marvelous! However, when I asked the fitness trainer where I could purchase some, she didn't know. I just so happened to go online to read up on plantar fasciitis, when I came across this product. I will be ordering a pair of them.
Rating: 5 by Sally
This is a terrific product. All therapist I have been to have this in their clinic. It is by far safer and a much better stretch for the calf than anything I have tried. My therapist recommends two minutes stretch per foot. Then, one minute stretch with knee bent. Good luck. For the money, this is a great product for our problems.!!!
Rating: 5 by Lisa
I used this device at a PT appointment. I had a triple arthrodesis 2 years ago and could never get a stretch in my calf muscle until I used this Foot Stretch. I was so excited I came home and looked it up right away.
Pros: great stretch
Rating: 1 by NS in California
Way too small for my size 15 shoes.
Rating: 5 by angela walters
Following an achilles tendon tear I have been having physio on a regular basis and yesterday progressed to the Gym. I was given a Foot Stretch to work with and the benefits were very evident. So I am looking on the net today to try and get one. This is my first shot, and will be hoping to buy.
Pros: Can't think of any
Cons: Works and can be done at home
Rating: 5 by
This was very helpful to me in my rehab from a broken ankle and subsequent surgery. It really helped me get my flexibility back.
Rating: 5 by Alicia
Great product! Helps 100%!! Thank you- everyone should have one!!
Rating: 4 by Amy
The ProStetch works well for me. I have a high arch which leads to tight calves. The Foot Stretch helps me to attain a better stretch for certain angles.
Rating: 5 by Ann
This is a great product. It has worked very well for me.
Rating: 5 by Barb
It has worked wonders to help me with my fascitis. I used one while having therapy from Nov - March, this past winter. It helped so much I went on-line to see if I could purchase one. Voila! There you were. I have taken copies of your web page to the hospital therapist. She was delighted as other patients had asked about purchasing one. The best thing was the price.
Barb Hutchins
Rating: 4 by Barbara
So far so good. The Foot Stretch is great. I use it every morning and night. Along with the Stretch Cord and the Night Splint my foot feels better. It makes a difference if you use these everyday and several times aday.
Rating: 2 by Bill Finnegan
I used it for pain in my heels but seemed to stretch something in my knees instead. It caused me great pain. I could not recomend it .Sorry.
Rating: 4 by Binnie
Very helpful if used regularly. The shoe inserts were even more helpful. Small cost to resolve a stubborn long-lasting problem.
Rating: 4 by Bob
This product generally has worked well and provides a number of good stretching angles that are hard to achieve without it.
Rating: 3 by Brittany F
I think this product is great for most people. However, as a dancer, I need to stretch farther than this device will allow me to. The curve is not deep enough for me to go to my maximum, but most people do not desire that kind of flexibility.
Rating: 3 by chris
This product is well made/sturdy. The actual functionality of the product i have mixed feelings over. I personally find i get a better calf stretch/achilles tendon stretch doing heel drops off a stair edge or by doing a lean against the wall stretch than i do using the Foot Stretch. The cost of the Foot Stretch is high in my opinion also..it would be more fairly priced aroud $15.00. Also you must wear shoes to use the Foot Stretch..if you do leaning wall stretches you can do them barefooted.That said i would pass on this product.
Rating: 5 by Chris
I have used it for 7 years. This is my third one as they do break after a couple of years. I do belive it is responsible for keeping the plantar fasciitis from coming back & I use it daily following exercise. After suffering with plantar fasciitis for 6 years prior to using the Foot Stretch, it is someting I never want to experience again and the device has allowed me to continue my vigorous exercise regime.
Rating: 5 by chris
This unit, in combination with a night splint, has solved my persistent plantar fasciaitis problem in roughly 3 weeks.
My gait improved, and my leg just feels better. Did not realize
how tight my calf had become.
Rating: 5 by Christine
This product worked wonders. I was very pleased with the variety of stretches I coulf do and it helps reduce my foot pain after a long run.
Rating: 4 by Dave
A good, sturdy, durable product. Works best with sneakers.
Rating: 3 by david
Foot Stretch definitely provides a good stretch for the calf and achilles. Did nothing to improve my plantar faschiitis. Use it regularly to stretch the calf muscle in order to prevent another muscle tear (gastrocnemus).
Rating: 5 by David
This product was recommended to me by both my podiatrist and my physical therapist back in 1999. I have been using one ever since and it has been great in keeping my arches and leg muscles stretched. I would highly recommend it.
Rating: 5 by Dom
Very good product for stretching my achilles.
Rating: 5 by Don
You can't stretch this well using a step.
Rating: 4 by Doug
It does a beter job of stretching than using steps / stairs, is more convenient than straps or cords, has more varieties of stretches possible in a single compact device,
Rating: 5 by Ed
I have suffered greatly from Plantair Facitis (sp?) to the point that I had to give up hiking, and sometimes even walking. By using the Foot Stretch over the past two years I have been able to keep my calf muscle loose and make my foot more flexibile, to the point that I am now just stretching before and after I go to the gym and occasionally at night if I have walked a lot during the day. I'm not sure what I would have done without it. Standing on a curb or the edge of a step just didn't give me as good a stretch. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment on a very useful product.

Rating: 5 by edie
i ordered the Foot Stretch for my son. he was on the track team and was suffering from shin splints. the Foot Stretch definitely helped him, and the rest of his team. i am currently using the Foot Stretch during physical therapy. i am recovering from a broken ankle and using it to get mobility back. i would give the Foot Stretch a rating of a 5.
Rating: 5 by ellen
I LOVE THE Foot Stretch...... IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: 5 by Erik
I use your foot stretch every day as part of my stretching. It really seems to help, I have very tight hamstrings and calve muscles that are slowly but surely beginning to thaw out. I would definately recomend it to others.
Rating: 4 by Erin
This is a very good product. I have always had problems with cramping calves and this has helped me tremendously. The only drawback is that sometimes I feel I have to force the stretch even further by pushing the front back with my other foot because I'm not getting a complete stretch. But I think it might be just my strange calves. Everyone else who has tried it has loved it.
Rating: 5 by erin
loved it in physical therapy, am glad to have my own. gives the best stretch.
Rating: 4 by Gabriela Velazquez
Foot Stretch stretches my calves and is very useful in my exercise regime.
Rating: 4 by GUY
Provides a very good stretch....my only complaint is that the price was reduced by $5.00 just a few days after I purchased it.
Rating: 4 by Helen
Foot Stretch is affordable, portable and easy to use. You can use it while watching tv, talking on the phone, cooking dinner or just about any other standing activity. And it only takes a few minutes to use. I had a very severy case of plantar fasciitis and was receiving multiple treatments concurrently so it's hard to tell just how effective any one particular treatment was but I could definitely feel the stretch using the Foot Stretch. Although my medical condition has improved to the point of maximum rehabilitation, I still use my Foot Stretch regularly and would highly recommend it.
Rating: 4 by James
Good stretcher working with Strassburg Sock.
Rating: 5 by Jane
The best tool for stretching the hamstrings ever devised, in my opinion. I love this device.
Rating: 4 by Jarrett C
Provided a good stretch
Rating: 5 by Jean
My podiatrist recommended I get the Foot Stretch. I have been using it every day, and I love it. It really helps to stretch my calf and achilles tendon. I would recommend it to everyone.
Rating: 4 by jeff
Works well ,easy to use,really stretches the calf and heel area
Rating: 3 by Jennifer
I have such bad plantar fasciitis that it is too painful to use.
Rating: 5 by Jennifer
I have recommended it to a lot of my clients and wanted to carry them to sell. I can only pay for a few at a time at Retail. Wehy would you stop carrying them? Thanks, Jen Green
Rating: 3 by Jill
I bought this when I was trying many different things to help my pf. I think that I overstreached and hurt it a little more. When I use it now, I use it gently. Since it has been 17 months for me, I am at the point now that it isn't too much.
Rating: 3 by Jimmie
Sorry, I can neither proclaim or disclaim the benefits of Foot Stretch. I am bounding to and fro hunting relief from heep pain. This product was not it. I bought two pair of Birkenstock, and they have not been that magic bullet. The foot doctor taped both feet three weeks in a row, and there was not dynamic relief there. Neither was the cortisone hypo in the right heel leaving the left as a control. In the very near future, he may prescribe some-type of sonagram at the local hospital rehabilitation center. I hope there is an answer, the problem may be progressing. Thanks for your inquiry.
Rating: 5 by Jodi
My 10-year old son uses it for his tight heel cords and it is the only exercise we don't have to remind him to do! He loves to use it. It is easy and portable, and highly recommended by his physical therapist.
Rating: 5 by Jon
Gives a very good stretch. Worth the price. Used in conjunction with other stretches and inserts it's helped me alot.
Rating: 5 by Joshua
Great Product!
Rating: 4 by Joyce
It is a little uncomfortable if you are barefoot. If you could be barefoot, you would feel a deeper stretch in the foot.
Rating: 5 by Karen
Worked very well - easy to use (once you get the trick of balancing); greatly reduced my heel pain.
Rating: 5 by Ken
I haven't used the Foot Stretch as often as I could, and am planning to used it now. My tightened arches have relaxed and I have made some progress in my heelspur dilemma. The fitness trainer I see regularly highly recommended Foot Stretch and reminded me to continue its use. I definitely believe it is a good tool, used correctly and regularly.
Rating: 5 by Ken
A Foot Stretch was given to me by my brother-in-law, since he knew that I'm a runner. I use it all of the time. It really helps to stretch out the calves and hamstrings.
Rating: 3 by Len
Not great, better than nothing. Both made for left leg, does not fit right leg well
Rating: 4 by Lois
I found the Foot Stretch helpful but would advise against overdoing the use of it.
Rating: 5 by M
Rating: 4 by Margaret H
You just have to be committed to continuing to use it. When I use it for extended periods of time, I feel better, but if I stop, the pan starts up again.
Rating: 4 by Maria
I like the Foot Stretch, but to be honest I didn't feel the stretch as much in my plantar fascia as I do in my calf and hamstring. Still a good product.
Rating: 5 by Marjorie
It has helped the heel spurs (have not returned) but it has also helped my pain in the sciatic nerves (know this is not how to spell it)I keep it in the kitchen and use it when talking on the phone. I love the night splints....recommend to anyone that has heel spurs. If I even feel the slightest pain in the heel I sleep with the splint. My doctor had me rent one of those fancy metal ones and all it did was destroy my other foot when I turned over in bed. I gave it back after a month and ordered the splint from you and it was great.
Marge Davis
Rating: 3 by Mark
It didn't seem to work that well, I had better results from a frozen 16-20oz water bottle that I rolled under my foot..... not to say it wouldn't help someone else...... GET THE BOOK! It has all the different ways to help reduce pain, swelling, stiffness, etc Thanks, Mark
Rating: 4 by mary
Very helpful, well-made, durable.
Rating: 5 by Mary
I've used the Foot Stretch for a few years now. I competed in XC/Track in college- and we had one in the training room. It's great to stretch your calves, and much better than trying to find a step, etc.

I would highly recommend it for anyone suffering from plantar fasciatis or with achilles problems.
Rating: 4 by mary
I also had ESWT surgery, too, so don't know how much of a role the Foot Stretch played in my relief of plantar fasciosis. I would recommend the product to others to maintain proper stretching.
Rating: 5 by Matt
Provides a nice deep stretch.
Rating: 1 by Michael
The product doesn't really achieve a full stretch as there is not enough traction, and can be difficult to balance on. It now just remains under my bed unused.
Rating: 5 by Michael
I purchased 2 of these. One for myself and one for a friend. I find it very useful, and friends who use it like it as well. The friend who I bought it for has improved range of motion in thier ankle and has less pain while exercising. Personally, I am going to buy a couple more for friends as well.
Additionally, I am a certified personal trainer and have experience with a variety of equipment, and I find this to be simple and effective.
Rating: 5 by mike
this product gave a much better calf and achilles stretch than conventional stretching. I highly recommend it.
Rating: 5 by Monte
Great product
Rating: 4 by Nancy
I rate this a 4 for a couple of reasons. The Foot Stretch is simple to use and serves as a reminder to stretch. I left it out in a spot I pass by constantly and when I'd see it, I'd stop and stretch a minute or two. If it alone could have cured my plantar fasciitis problems - I'd give it a 5. Since I think a combination of things helped my feet, including the Foot Stretch, I'm giving it a 4. If you already stretch on a stair or against a wall, then mayebe you don't need it. But if you're like me, someone who hasn't disciplined herself to stretch everyday, the Foot Stretch is a relatively inexpensive (in the grand scheme of PF treatment) investment.
Rating: 5 by Nancy
It definitely helped my plantar faciitis. Wonderful way to stretch. My healthclub has them now and my son-in-law has mine.
Rating: 5 by Neal
Works great -- best tool ever used to stretch calves.
Rating: 5 by Nolan T
I liked it but haven't used it in many years. I thought it did help the pain.
Rating: 4 by Pat
My foot is in such bad shape right now, that using the product hurts, but I will keep trying to use it.
Rating: 4 by Paula
It does work well, especially if you use it like you're supposed to
Rating: 4 by Peggy
I think that the Foot Stretch definitely helped me. I purchased it a year ago and still use it.
Rating: 5 by Phil
This simple plastic device allows you to get really great stretch ofthe Achilles tendon and associated calf muscles. When I was suffering from PF I used it regularly (daily). Now that I am cured (self cured, I must add...tossed the podiatrist when he recommended surgery!) I use it periodically as I find the need. Highly useful tool for PF sufferers. It is portably, too. I used to take it to work every day. My colleagues thought it was pretty cool!
Rating: 5 by Reenee
This product was appropriately priced and a good product. Please continue to stock.
Rating: 5 by Richard
Product worked great -- I had tried it at Physiotherapist.

Shipping was prompt and accurate.
Rating: 5 by Ron
This product greatly helped relieve the pain I was experiencing, however within a week of stopping using the Foot Stretch after almost a year (twice a day) the pain returned.

I recently had an eswt treatment and I guess it's a wait and see situation from here.

But this is a great product that I have recomended to my friends.

Ron Marmorstein
Rating: 5 by Rujith
Really helped my plantar fasciitis!
Rating: 5 by Sabrina
The reason why I bought this product was that the gym I go to all the time is equipped with this type of products and I wanted to have it at my home. It is great to have it in my living room.
Rating: 4 by Sam
I have used it to strengthen muscles in both legs after having knee replacement surgery in both knees. I am still using it for the most recent surgery and am pleased with the results. The Foot Stretch was originally used by my phsyical therapist and I subsequently purchased my own.
Rating: 4 by Sandra
This is a good product, but it was yoga that really helped!
Rating: 2 by Sharon
If you're not used to stretching, then this piece of equipment is for you. I found that my stretch was more complete using a wall or step. I also have a yoga stretching DVD that keeps my foot flexible. The Foot Stretch didn't exacerbate my PF, but I don't think I saw any real improvement while using it.
Rating: 4 by Shirley K
It seemed to help significantly.
Rating: 5 by Steve
I use this device because of heel spurs and to stretch out my calf and glutimus muscle after a resistance workout or sometimes just to stretch. It's an excellent device for what I need.
Rating: 5 by Steve
Purchased the Foot Stretch/Foot Stretch Stretching device. It is a quality product and well made. It is difficult; however, to use with both feet at the same time. You might consider purchasing two of the single units instead of the dual unit.
Rating: 5 by Susan
Very good product for stretching your calves. I first used while in physical therapy and decided to order one to contiue at home.
Rating: 5 by Teresa
When I have a recurrence of the plantar fasciitis, I do use this. When I don't have it readily available to me, it also tought me to do this stretch even against a wall or a rock. I'm working in Israel and went for a walk this morning and did a similar stretch against a rock. When I'm in the gym, I do toe raises. When I'm home, I use this. It gives a nice stretch and the stretching seems to help me a lot. I have less recurrence of the problem.
Rating: 5 by Terry
I am a basketball referee. I have had two achilles tendon surgeries. I use the Foot Stretch for warm-ups, etc. It is an excellent tool, one that is a must for any runner, etc. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I was so sold on it, I recommended it to others and they bought it too. Terry, Oklahoma resident
Rating: 5 by Tim
I have no regrets - it actually works as advertised and really feels good after I stretch.
Rating: 5 by Tito
After almost 3 years of surching for a permanent cure it was recommended that I try the Foot Stretch device. After a couple of weeks of use I starting noticing my pain subsiding and shortly after that I was back to normal. It has been the only device I have ever bought that has actually worked. I continue to use at least 4 times a week to keep my calfs stretched. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.
Rating: 4 by Tom
Not the easiest to use, but gives a nice stretch.
Rating: 5 by Vivian
Heel spur pain gone, therefore extremely satisfied. Still use to stretch calf.
Rating: 5 by Yvonne
Don't wait until you have heel problems to use this -- it's a must for calf stretches. I bike about 150 miles per week and it seems that biking shrotens the hamstrings and tightens the cales. My foot problem was not in the foot after all but in the hamstrings and calves. Foot Stretch is perfect for loosening up the calf muscles. My husband uses it now and loves it.

Thank you for asking my opinion.

Yvonne Wood
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