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Recommended Night Splint Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

263  reviews,  4.1 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Harold (Triathlete)
I developed PF in my left foot in August 2007. I immediately tried aggressive massage therapy but that made it hurt more. I tried the Straussburg Sock and found it very uncomfortable. I discontinued running for 2 weeks and started using an arch support. The arch support provide relief but progress was slow. From Oct 2007 to July 2008 improvement was steady but very very slow. I bought a cheepy night splint from CVS in July and got a little improvement. Finally I did more research on PF and found this website. I read the reviews and ordered the "Recommended Nite Splint". Like other's I played with it a bit. Ultimately, I discovered that wearing a sock while using the splint enabled me to use the foam wedge to get that real good stretch. After three days, I noticed a dramatic improvement. I didn't have that morning pain and I'm running well again. I wear the splint anytime I'm sitting around for an extended period of time (computer, watching TV, long drives, etc). I really think the key is to keep that fascia stretched as often and for as long as possible for that rich blood flow.

Looking back on it all, I believe that if I had the splint from the very beginning, it would have cut 3-5 months out of the healing process.

Bottom line is that I highly recommend this product. I hope my story is helpful to someone.
Pros: Sturdy, adjustable, comfortable
Cons: A little bulky.
Rating: 5 by Pam
This night splint as well as other therapies have greatly reduced the pain associated with Plantar Faciitis. A bit akward, and clumsy feeling, but certainly worth it. I wore this this not only at night, but at times when I could not get my foot comfortable when sitting. I learned that when dealing with foot problems, that not everything works for everyone. I took this night splint to my chiroprator who treats my plantar faciitis. He agreed that it was a good idea, and even fixed it at the angle he wanted for me. The healing process has been long and slow, but I can certainly state that this night splint has made a difference. I am now at a point where I no longer have to wear it!
Pros: Reduces pain when stepping in morning
Cons: Akward to take on and off
Rating: 5 by P.J.
I cannot believe how immediate my relief from pain was...what a product! Every morning I would hobble from dresser, to dresser, to chair, to bathroom...crying out in pain, it hurt so badly! I got your product in the mail yesterday, tried it on and thought, "Oh my...this feels weird! Will I be able to sleep with my foot at this angle?" Went to bed. The boot felt awkward, and it took a couple minutes to decide where to lay my leg (laying on my side)to get comfortable. But once I fell asleep, it really did not keep me up from discomfort at all. The amazing part came in the morning. When I awoke, I sat up, took the boot off, and stood up...full weight on that bad foot. (I wasn't gonna be tentative at this to test it) I couldn't believe it...absolutely NO Pain AT ALL. I walked NORMALLY to the bathroom like I had done before this ailment came out of nowhere on me. I am so glad I spent the money for this boot. It TRULY works AND over night!
Pros: immediate relief from pain
Cons: a bit uncomfortable at first, NOT unbearable.
Rating: 3 by Dave
It is good. I found it very uncomfortable at first and the straps are constrictive. Once it is adjusted to your liking it should help reduce the pain when you get up in the morning. I do find that my heel wants to pull away from the bottom of the boot which lessens the effectiveness. I think this may work well for some people but I suspect that others will find similar results to what I got.
Rating: 4 by Frank
Of all of the things I am using to fix my plantar fasciitis I consider the night splint to be the most helpful and effective. It has virtually eliminated first thing out of bed pain, which means that reinjury is being avoided and healing is being promoted.
Pros: It works and is reasonably comfortable to sleep in
Cons: Straps tend to loosen off and need retightening.
Rating: 3 by Julian
Have only just started using the Foot Stretch but it does definately help with the amount of flexibilty I can get when exercising my foot. It also allows more prolonged exercise time than I was previously getting by just flexing foot against wall. Thankyou.
Rating: 2 by Neil
Received the Large ("11-13") size in Feb. 2008, and it looks very good. However, I can't use it because I have a men's 12 1/2 shoe size and my large toe extends about 3/4 inch beyond the firm plastic shell. So, whenever I'm sleeping on my back, my large toe would be crushed by my many blankets, especially given that the splint extends the foot above the foot that does not have a splint. So, the weight of the covers would fall on one toe. A larger size is not available for this splint. So, I have now purchased the HealWell Night Splint from heelspurs.com in XXL, size 13 and above. It protects my big toe, but the straps are insufficiently cushioned.
Pros: Extra cushion on straps compared to the HealWell
Rating: 5 by Larry
It works . The morning after first night that I wore it, I didn't have heel pain when I got out of bed. I still get heel pain during the day, but the splint does eliminate that initial morning pain and carries me through the next few hours.
Rating: 5 by Audrey
How sweet it is! On arising I remove my night splints and walk without pain or stumbling.
Rating: 5 by Jeff
I am a long distance runner who has suffered from heel spurs for years. Stretching and inserts did nothing to relieve my pain. I tried the night splint for one week and the heel pain is gone! I put the splint on nightly after long runs. This product has been a miracle for me.
Rating: 4 by Evelyn
I had another night splint that was made of velcro and it stopped working a few months after I got it because the velcro got worn out and stopped sticking. I like this brace because of the snapping buckles. It is fairly easy to adjust. I don't have a problem sleeping in it. If I get up at night I just unsnap the middle buckle and that is all I need to remove it. It doesn't keep my foot completely at the right angle though- it slides up and out throughout the night, and if I put the straps tighter I lose circulation. My other brace did the same thing so maybe there is no perfect solution to this problem.
Rating: 5 by Beverly
After struggling with a couple of shots, orthotics, etc., am happy to report that after only 2 nights of wearing this brace, my faciiatis subsided completely. Truly amazing. If it starts to return, will simply once again use the brace for a few nights. Product looks cumbersome but I had absolutely no problem sleeping in any position during the night. I tell anyone who wants to listen as seems many people young and old suffer from this ailment. Also, the speedy and personal service by the company was excellent.
Pros: A Product that Works
Rating: 5 by Sue
This and a pair of Merrell clogs are the only things that have helped alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis, which I have had for 8 months. A podiatrist recommended a night splint and after looking around online, this one looked to be well-made and reasonably priced. It took some getting used to but now I can wear it all night and it does a great job keeping muscles and tendons from tightening up while I sleep. It's been a big help.
Pros: comfortable and lightweight
Rating: 4 by Suc_AS
I have been the Night splint for about 2 months now. I can definitely feel the difference in the morning. I am not hopping on one leg any more as I used to. I find it very comfortable and easy to use.

But my observation is that this is not the ultimate cure for it. This has to be definitely supplemented with Foot Inserts, daily streching. If I don't wear the splint even for a night, I feel the pain in the morning.

But in all,the night splint is definitely worth buying..
Pros: good product, easy to use
Cons: needs to be supplemented with streching and insert
Rating: 4 by Scott
Excellent value for the price, very solidly built. Only issue I have that prevents me from giving it a "5" is the straps need more padding. I often wake up in the middle of the night in pain because one of the strips in hurting the top of my foot. Takes a bit of practice to find the right amount of tension.
Rating: 2 by Don Z
Boot was ok to wear while sitting and reading or watching TV but, for me, was too large and cumbersome to wear comfortably at night. I am a fairly restless sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night and found that I could not wear this. Wish I could have tried it before purchasing. I don't recommend this itme unless you stay fairly still and in one one position when sleeping.
Pros: boot seemed to help alleviate the pain
Cons: too cumbersome to comfortably wear at night
Rating: 4 by Bradley
My only problem has been my achilles tendon and my doctor recommended a night splint.

Yours was adequate to do the job, thought with some serious walking, I will probably need it again, because the slight swelling on the tendon is still sore.

An agravating problem is that one of your four snap clips does not hold with a bit of pressure and unsnaps every night. If you could send me a new clip, I could make the repair.

Also, I would change the basic design to make the material out of a thiner, springer (but strong) material. It is way too cubmersome to comfortably wear it as I toss and turn in the night. I have only been able to wear it 3-4 hours at a time.

I thank you for your excellent service and appeciate this opportunity to make a comment.

Brad Benson
Rating: 2 by Bret
Wakes me up at night because it is so uncomfortable. I would recommend a more cloth based version that holds the foot more comfortably. It could be just because of my huge foot, but I dont think so. Good luck and keep on stretching normally!
Pros: Works...a little
Cons: I wear a size 14 shoe. My foot goes numb at night
Rating: 5 by Sadra
Product is much more comfortable to wear then anticipated; I use king-pillow beneath my legs which helps. Clips makes removal and reclipping a wiz, a must for going to the bathroom in the night.

Pros: Comfor/Easy to remove/put back on in zombie state.
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by Greg
This made a huge difference in terms of my ability to walk after getting out of bed in the morning. My condition was so bad that I had to go for cordisone injections in both heals. That was a very painful procedure! After the injections, my left heal was 100% fine. My right heal was only about 50%. I thought of going for another shot but tried the boot instead. The boot got my right heal to 100% and I avoided the second injection.
Rating: 4 by Rob D
Overall a regimen of night-splint use and Ibuprophin doeses has has made the faciitis (sp?) issue very tollerable to me. During the work week I simply use the night splint and custom insoles in my shoes, for weekends where I'm more physically active I add in the ibuprophin as extra insurance.

Qualitative comments - the unit is quite simple and straight forward. My only complaint would be the buckle quallity seems a little low resulting in frequent re-adjusting of the entire device. Especially over the top of the foot.

I have recommended the product to friends with similar issues.
Pros: Easy to put on, take off
Cons: poor buckel quality, straps need adjusting
Rating: 4 by George
Very good, very well made. Easy to adjust. Cumbersome for sleeping -- a little like wearing ski boots to bed -- but you can get used to just about anything that helps you get better. And despite the warnings attached to them -- don't use them for walking! -- they're fine for those brief but essential excursions in the middle of the night, and they're enough trouble to strap on that you don't want to de-boot and re-boot for a two-minute trip. I'd like them more if they cured me outright, but they do seem to make a noticeable improvement, and I'm guessing they're part of the eventual cure -- as my doctor insists. On those rare nights when I just can't make myself wear them, I always regret it the next morning.
Rating: 5 by Anita
I've been very impressed with this splint. It's lightweight but sturdy. There are just the right amount of straps to ensure the foot and leg stay in the proper position with a snug fit. The comfort bands around the straps can be moved to provide cushioning where desired. The padding is very comfortable and can be removed and washed. The whole splint is very user-friendly and well-constructed.
I can't say it's been a pleasure wearing it, but it has definitely helped with my plantar fasciitis. I no longer have that miserable 'morning heel pain' that only exacerbates the condition. I'm far from cured, but this splint is definitely helping.
Rating: 4 by Rich
Overall-very pleased with product.
Pros: Comfortable, variety of adjustments. Well built.
Cons: Heel rides up a bit when prone.
Rating: 2 by Keith
Unfortunately I simply could not sleep the whole night with this on. Usually had to take it off after a couple of hours. I also doubt any of the other large hard shell splints would be any better. For this reason I'm going to try the "Cub".

Keith inner-growth.com
Rating: 4 by Rick
Works well; always feel a positive difference after use indicating the injured area is healing. Cost is reasonable for what product accomplishes. Only drawback is lack of mobility; when going short distances like the bathroom, prefer not to take off and then re-adjust when putting back on.
Pros: Easy to use; can adjust to fit current phase
Cons: Lack of mobility
Rating: 5 by Jody
I cannot believe how this helped my foot. I resorted to cortisone injections for my heel pain and finally decided to try this splint. At first I could only sleep a couple of hours with it but in the morning there was relief. When I got used to it, after about 4 nights, I was sleeping through the night. Now I use it only during the night when I feel the irritation starting....

I work at a school where 4 other people have bought this same splint and are all satisfied completely!
Rating: 5 by Bobbie
I was able to sleep through the night the first time I tried this splint. I had no heel pain the next day. I pad my foot with an extra pair of socks so the tightness of the bottom strap is not a problem. I would highly recommend this splint to anyone with heel pain.
Pros: I had no pain after wearing it for just one night
Rating: 4 by Pacman
After many months in severe pain, after using the brace over a week it has definately helped. Initially used together with ice packs and ice ball to stop the pain, but now only the brace is used.

Even stopped the physio since it does the job, and now using it on other leg to even out the stretching.

Definately recommend.
Pros: Actually worked a treat. Has relieved pain.
Cons: Bit uncomfortable in bed, but worth the discomfort
Rating: 3 by Cindy
If you can keep the splint on all night your foot will definitely feel better in the morning. Problems that arise involve the heel not staying back in the splint if you attempt to sleep on your side. This would be okay as your foot is in a better position than if you didn't wear a splint. However when the heel comes forwardthe result is that the middle strap then becomes Too tight. Another issue is that the back of the brace cancut into the back of your leg even though the foam padding comes up higher.a simple solution would be to have the foam fold down over the plastic.
Rating: 4 by Nancy
The night splint really helps stop the pain on first walking in the morning. Overall I believe it is helping my achillis tendon inflamation heal. It is a bit bulky and at times hard to sleep in. I have tried without it a time or two and the discomfort of sleeping in it is out weighted by the reduction in pain I receive.
Rating: 5 by Linda
Does the job nicely. I used to have the Nice Splint, which works pretty well and is a little less bulky. But I like this one better. Took me a couple of nights before I got it to fit the way I want. I started out with the straps too tight, which will drive you crazy and wake you up at night. But once I loosened them up enough I was fine. After a week or two I started sleeping as soundly as I had without the splint.
Rating: 4 by Rusty
In summary: slightly flawed design if you have a gut like I do. The straps connect on the inside and the clips are on the outside so it's hard to bend over and do the clips. If the straps were connected on the outside and clipped on the inside it would be perfect.

Other than that minor quibble I love mine.
Rating: 2 by Gene
It dose seem to relief heel pain. It would work much better if a different material was used for the straps. They are too hard of a material with a slick finish a will not stay tight during the night. I usually only use it now while watching TV in the evening when my legs are still and I can tug on the straps to keep the Night Splint snug.
I would only recommend this if the straps are changed to a more fabric like material and not the banding like material currently used.
Rating: 4 by Kim
This product really helped my plantar fasciitis symptoms. It does take some getting used to (especially if you choose to sleep with it on), but there's no question it helped stretch out my fascia and it was such a relief to be able to get out of bed and not cringe in pain with the first set of steps.
Rating: 5 by LCHAMM
Let me preface this by saying that this brace took care of my heel problem. It was remarkable how much easier it became to walk right oou of bed just from wearing this brace. As far as the "cons" which I listed as bulky, I am not certain that any brace out there wouldn't get the same comment, because it must be structurally sound enough to be able to withstand me (at 260 lb.) getting up at night to go to the bathroom. It is certainly not a convenient activity to remove the brace for 2 minutes, then get back in bed and put it back on. Overall, I highly recommend this brace for plantar fascitis or something necessitating one to keep the foot at 90 degrees while sleeping.
Pros: Inexpensive, effective, sturdy
Cons: bulky
Rating: 2 by Jack
I believe that the night splint is a product that certainly can help you. BUT, the product design and instructions are lacking. If you are not a flexible person, such as myself, a few simple design changes would make a world of difference. The buckles are not easy to reach or buckle. If they were stiffly mounted instead of flopping around, you would have a better chance of attaching them the first time. There are several buckles around that are easier to latch and unlatch. As for the instructions, they should spend a little more time talking about the fine tuning of the fit. I woke up with numb toes only once before I retired it to TV watching only...
Rating: 4 by
Seems to help, but not comfortable to sleep in. I put it on when watching TV instead. Have had some improvment. Word of caution. Do not over flex the foot/over tighten the splint. I did and believe it strained ligaments in my ankle.
Rating: 5 by Mark
Comfortable is a relative term. I find there are many people who just can't tolerate a night splint. Splints limit the sleeping position options and the foot gets pretty warm. This splint is by far the most comfortable I have tried. Try wearing a heavy sock - that works best for me.
Pros: Adjustable angles. Secure fasteners. Comfortable.
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Dan
I am not using the splint for Plantar Fascitis. I was a runner for a decades and took two years off and ended up tearing or pulling or otherwise damaging the calf tendon/muscle connection (both legs). No amount of stretching and/or warming up and taking-it-easy helped. I am wearing the splint at night just to keep my tendons from contracting during those 8 hours (that is, I'm not stretching, just keeping my foot at a 90 degree angle). Combined with an unusual amount of stretching, I'm running again. I don't think I could have got back to running without some kind of aid like this, and for the price it was silly not
to give it a try.
Rating: 5 by Karen
Has really helped with my foot-I am so glas that I purchased it-even after all of the physical therapy and inserts in my shoes-this by far helped more then anything
Pros: very comfortable
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by John
Happy with the product and it did negate morning pain in hell from Plantar Faciatis. I would recommend the product to thers with a similar situation
Pros: Easy to use and works well for intended mission
Cons: N/A
Rating: 3 by lm
the idea of the night splint is brilliant. It seems that one could be developed that uses more velcro and less buckles that would be more comfortable. I used them nightly for about four months and continue to use them if I have been hiking a lot during the day to prevent reoccurance of plantar fasciitis pain.
Pros: It stopped my pain.
Cons: It was itchy and hard to put on
Rating: 5 by Dr. Schwoollay
For whatever the reason, night splints work. Proper diagnosing, fitting, and patient instructions are a must. Best results are achieved when pt are compliant with its use. This might take some time of getting used to. "Sliding scale of user time" can be helpful.
Pros: effective
Cons: takes some time to get used too
Rating: 5 by John
A great product, noticed a significant change over night. In a couple of weeks, almost no pain. Now when I have a flare up, one or two nights usually takes care of it for a while. I had been suffering with this for a long time, I play golf and nothing hurt it worse, now with the night splint I am having very little pain. I was amazed at how well it worked and how quick, Thanks.
Pros: Works great, well built, easy to use
Cons: A little bulky, hard to get use to
Rating: 5 by Robert
The night splint is light and easy to use. It has helped ease my morning pain.
Rating: 5 by Brenda
I have worn the splint every night for a year and it has been great. I can now get up in the morning and walk with no pain immediately.
Rating: 1 by Lee Ann
I really didn't like this night splint (I got one for each foot). I could only stand to wear them for the first couple of hours per night, lying flat on my back. When I woke up with the urge to sleep on my side, it was very difficult to get comfortable even with a pillow between my legs and feet. Also, I struggled alot to get the buckles fastened. If you can't stand to bend over your feet and struggle for several minutes, or if you are very overweight, these would be too difficult to put on without someone else to assist you. I wish I had not bought them. My feet did feel better when I got out of bed after wearing them for 2 hrs (you have to take them off to go the bathroom), but hurt again in the morning after having had them off for the remainder of the night.
Pros: Helps foot pain
Cons: Uncomfortable
Rating: 5 by Sarah P
I'd been suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis for many years. I would stop running, rest, etc., but everytime I started back up again, my heel would instantly start hurting again, and each time it was more painful. I went to sports medicine doctors, podiatrists, physical therapy, etc., and the problem just wasn't going away. I bought this night splint sort of on a whim, and within 1 week, my heel pain was gone! This did more in a week than months of rest, therapy, and who knows how much money spent ever did! I started running at the end of that first week, and the problem has not come back! I still wear the night splint though, better safe than sorry. In fact I feel so good, I've started training for a half. This is pretty incredible considering last year, I thought I was through with running, because I just couldn't get my mileage back up without intense heel and achilles heel pain.

The splint is very light and comfortable. It says not to walk on it, but you can, but probably best just around the house though. I have no problems sleeping through the night with it on, and still can not getting over the wonderful feeling of taking that first step in the morning and not feeling any pain.

I just wish I had found this site earlier, could have saved me a lot of time and money!

F, Age 29
Pros: Worked quickly, light weight, easy to use
Cons: None!
Rating: 1 by Kelsie
This night brace is beautiful in thought, but a zero in functionality! My heel will not stay in the heel cup, if you tighten the strap to keep it there the foot goes to sleep. Even with the heel out of the cup slightly, where it inevitability end up the entire foot will become numb and I am only able to keep it on for a couple of hours. My pinkie toe stayed numb for 24 hours after sleeping in it. On a good note it does help the heel. I am sure it would 100% fix the problem if the heel could stay in the cup and if you could tolerate the pain. It also makes your ankle sore. I will return this item. The Foot Stretch on the other hand it AWESOME!
Rating: 5 by Tony
has helped me tremendously !!! i have battled w/ this plantar facitis for over a year and it too this splint to get me almost to my oldself again !!!
Rating: 3 by Chuck
This splint works reasonably well. It provides an adequate stretch for the facia and tendons. It is hard and awkward to wear and very difficult to sleep in. It could also benefit from additional toe "lift" or support.
Pros: Good stretch on foor and reasonable support
Cons: Awkward,difficult to sleep in,needs better toe sup
Rating: 5 by Patsy
This product really helped reduced my pain from plantar fasciitis. I would highly recommend it. Initial wear time was 1-2 hours just before bed time and I gradually increased time to most of the night.
Pros: Effective. Easy to apply and adjust.
Cons: Hard frame is bothersome sometimes at night.
Rating: 4 by CAM
If I remember to wear this product consistently then I definitely notice an improvement in my plantar fasciitis symptoms (I've had it for over 2 years now). The only thing is that I normally wake up without it on - so it is bothering me enough during the night that I wake up to rip it off really quick. I think I normally can keep it on about 4 hours before it starts to get annoying. But even that 4 hours is a very helpful stretch. I would recommend this to those of you with chronic problems especially if you have tried everything else like I have.
Rating: 5 by Kelli
I am soooooo excited about this night splint! I received it 2 days ago and the past 2 mornings have woke up with NO pain at all! I had almost forgotten what it was like to be able to walk when getting out of bed in the morning! I have been battling PF for the last year and have had to limit activity because of it. I have been to the podiatrist numerous time and have had arch binders and orthotics made. While these have provided some relief, I still had tremendous pain in the mornings; until I got the splint! While I would agree it is not the easiest thing to get on, that is a small price to pay for the relief it provides!!!
Rating: 4 by dj
I wear it most nights. It has helped with morning heel pain.
Cons: The brace holders slip on pressure at night
Rating: 1 by Janet
It is expensive; the velcro straps on the outside of the splint were too hard to use & didn't stay fastened through the night.
Rating: 5 by Michael
I had foot and toe cramps throughout the night. When I got up in the morning I had tremendous heel and foot pain. I could barely walk after I got out of bed.
After using the night splint for several months I have found relief from the excruciating foot and calf cramps and the tremendous morning foot pain. I have been able to return to jogging and all of my former activities.
Then only downside is I have found the strap across the top of the foot irritates the foot. I simply put a washcloth between the strap and my foot. Now I can wear the night splint every night all night.
Thank you for a great product.
Pros: No more excruciating foot cramps or morning pain
Cons: Strap across the top of the foot needs padded
Rating: 5 by Jim
It's as comfortable as a big brace can be.Very easy to adjust.Fairly easy to walk in if you need to get out of bed.
Pros: comfortable, easy to use, non-slip sole
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Robin
easy to use, helped a great deal
Rating: 3 by Peggy
This is the first night splint I have tried other than the Strassburg Sock. I don't have an extra wide foot but still the sides of the splint cut into my feet. The padding is not thick enough to stop that so I fashioned my own padding. It is still too uncomfortable to wear to bed so I use it at night when watching TV. Having said that, it works to lessen the pain of my heel spurs and plantar faciitis. I didn't send it back as I had nothing else to use, but will set it aside when I find a more comfortable splint. It is doing the job but too uncomfortable to use long term.
Rating: 3 by Beth
I tried this splint 3 different times, but it just didn't fit snuggly enough to be effective. Pretty hard to get comfortable too. Maybe it would fit some better.
Rating: 4 by Cruzan
I didn't have any trouble sleeping with it on. It is easy to adjust and it keeps the foot in a stretched position. My approach was to try all forms of treatment because together they might work. I can't tell how much this helped but along with taping, orthotics, a month off of tennis, stretching, and some strenghening exercises I got past my 4 months of pain and am back playing tennis (with orthotics and tape).
Rating: 5 by MarieE123
This night splint is amazing...I had done everything from cortizone shots to orthotics...the little bit that my heel was not healing was prevented by this splint. Now, after a long tennis match, if I can sense my heal is going to hurt in the morning, I wear this splint and I am perfectly ready to jog the next day!
Pros: It works, its affordable
Cons: My dog thinks its a toy
Rating: 5 by Joyce
Once I determined the best fit for me, I found the night splint did a great job of keeping my foot in the correct position to properly stretch the fascia and alleviate pain. It did not take long to get used to wearing the splint and most nights can wear it all night. It is easy to put on, take off, and adjust. Wearing it on the left foot puts the buckles on the outside of the foot/leg. Wearing it on the right foot puts the buckles on the inside which can cause rubbing on the left leg if you sleep on your side. It is not necessary to cinch the straps tightly; a somewhat loose fit works better for me. I highly recommend this product.
Pros: Easy to put on and take off, easy to adjust
Cons: If worn on right foot, buckles can rub left leg
Rating: 5 by Alice
After using the Recommended Night Splints (on both feet) for three weeks now, I highly recommend them. I have made more progress since using them than in the two months previous. They are lightweight, comfortable, easy to adjust, and they work! I wear them all night. If I get them too tight when I go to bed, I can easily reach down and make a quick adjustment - even half-awake. They are easy to take with you when traveling. I thought they might be too much on these hot summer nights, but they are not -- very comfortable. My doctor recommended a splint that was $159 EACH. I had already seen these at heelspurs.com, and knew they were the ones I wanted. They are GREAT! Don't hesitate!
Rating: 5 by Gail
I have been very pleased with this product. It is light weight, easy to use, and has helped decrease the pain in my heels tremendously. I even use them when I'm going to be riding for an extended period of time. It seems to relieve the stiffness I get from sitting too long in one position. However, I have gotten away from wearing the splints all night because I wake up and find that my toes have gone to sleep. To solve this problem, I just wear the splints an hour or two before bedtime.

I recommend this product to anyone who has chronic heel pain, especially if you are contemplating surgery. TRY THIS FIRST!!
Rating: 5 by Don
My Dr. said he could give me a shot of cortizone and I thought that was only going to hide the pain and not cure it. I called for the splint that night and it arrived 2 days latter--that was prompt service. The first couple nights was weird sleeping with iit but I got used to it quickly. The results were fantastic--I used to get up in the morning and the first step was awful pain in the heel. I've had it 5 weeks now and use it only a couple days a week now and believe my heel is healing--I no longer need heel cups and I can go the whole day without heel pain. I hope to get back to my 3 mile a day walks in the next few weeks. Thanks--I highly recommend your product.
Rating: 4 by Chandra
I found the night splint to be fairly effective in relieving the alternating severe pain and discomfort I was suffering for nearly 5 months. I was fortunate to find your website(heelspurs.com) which had a lot of useful notes which helped me better understand my condition. I completely stopped taking various pain reliever medications (both NSAIDS and steroids) and ultrasound/heat therapy, and started using the night splint and other advice I found on your website which is continuing to help me in finding relief.....
Only problem was that the splint needed some getting used to wearing the contraption during sleep.....
Rating: 3 by Tommy
The product and quality seems fine, but after 2 months of use I have not noticed any big difference in the heelpain.
Rating: 4 by Erika
I had the heel pain problem (left foot only) about 2 years ago and it went away, I think, because I lost a good amount of weight. I haven't gained any more weight, but the problem came back since Jan this year. Fearing months of endless pain, I decided to go for the Night Splint this time.
I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. I don't use it every night because it is a bit uncomfortable, but I do use it every other night.. specially when I anticipate pain on next day.
I rated it as 4 because it is a bit uncomfortable, but I guess that's the nature of the product. It is that or very bad pain.

Pros: Helped pain relief
Cons: Uncomfortable
Rating: 4 by
Good product. would recommend
Pros: It really eases morning heel pain
Cons: awkward taking off if have get up in night
Rating: 4 by Lilian
Sometimes the fit is not perfect, but overall very good product.
Rating: 2 by Barb
The item is great if your problem is in your right foot.

My left foot has the heel spur and the clips to fasten it are not within my reach so I wrenched my back trying to reach the outside of my foot to fasten the hooks.

This item should have diferent models for the left and right foot so the clips are on the inside of the foot within reach.

Very poorly designed item.
Pros: It helps if you can get it on
Cons: Need someone to put it on for me
Rating: 3 by james
Still working through a recalcitrant Plantar Fascitis.
Rating: 5 by Sean
Would recommend this splint to anyone. A little hard to get used to in the first few days, but once over that hump has proven itself to be *very* helpful after only a few weeks of use. Of course, may not work well for everyone, but an *excellent* value and well worth trying.
Rating: 4 by Lisa
I think this is a very good product.The pain in my foot has greatly reduced! What a miracle this is! There is only two things I would do to improve it. The straps come loose and should stay tight. It would also be better if you could walk in it. It is very hard to get on and off in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Trying not to wake your spouse in the process. Other than that I would recommend it to everyone! I go for weekly $10.00 laser treatments and this was worth the price as it will save me money on treatments in the long run.
Pros: pain has reduced greatly, not too uncomfortable
Cons: straps come loose every night
Rating: 5 by JW
I only bought a night splint after reading it could help me recover from plantar fasciitis. I love to play soccer and at 40, my body does not heal very quick, and I do not like to be out of soccer for long. This product helped reduce the pain I had in the morning, as well as most of the day. It took a lot of getting use to, foot fell asleep which woke me up, etc. I found that you do not have to have it very tight for it to work properly. It took me a week to realize this, I almost gave up. I was doing very well, but I went back to playing soccer too early and ruptured my plantar tendon....yep, it popped! This took a lot of the tension off my plantar tendon, but the splint is now helping me recover from this serious injury. I have 8 weeks to go....but should be good as new when I am done!
Cons: Getting used to it...takes time, but worth it!
Rating: 4 by
Great splint. It seemed to help from the first night I used it.
Rating: 5 by Daniel
It does the job for me. The foot is finally recovering. Still a bit "annoying" for sleeping but after tweaking the strap adjustment I sleep better.
Rating: 5 by Judy
Surprisingly comfortable!
Rating: 3 by margaret
Valcroe strap securing ankle into heel of brace should be softer and needs a better way to STAY secure without slipping, sole of brace should be contoured to fit sole of foot instead of being a convex tube shape - I had to install own arch support to stop it aggravating the heel and metatarsals and to allow the arch to take some of the pressure. Overall it was comfortable enough to sleep and seemed to contribute partly to the recovery of achilles and plantar fascia problems along with other measures I have taken.
Rating: 5 by Jennifer
I was skeptical about buying any kind of night splint. I'm an avid athlete and work out once if not twice daily. After 7 months of PF, I was desperate to try something. The first night I wore it, I woke up several times b/c it was uncomfortable. Surprisingly,when I woke up that 1st morning, I felt instant relief. I could actually walk right away! Usually I limp for about 5 minutes every morning. By the 3rd night, I was totally used to the splint and so happy I found something that relieves my pain - even if it's temporary. I'm so hooked on it I even take it on vacations. It hasn't cured my PF, but I didn't expect it to. I'm now going to physical therapy and streching/icing very often. I'll continue to use it until I feel no more signs of PF. It'll probably take me longer to heal than others b/c I still do high impact sports. I do recommend it - worked for me.
Rating: 4 by kathy
worn consistently definitely helps alleviate pain associated with plantars fashiitis. Downside like most nite braces that work is the brace material is very warm, although this one has the least material.
Pros: works
Cons: hot
Rating: 5 by Monica
I had had severe plantar faccitus for a yr
and I was interested in a more drug free healing experience.

I used the night splint just one night and noticed a lessening of pain. At first I was wondering how I was going to sleep with this thing but I slept well, even on my stomache. I also have Parkinson's Disease and turning over in bed is challenge sometimes but the splint slid around on the sheets fine. Using the night splint, constant calve and toe stretching,lots of ice, proper shoes and staying off my foot did the trick. The pain is gone now. I am able to walk one hour daily now. I don't recall exactly how long it took for it to completely go away but I'd say about 8 months..If it took a yr to become that painful, I figured it would take as long to heal. I resolved to be patient with my body. I stopped wearing the night splint after 3 months. I swear by the night splint! It's a long healing process but worth it. Each person heals differently. I am 55 yrs old.
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Difficulty fastening bottom strap
Rating: 4 by Denise
Very effective at relieving pain when get up from night's sleep. It does not cure plantar fasciitis, but lessens the pain when wear to bed or when just sitting watching t.v.
Rating: 5 by Franklin
I received the Splint in 2 days! Thanks Scott. Fast response is important when you have pain. I have a size 13 foot, and the Large size fits. The splint is lightweight and appears to be good construction. Straps are easy to adjust, and the snap-buckles allow for quick removal if you get up during the night. They also make it easy to put back on. I compared this splint to others on the market, and I think this unit has advantages over other designs.
Rating: 5 by Danica
This splint, in combination with an ankle brace (with an arch wrap) I wear sometimes during the day, has helped reduce my PF symptoms dramatically. The splint isn't the world's most comfortable device-- I tend to take it off in my sleep half waythrough the night-- but its help in healing me gently, without pain or side effects, is undisputable. The gentle stretch it gives has been much, much more helpful than all the vigorous stretching exercises recommended to me.
Rating: 4 by Dan
I have had great success with this splint and it is easy to wear in bed. The middle strap can be difficult to adjust because it is too narrow to have tight but also works loose during the night.
All in all this is an excellent way to solve my plantar facsiitis problem. It's usually comfortable enough to wear all night long.
Pros: Lightweight and easy to put on and take off
Cons: Narrow straps
Rating: 5 by Ola
Works great on stretching the plantar fascia. I highly recommend this
product to anyone with plantar fasciitis. If I were to improve this
product, I would make it more comfortable to
sleep with.

If you sleep on your back: Rating=5
If you sleep on your stomach: Rating=5
If you sleep on your side: Rating=2. Product lacks padding on the
outside, so the leg that's free, kind of grinds against the "sharp"
edges of the night splint.

For me this is no problem because I put some pipe-insulation on the
outside, but for non-handy people, sleeping on the side, I think this
might be a problem.

Given the right padding on the outside I would rate this night splint: 5
Rating: 5 by scott
Rating: 3 by Jackie
Sorry, It was very uncomfortable. Maybe I didn't get right size. Would have been nice to have someone local to help fit me.
My Dr. gave me your web site.
I thought the concept was great. Could not get it to stop moving around on me.
Rating: 3 by Deb
I found the night splint useful to relieve pain, but it took several nights before I could sleep while wearing it. Also, I have found that it merely calms my symptoms, but is not healing my foot. I think the company would do better to combine stretching exercises with their night splints.
Rating: 5 by Denise
Helped me out quickly. Fairly comfortable.
Tried shoe inserts and taping first. These provided some relief.
Still use the shoe inserts. I am able to walk & run without pain.
Highly recommend.
Cons: none
Rating: 1 by Mint
At first I thought it was a good idea but it did not stretch my foot enough. I don't know if there is anything that really helps the condition. I have tried them all.
Cons: Bulky and uncomfortable
Rating: 4 by gene
great product have recommeded to friends who have heel spurs
Pros: easy to use very comfortable
Cons: noisy when strapping up
Rating: 5 by Brenda
This is a great product. Within no time I was back on my feet without pain. I couldn't sleep in it so I used it in the evening while I was watching TV. Spending just a little time in it every night was the best thing I could have done!
Rating: 4 by jtd
this device worked. it was worth the money, without a doubt. My heelspurs are nearly gone, and now very manageable. the splint was probably the biggest single factor in my recovery.
Pros: it worked
Cons: i got a size too big
Rating: 3 by Victoria
It took me a week of nights to finally get comfortable. I was unable to keep it on for the full night until about the fifth night.
I have found that it made a big difference with the first few steps in the morning, very little pain! I am getting comfortable with it now, and will be wearing it all night.
Thanks so much, Victoria.
Pros: effective
Cons: too large and hard to get used to
Rating: 5 by DAVE
Rating: 3 by kevin
this product does help some but is not a miracle cure, my experience
is that it worked best without adjusting the straps to much i.e. leave at 90 degree angle. my situation is unique in that my ankle does not flex at all due to a severe fractures of both sides of the ankle, so
it might really work better for someone with a "normal" ankle.
Rating: 5 by Marcia
Having suffered from feet problems for many years, and had 3 different pairs of orthotics, injections into my feet, plus a variety of other thing that I tried, the only things that worked for me were the stretching and taping this web site provided. No matter what I did though, being on my feet for more than 3 hours, I would start to feel discomfort.

I was very skeptical about buying the heels spints, but finally broke down and bought them. I find them impossible to sleep in. For two weeks I wore them for 2 hours each day and found that my foot problems went away. For the first time in years I could walk on the beach every day for as long as I wanted. Now I wear them three times a week for an hour. Thanks
Rating: 4 by Kathy
I am still finding it difficult to sleep with the splint on (after several weeks). I put it on when I go to bed but usually wake up after several hours, take it off and go back to sleep. As a result, my foot is still somewhat stiff in the mornings. The morning after nights during which I can sleep right through, it is less stiff.
Rating: 5 by
Comfortable, but I can't tell that it is making any difference in my heel pain. Sometimes I forget to put it on, so perhaps the fault is in my inconsistent use.
Rating: 5 by Prefer no name
Ordered the night splint in desperation as my plantar fasciitis and bone spur were keeping me in contstant pain. My entire foot hurt and walking was becoming impossible even with heel cups. After 5 days of using the splint and Prostep insoles my foot was 50 percent better and 2 weeks later I am pain free all day even after walking 4 miles and working on a concrete floor. Am amazed.
Rating: 3 by Bob E.
I found that the size and rigidity of this product made it hard for me to fall asleep. Note that I did not use it for a long time, so maybe I would have gotten used to it.

I bought the "Cub" night splint instead and I love that splint.
Rating: 5 by Fitz
I was almost unable to walk and was searching the web when I found the add for night splints. My wife thought it was to much money for what she seen as a hunk of plastic. I purchashed one and in a month my pain was gone. That was five months ago. I keep the night splint beside the bed just in case, have had no problems since using it. I would spend $500.00 knowing what I know now.
Pros: It works
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Amanda
Heya there My name is Amanda... I’ve been in pain with plantar Fasciitis and very bad heel spur's for about 2 yrs... I purchased the recommended night splint about 3 months ago and I just love it...Granted that some people have said in their reviews it does take a few nights to get used to while sleeping and it’s a bit tricky to put on (which I had no problems with) but please people please just persist as it is so worth your while...I was that bad before this splint that I would crawl down my hall way first thing in the morning to wake my kids for school rather than the pain of walking on my foot but now oh my god with this night splint I leap out of bed...(no pain) it’s amazing thanks so so much Scott for all your help this web site rock's... I also bought the power step shoe insoles and the Foot Stretch I find tho still that if im flat out and busy and on my feet all day it still does hurt and i know it's still there but it's improved 3/4 of the way there in 3 months so i'll keep it up...all in all (5 plus) star rating for all the product's im one very happy customer and I will be back... Oh also just to add my Son is 10yrs old and he has sever flat feet no arch at all he has special orthotics in his shoes which cost me $460.00 AUD and he has had more success with the power step insoles for less than $40.00 AUD im very very happy all round... cheer's thanks for reading have a great day Amanda...
Pros: I can't fault it...It does exactly what it say's..
Rating: 5 by Jackie
I tried almost everything and this was the only thing that helped me with my Plantar Fascitis. I used to dread getting up in the morning and now, after 4 months using this, don't even worry about it. And the pain I have throughout the day is lessened significantly as well.
Rating: 4 by Adam
This is the first night splint I've tried, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But it does the job for me. It fits well and keeps my ankle at 90 degrees without feeling uncomfortable. I was actually surprised at how comfortable it is. I wear it with a sock so as not to stink the thing up, and it hasn't felt too hot or anything like that. I haven't tried it angled past 90 degrees or with the toe thing, so I can't comment on that. The only negative I've encountered is that if I tighten the straps really snug they can slip a little bit because they're made of a somewhat slippery fabric. But this has only happened when I've moved around a lot and it has never loosened to the point where it was not effective. Overall a good product that I would recommend, especially for the price.
Rating: 5 by kevin
worth the money, I can walk in the am with no pain. I only use it when I'm having a bad day with heel pain.
Pros: lets walk in the am without any pain
Cons: kind of bulky
Rating: 4 by JOEY
I truely believe this night splint is the best for the money. Do not over tighten or try to do too much in one nght. I'm sure the more money you spend the more comfortable the braces are but this one will do the job.
Rating: 4 by BILL
The night splint is effective. It is too heavy to sleep with thru the night. I ended up using it about two hours in the evening while watching TV. It relieved my pain within a couple of weeks. I would suggest trying it.
Pros: Works quickly and if very effective.
Cons: Too heavy to sleep in.
Rating: 3 by Jim
The splint has significantly helped my heal problem, however the width at the ball of my foot is too narrow and makes the brace rather uncomfortable.
Rating: 5 by Ann
The night splint really works!!! I did have a hard time sleeping with it so I only used it at night after dinner for a few hours every night. I no longer have any pain in my foot, after using the splint for a few months.
Pros: It really works!!!!!!
Cons: I had a hard time sleeping with it
Rating: 5 by Florence
It was difficult to sleep in the first few nights. I'd take it off in the middle of the night so I could sleep. But after 3 or 4 nights, I slept fine. It was well worth the trouble because even the first morning I could get out of bed without the terrible pain. Each day has gotten better. I have also found that if I am sitting down for an extended time, I can put it on and feel great when I have to start walking again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Rating: 4 by Maria
I would give this the highest recommendation, but I have not tried other splints, so I can't really compare. In price, however, it compares incredibly well to the $250 splint my doctor recommended. It took several nights to get used to wearing it, but I really noticed a difference almost immediately. Sometimes I still take it off in the middle of the night, but even using it for PART of the night seems to make a difference with my plantar fascitis. One night I forgot to put it on, and the next morning I was in pain again. Thank you for offering this product.
Rating: 5 by Akkusib
A better nightsplint than I had previously. Would recommend to others.
Rating: 4 by Valerie
It's good but not perfect. It's not the most comfortable thing and I usually end up taking it off at some point in the middle of the night. But I think it helps.
Rating: 2 by tom
I am unable to keep it on more than a few hours,due to the straps binding and being very uncomfortable to wear for very long.
Rating: 5 by Victor
I used the splint for about 3 weeks and I have not had any pain. For me this product was great. I hope other have the same success.
Pros: Comfortable - Well made
Rating: 5 by
The Night Splint helped a lot, in the mornings when I first got out of bed, the minute I would put my feet on the floor I would feel a sever pain in the bottom of my foot but ever since I've been wearing the Night Splint the pain is gone.
You need to wear it 2 to 3 weeks to notice it.
I recommended highly
Thank you so much.
Rating: 3 by rock
I probably wouldn't buy this again. I have another one from you that I love. It's just one light plastic curved strip that goes on the top of your leg into a velcro stirrup. Much light and more comfortable.
Pros: adjustable splint
Cons: bulky, not that comfortable
Rating: 5 by Shauna
The splint is actually pretty comfortable, and not as bad as I thought to sleep in.
Rating: 3 by Mary
I think the basic idea is great. It does help, but it does require some getting use to. I think the sizing is wrong. With adjustable straps I think you should order a size larger where your foot would have more room to relax. All that said, the only real problem is that the straps should be able to snap on the inside of the foot; so there should be a right or left choice. With my age and arthritis putting this on my left foot is very difficult.
So the bottom line to me is, I should have order the next size up and that after a couple of nights getting use to it, I sleep fine. Most important, when I get up in the morning I can walk with out a cane or assisstance.
Rating: 1 by F.J.
It was a waste. It is hard to use, uncomfortable to sleep in and did nothing. Oh well. It was still less than one doctor's appt.
Rating: 3 by Ruth
I have a particularly bad case of plantar fasciitis and so far the splint has only provided minor relief.
Rating: 4 by pat
My condition has gotten better, but I'm not cured yet. I have less pain in the morning, but it has not gone away completely. The directions for the splint could be better. I also purchased pads for my shoes, which seem to be helping alot. I have a lot less pain when I walk with the pads.
Pros: it seems to be helping, but I'm not cured yet
Cons: a little hard to put on
Rating: 4 by
This night boot has helped ease my heal pain. I wish I can say that it has eliminated it but even after the first night I woke up and didn't limp out of bed. I wish they had a right and left boot because I need it on the left foot and the buckles are on the left side. It is a little cumbersome to reach around and buckle it but I have managed. I called several orthotic supply places and was quoted $135 for a night boot and only with a Rx. They assured me my insurance would cover the bill. I told them I didn't have insurance and would not be filling but they don't operate in that mentality. Glad to have Healspur.com around. The boot is priced well for what it is and it seems to be made well enough to last for a while. I would recommend it but have no other boot to compair it to.
Rating: 2 by zeida
I have tried 3 of your night splints.
My favorite is the cub. But it is made with cheap velcro so after a while it does not work. I have to get a new pair periodically. But my feet are happiest with the cub.
Rating: 4 by gary
I bought this and the arch supports to deal with the heel spur pain in my right foot. I wore it faithfully every night and after about 3-4 months all the pain went away and I have not used it since. I think it took at laest a week before I started noticing any improvement. I do still wear the arch supports in the shoes I wear most often to keep my feet pain free. It is a little cumbersome but not too bad. I was able to sleep fine with the boot on.
Rating: 4 by David
I bought the night splint and insoles at the same time, so I can't really assess which one is helping the most. However, my foot doesn't hurt nearly as much as in the past. I do remember waking up the first morning after I used it hoping that I would feel no pain, but my results have been slower than that. Even though that hasn't been my experiencing, my calf muscle hurts less than it previously did. I would recommend the insoles and this product together.
Pros: Stretches calf at night, doesn't snag sheets
Cons: Hard to "anchor" heel in the boot
Rating: 4 by David
I walk constantly at work on tile/concete floors. My feet hurt every evening. During the evening it takes several steps to get started walking from my chair before I can walk easier. I wear the splint at night. In the morning I have very little problem getting started walking. The splint is a real help.
Rating: 5 by Donna
I suffered for months with plantar fasciitis, going to podiatrists who gave me orthotics, steroid shots, a round of a powerful drug, foot exercises, wrapping my foot and using other splints they recommended-none of that worked or eased the pain at all After spending time in the Recommended Night Splint either sitting at my desk or sleeping with it on I have relief for several days in a row no matter how much I walk. It just plan to wear it whenever I am sitting stil or sleeping as a prevenative measue.
Rating: 3 by BDO
Difficult to sleep with a splint (most any splint for that matter) as the splint will always add discomfort to your non-splinted foot (unless of course you sleep directly on your back with neither feet touching each other. If I need another in the future, I will try the lowest profile available. On a positive note, you can still walk to the fridge at midnight with this on as long as you are careful.
Pros: Price for Value
Cons: Difficult to wear all night; circulation
Rating: 5 by Rhondaworld
I would highly recommend this product. It eliminated the morning pain associated with heel spurs and also it help my injury heal a lot faster. It's ackward when you sleep, but you get use to it and it's worth the relief you receive.
Pros: Eliminate morning pain associated with heel spurs
Cons: Ackward for sleeping
Rating: 5 by jim

Pros: price
Rating: 4 by j
These are more comfortable than the sock type night split my doctor gave me. They are light and reasonable to sleep in. They look scarier than they actually are. They don't, however, provide a very good foot stretch. It seems they are designed more for just keeping your foot bent than actually putting tension on the foot. I find the straps over the top of the foot need to be loose as to not cause pain or swelling of the top of the foot. This in turn means the foot is not seated in the heel portion of the boot as mush as I would want. That being said, when I wake in the morning the pain is much better than the night before - not true without the splits... so I know there is progress.
Rating: 3 by Mike
This splint did seem to have a beneficial effect for relieving the morning soreness from my plantar fasciitis, unfortunately I did not get to use it for long - the velco strap used to adjust the tension is very
flimsy and weak, it is attached using a rivet which is inadequate for
proper fastening - mine broke after about 2 weeks use.
Rating: 1 by Lisa
This night splint was basically worthless to me. I only wore it a few times. In order to get my foot and calf in the right position to stretch the muscles, the straps have to be adjusted so tightly they cut off circulation and are very uncomfortable. I could never wear it for an entire night, a few minutes was the maximum before it became too uncomfortable, and even on very tight and uncomfortable it did not stretch my muscles or help my plantar fasciitis nearly as much as just manually stretching. But I'm still suffering from PF just about as badly as since it started, sure wish it would go away so I could run again. :(
Pros: not too expensive
Cons: waste of money
Rating: 5 by Jan
I have only used it for 2 nights but my foot feels so much better when I wake up in the morning. IT's easy to use this night split and I really have no problem sleeping with it. Seems well made and is easy to adjust.
Rating: 3 by
I am ok with the night splint. I have had very painful P.F. for the last year and have been unable to ease the pain. The first few times I wore the night splint I noticed marked improvement but now, although the pain seems to ease a little overnight, it has not gone away. I am able to sleep with the splint but I wouldn't call it comfortable. I will continue to use it but I am hoping something REALLY wonderful will hit the market soon.
Rating: 5 by Rae
The night splint has helped more than anything else I think. It is comfortable enough to not bother me when I'm sleeping and wearing it every night has really reduced the pain in my heel. My first step out of bed is no longer painful. I think it is helping my foot heal slowly but surely.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is suffering from heel pain.
Rating: 4 by kjaba
This product is not designed for the female foot. It is so wide that the straps must be tightened snuggly which can cause toes to go numb. I would not recommend to women with average or small width feet.
Pros: with enough padding gives good stretch
Cons: to wide for womens feet, lets foot slide sideways
Rating: 5 by Gayle
I have had plantar fascitis off and on for years, with treatment including shots, exercises, custom made arch supports, etc. The splint really made a difference. Sometimes I needed to take it off in the middle of the night because I also have arthritis and needed to move my ankle for a while to relieve aching in the joint. I am also sensitive to pressure on my toes. The splint kept the bed covers from pressing on my toes. I think it is a great product and easy to use.
Pros: It took time but it cured my plantar fascitis.
Rating: 4 by Laurie
It definitely works!
Rating: 1 by Tom
Has not helped my foot, but then no other remedy has helped either.
Pros: Feels good when first put on.
Cons: Irritates the sole of the foot
Rating: 1 by
Much to large and stiff to sleep in.
Rating: 3 by Matt
Works if you can get used to it.
Pros: Works well if you can get used to sleeping with it
Cons: Foot falls asleep at times, Hard to sleep with.
Rating: 4 by Steve
So far so good, my only problem is having to buckle and unbuckle when going to the bathroom. It is somewhat cumbersome but ont unbearable.
Rating: 4 by Michele
This night splint is very comfortable and really helps my plantar fascitis.
Rating: 5 by Gary
This thing is amazing. It really works. It has made my plantar fasciitis condition virtually a non issue. I highly recommend this if you suffer through a significant amount of heel pain.
Pros: Lightweight, Easy to Fit, Easy to Sleep With
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Francis
Nothing seemed to be helping relieve the pain from my plantar faciatis, until I tried the splint. I noticed less pain the first morning I woke up after having worn the splint to bed. Yes, it did take a little getting used to sleeping with it on, but you adjust to it in a few days.
Rating: 5 by David
I was very dubious about using something that looked like I have ankle braces. A friend stated I look like someone with Polio. I used it one night on one foot. When I woke up in the morning, the foot that had the night splint had no pain from heel spurs and the other foot without the night splint was painful as soon as I put my weight on it. The only problem is I did not purchase two. They do not come as a pair. You have to purchase two. This night splint is the best help for me currently. I thought I had to live with the pain. I thought a simple operation would get rid of the spurs. You do not want any doctor to cut open your foot. They could grow back. I am impressed with this simple product that helped me a lot. Remember, they do not come as a pair. Buy two. It is worth it.
Rating: 5 by Jill
Wonderful splint. I noticed improvement in about a week, and was walking great 3 weeks later. I am a runner and a walker & was quite upset when I could barely walk.

I knew a few people with a planter injury and their doctor put them in a splint similar to yours. I decided to try yours and was very pleased. I would recommend this splint to anyone with a planters injury.

Rating: 4 by Trudy
This is the first set of night splints I've owned, so I don't have a prior experience for comparison. However, they get the job done. They were easy to use and comfortable (as comfortable as I can imagine a night splint). It took a couple of days to acclimate to sleeping in them, but it's second nature now. I find that my legs are stretched and ready to go in the morning. The only problem I've had is a small one - the straps will loosen slightly during use, but they still do the job. These splints have helped considerably with my plantar fasciitis. I would recommend them to a friend.
Rating: 5 by Joyce
I was on the size boundary and I should have ordered down rather than up.
I have seen improvement in less than a week's use! Worth the slight adjustment in sleeping position and annoyance of bed partner.
Pros: Lightweight
Rating: 2 by Sherry
Awkward to put on with strap connections on the side; Limited results; Cannot wear it to bed as it interrupts sleep and gets tangled in sheets....very disappointed.
Rating: 1 by Martin
This splint broke after 3 weeks of using it at night. The main supporting side straps are held in by just a rivet, rather than with the buckle loops or whatever they're called in the HealWell splint, for example. The strap one one side broke right at the rivet.
However - during those 3 weeks until it broke the splint worked very well and I got relief from my PF after the very first night. Night splint work! So just find one that you can live with and use it as much as possible. I bought the HealWell instead and it works fine. I haven't tried any of the others on offer here.

[ Response from heelspurs.com: less than 1% of the recommended splints have broken in this manner. We're working with the manufacturer to fix this. So far, this splint has had a return rate even lower than the HealWell. - Scott]
Rating: 5 by Dosi
I had been suffering from acute heespur pain for 3 months. I got 2 cortisone injections, ultrasound, and PT with no results. I purchased this night splint and received it in 2 days. The very first night I used, I noticed an improvement in pain, although I felt uncomfortable during the night because I closed I too tighly. The 2nd. night I did not close it so thight and was able to sleep well and woke up very relieved. I have used it for one week now, combined with LED light therapy and it worked better than any other therpay I had. I would highly recommend this splint.
Rating: 5 by Joan
This is so much better than the night splint my orthopedist provided. I've used this product one night, and for the first time I really believe that my plantar fasciitis will heal. I'm going to suggest that my orthopedist change brands!
Rating: 4 by KHH
The splint was very uncomfortable at first. It took a few weeks before I could wear them the whole night. I started wearing them for a few hours and then increased it. They immediately took away the morning pain. I'm still suffering from PF but I have started to run a few miles after being off for six months. I don't think I could run before I used the splint and started stretching. The straps are a bit tough to get to as well (too far to the left). All in all, I am pretty happy with this splint and the results I am getting.
Pros: It works. No more pain in the AM.
Cons: The straps are a bit flimsy.
Rating: 4 by Rich
Pros: Helped my foot a great deal.
Easy to put on.
I would recommend trying it.
Cons: Bulky while sleeping .
Rating: 1 by Christine
I wore it for two possibly three times. It was never a good fit,
it was cumbersome and not really comfort friendly.If you have to get up at and walk... like to the bathroom, you need to take it off,because your not supposed to walk on it.I also bought the powerstep insole and invested in some tie, steel shank,deep fit shoes which has made all the difference in the world.The powersteps are great!
Rating: 5 by Fritz
The splint fits correctly to provide constant gentle stretch. I wish I had found it before trying three other brands.
Rating: 2 by
It didn't fit right and it was very hard to sleep with. I use tape bought from this site which i highly recommend, as well as using hot water and coldpacks. I've also tried someones recommendation to freeze a water bottle and roll it under my foot which worked pretty well too.The best results ahve just been from the tape, but be careful taking off the tape. Skin rippage is not fun.
Rating: 4 by Chris
Excellent product for the price; I sleep with two and became comfortable within the first two days. You can definitely walk in them if absolutely necessary.
Pros: Light; comfortable; very reasonable cost
Cons: Frequent strap adjustment; foam splits
Rating: 5 by Jonas
I had tried two other nightime brace designs previously. One was mediocre and the other was an extremely poor design. In contrast, the Recommended Night Splint is a fabulous design. It is easy to put on and take off, and it doesn't bother me nearly as much as the other two designs did during the night.

I cannot speak to the effectiveness of using any kind of overnight brace. That's because over the few months, during which I treated my plantar fasciitis I took multiple therapeutic measures, with the Recommended Night Splint just being one of them.

In my particular case, my feeling was that the single most effective therapeutic measure was that of taping my foot, as my physical therapist had recommended. I emphasize that my case may be special, because I am an aerobics instructor who teaches vigorous, mostly high-impact aerobics. It is clear that my plantar fasciitis is a result of the high impact, and not of normal everyday activities. Taping my foot immediately before an aerobics class would take some of the stress off my plantar fascia and would make a noticable difference.
Rating: 5 by Clif
The splint does its job well! Very utilitarian design - I like it! Straps sometimes slip in the night - I notice they are often much looser in the morning. Padding on straps could be a little thicker and fixed so as not so slide down strap. My biggest complaint is the finish of the plastic - it has sharp edges that will scrape your hide off. I keep meaning to get some sandpaper and give the edges a good sanding. I am reminded of having forgotten to do this most every night!

You should sell replacement pads as I can imagine this thing will get nasty with time.
Pros: Does what it's supposed to and very adjustable
Cons: Sharp edges creates lots of complaints in bed.
Rating: 4 by Lynn
It works, but it takes some time and it's not the most comfortable thing to sleep in. But it does offer some relief immediately, and additional relief gradually.
Rating: 4 by
I have had heel bursitis for several years and wearing the boot at night has made me much more comfortable in the morning. I think my condition is finally starting to resolve after using the boot for a month. It's cumbersome but, to my surprise has not interfered with my sleep.
Rating: 4 by trish
It looks like it would work. However, I spent much time doing stretches and icing my arch, that I never really used it.
Rating: 4 by jeannie
I think if I could have kept this on all night it would have definately helped my foot,but I just kept taking it off after a few hours. I would go ahead and say "try it" to someone who can't get relief any other way but just be ready to set your mind to wearing it the right way. I just couln't do it myself.
Rating: 5 by Paul
One of the only thngs that actually helps bad PF. Sometimes the straps wake me up at nite cause they have to be fairly tight to keep the foot where it's supposed to be. But worn consistently (that's every nite) it does help.
Pros: light
Cons: straps get tight
Rating: 4 by Mark
Well, I'm conflicted about how I feel about this night splint. It's very well constructed, and comfortable to wear. And I haven't found anything better out there.

That said, I can't see sleeping with it on. If you sleep on your back, no problem. But if you sleep on your side like me, this thing is quite bulky and does not feel comfortable next to my other leg. Maybe I'd eventually get used to it...
Rating: 5 by Don
I have had heel pain for a year. I tried all the shoe inserts, which helped some what. After a couple of nights the pain was getting less. After a month its gone. Eight years ago I was given Vioex for the same problem which did no good. A great product, THANKS
Pros: I wish I had this 10 yrs. ago.
Rating: 4 by Rob
Poorly made, silly contraption, I don't even understand how it works. After ordering one, I looked at it every night for a month until the pain made me try it. The first few nights it was so uncomfortable. But I stayed with it because night braces had worked so well eliminating wrist pain. Then after just a few nights, the silly thing began to work. Now months later, it works so well that it has relieved 90 percent of my foot pain. After years of off-and-on heel spur pain that at times put tears in my eyes, this silly contraption works for me. Many days I have no pain, as long as I don't miss a single night wearing it. I still remember the painful foot injections that only worked for a month. Why didn't a doctor or a foot doctor tell me about this device? I would give the product a 5 if it was better made.
Rating: 5 by Carol
I bought the night splint for my son, who is quite an athlete. He was having tremendous pain and was having to limit his activities. Happy to say, I found your website and bought the night splint. It was delivered to my house in record time and it has helped my son continue with his sports. This was a few months ago. He wears the night splint a few nights a week now - only needs it when he has overdone his activities!
Rating: 5 by Josh
I bought a pair of these splints and have been using them for the past two months for morning heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Before the splints, I would point my feet when I slept and when I got out of bed I had searing pain in both of my arches. At first I could only wear the splints for a few hours before I had numbness from the middle strap, but the padding and proper adjustment/break-in make a huge difference. Getting your heel seated well into the angle is the trick before adjusting the middle strap. The buckles hold tight and are easy to remove. Putting the splints on is easier for me if I lay in bed with my legs straight on the bed. I don't wear them every night, but when I do I have almost no pain in the morning. I haven't needed to ice my arches unless I don't wear them for a week or more. A few people have poked fun at my "space-boots" if they see them sitting out, but I will recommend them to anyone.
Rating: 5 by Pat
This splint has made a big positive difference. When my foot is sore it is a great relief to strap it on, even for a nap, and wake up feeling better. The clips are on the left side and it's my left foot that is sore, so it's a bit of a challenge to get it off quickly when I wake up and have to go to the bathroom. Just realized that's because I sleep in an adjustable bed and it's not flat, so I can't just sit on the side of the bed and undo it. Have to take it off laying down and climb out of the valley. No problem putting it on sitting on the side of the bed before I unflatten the bed!
Pros: It works!
Cons: Hard to get it off on left foot.
Rating: 4 by Jean
The night splints helped with the pain but they are uncomfortable to wear in bed, because of that I don't wear them every night and they are not working as well as they could. I like that they have the rubber on the bottom for quick sprints to the bathroom or telephone.
Rating: 5 by Patty
I purchased this night splint several months ago and it has really helped my heal pain. No more pain when getting up in the morning and trying to walk. I would recommend this splint to anyone.
Pros: This product is really comfortable
Rating: 4 by Joe D.
Pretty good product...temporarily relieves me off my pain...not the products fault that my condition comes back sometimes....I have to walk about ten blocks for class in NYC so I still have problems with my foot....if I wear this at night, pain is NOT there in the morning...keeps foot in place unlike other braces I've tried!!!
Rating: 4 by Lee
Holds foot steady and I find that my heel pain has been significantly reduced after wearing it all night. I find it difficult to fasten the middle strap and wish you could improve it. Maybe by having the connectors in the middle instead of in the back. Also the support under the heel and instep area could be improved so I could leave it on while using the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Rating: 1 by Debbie
I didn't see that it helped very much. I was not able to wear it at night because it prevented sleep and that was not helpful. I wore it for a while during time when I was sitting in the evening and it helped some then.

No reason not to try it -- I did -- I'm glad I tried it. I'm willing to try anything that I think might help!
Rating: 5 by Sandy
The splint definitely helped me. I used it a lot just watching T.V. at night and then to sleep in with a thick sock under it. It really helped to stretch my calf and foot. I also bought the insoles and put them in shoes and outdoor muckboots that I wear a lot. I no longer need the splint, but I keep it handy just in case I should need it. The insoles are so comfortable that I plan to order more for other shoes. I wish they had them for sandals!
Rating: 4 by Jana
I ordered a few night splints and returned a few because they were too bulky, not supportive etc. The Cub worked out best because it's light, it's a bit stylish even, it doesn't give you the ultimate stretch, but it does the job and it's not bulky and cumbersome.
Rating: 5 by rainforesthiker
Great way to stretch your calf muscle; cure for plantar fasciitis and shin splints.
Rating: 4 by Johanne
I have been suffering with a really bad case of plantar fasciitis for about two years now. I have it in both feet, but the pain in the left foot is much worse. After doing quite a bit of research on possible cures, or at least relief from the pain, I came across several articles recommending night splints. I decided to try one and am really glad I did. I use mine whenever I get really bad shooting pains in the left foot and it does help quite a bit. I'll leave it on for about an hour and it relieves the soreness. I also sleep with it on, but not always. It wasn't very hard to get used to it. It's well made and quite comfortable. I know I'm not supposed to walk on it, but if I have to get up in the middle of the night, I don't take it off. I am careful to put most of my weight on the other foot. I realize that it's not a "cure all", but it certainly helps. If you do a bit of research on the Internet, you will find that heelspurs.com has really good prices. I received my shipment promptly and was quite pleased with my shopping experience with them. Also, make sure you do you stretching excercises and massage the bottom of your feet every day.
Rating: 4 by Raenell
I have been using it for about 2 weeks now & have found some relief, although my doctor said recovery from Plantar Fascitis takes 9-12 months. I will need to give it more time.
Rating: 4 by Ron
Good for the price. Only holds the foot in a flexed position with the one strap over the ankle. Can be uncomfortable. This is the only night splint that I have used. When I wake in the morning I can walk without pain.
Rating: 3 by flyonthewall
I tried these, and while they worked a little to relieve my heel pain, I had to stop using them after only a couple of weeks. After only a few hours in the things (and no matter how I adjusted the straps or inserted/removed the foam wedge) my toes would grow numb. Since I'd never had that problem before, it kind of worried me, and I stopped wearing the splints. Also, I tend to get up to use the bathroom at least once a night, and it was really inconvenient to take off both splints and put them back on each time. The few nights when I managed to keep the splints on all night, I did feel less pain in my heels upon waking, but it returned later in the day. I finally got a lot of relief by purchasing some Smartfeet insoles for my work shoes, which reduced my pain by about 80%. The splints could very well work for someone else, but I couldn't keep them on long enough to have any real effect.

Pros: helped a little
Cons: hard to keep wearing
Rating: 4 by Reta
I have rated this product because they made me, but as yet I have not used it long enough to know if I will benefit or not. However, I would like to comment at this point.

I find it to be comfortable and well made. Sleeping in it is not like sleeping without it, but I'm serious about trying to change my pain level and so I do sleep with it on - after all, if I'd broken my leg and had a cast I'd be sleeping in the cast, right?

However, that said, here's the only thing I don't like about the product. My pain is in my left foot. That puts the three fasteners on the outside. The fasteners snap together easily, but the lower two are hard to reach (maybe if I was younger??, and didn't have arthritis in my thumb it would be easier??). I wish they were on the other side, which would put them front and center.

The solution, I've discovered, is to NOT unsnap the fasteners (somewhat of a struggle), but to slide the straps open far enough to slip your foot in and then re-tighten. A better solution would be to be able to order the splint for either the left foot designed with the fasteners in the center, or the right foot with the fasteners in the center. (Hint, hint.)

I'll update as to results in the future.
Rating: 5 by Julie
I love this! I've had pf for several years but it became seriously painful 6 months ago (could barely walk let alone run). Went to the podiatrist and tried everything he recommended (stretching, ice, tape) with no gainful improvement. I finally got fed up and found this site. I bought the night splint and after the first night it felt like a miracle! I didn't hobble out of bed and didn't need to immediately stretch before my first step. I've used it nightly for a month and am now starting to run again. It does take a little while to get used to but the benefit far out weighs the little discomfort. As to the straps being too tight, loosen them up! I've found that they don't need to be restrictive to keep your foot at the proper angle for it to provide relief.
Rating: 5 by Jessica
I've been using the splint for about a week and I have felt a significant change in my feet.

It's fairly comfurtable. I sleep on my side, so I have to put a pillow between my leg to protect the lag with out the splint from the hard outter plastic.

I really think with continual use this will completely releive my pain.
Pros: It's working!!!
Cons: Cost- I need two, one for each foot
Rating: 4 by Fernando
This is my 2nd battle with Plantar Fasciitis. The first time ended with a trip to the doctor and some very painful cortisone shots in both feet. I vowed to stretch daily so that I would never go through that again. A year later, it came back on 1 foot and I decided to use other forms of treatment. I purchased this splint along with the stretcher and shoe inserts. In literally 2 weeks, my Plantar Fasciities was almost entirely gone. Since then, I still used the inserts daily and the stretcher at times, but no longer the splint. I am confident the splint helped, however, it did become uncomfortable at nights cutting off circulation. Having said that, I don't see how any other splints would be any better. Having to do it all over again, I would purchase the Splint again as the uncomfortable feeling after a few hours at night does not compare to the daily pain of having Plantar Fasciitis.
Rating: 3 by Phil
It works. I've not had heel pain in the morning after wearing the splint. However, I find the Powerstep Pinnacles more effective and seldom need to wear the splint after I've spent most of the day wearing the Powersteps. The splint is somewhat clumsey; the straps need frequent adjustment; and it is difficult to remove and replace the splint if you need to get up during the night. That said, I usually wear the splint after I've spent most of the day on my feet and thankfully my heel doesn't hurt when I get up in the morning.
Pros: They work. No heel pain in the AM after wearing.
Cons: Clumsey. Straps need frequent adjustment.
Rating: 3 by Dallas
It is almost impossible to sleep in. Very uncomfortable & hard to get situated in. I was able to weaer it better during the day when lounging around the house. Might be better if constructed from a more form fitting material.
Pros: Does a very good job stretching the calf muscle
Cons: awkward, uncomfortable to sleep in, too gawky
Rating: 5 by Royce
If you get up day after day with extreme pain in the bottom of your feet, like walking on glass, you think these splints were heaven sent. Within two days, the morning pain had been relieved by 85%. It took a few nights for the getting used to, but if you don't over tighten, the splints help greatly. Well made and to me well worth the price!!!!!

Pros: Relief Relief Relief
Cons: Would like the left to be buckled on the inside
Rating: 4 by Allen
In the last month, using the splint every night along with doing the recommended exercises every day has helped to reduce my plantar fascitis symptoms. The splint is easy to wear when you get used to it. In my opinion, it might be improved if it had a better cushion or shaped insert in the foot bed. I place a good insert in the splint before I put it on.
Pros: Is helping to relieve my symptoms
Cons: Uncomfortable without using insert
Rating: 5 by Val
This product made a difference the first night I wore it. It took some getting used to at first,...only wore it a couple hours the first night, but gradually,I increased the amount of time I was able to wear it ( it was awkward in bed when I'd roll over, and sometimes it made my foot numb,). Now I only need it occasionally if my heel spur is all flared up!
Pros: Reallyt made a difference in my pain!
Cons: Takes some getting used to...
Rating: 4 by Keri
I have had this splint for about 2 months now. I do not sleep in it everynight because it is a little uncomfortable. But I try to sleep in it 3-4 nights a week and also wear it while I am watching TV on the nights I dont sleep in it. I have had pain in my heel for 3+ years and could barely walk. I had surgery on my other foot for PF. I have found that the splint has helped greatly, I no longer experience pain in the morning when I first get up. I however am still experiencing some pain when I have been on my feet for several hours but it is nothing like it use to be. I would definitely recommend this splint. Yes, it is uncomfortable but compared to the pain I would buy it again to get the relief.
Rating: 4 by Teresa
I ordered the night splint mainly to help maintain better dorsiflexion during the night. I am a runner who has tight calves and I tend to sleep with my toes pointed. As a result, I have had problems with shin splints and very tight, sore calf muscles. I have been sleeping in the night splints for about 3 months. At first, they seemed very uncomfortable. I started the first couple of nights just wearing them for an hour or so before going to bed (while sitting and reading or watching TV). I had numb toes within 30 minutes. Then I started wearing them to bed. I would only make it about 2 hours before I woke up with numb toes and took them off. After awhile, however, I got used to them. I sleep with them every night now and usually don't wake up from the toe numbness. I also noticed that if I sleep with a pillow between my knees to keep them from resting uncomfortably, it helps. Additionally, I noticed that if make sure the strap that goes around my calf is very tight, as well as the one that goes over the toe-end of the foot, but keep the one that goes over the ankle a little bit looser, I don't have the problem with my toes going numb. I have noticed a big improvement in my calf flexibility.

As far as helping with plantar fasciitis pain, I have had problems with PF off-and-on for 3 years. The thing that has helped the most with that is to wear shoes with good arch supports during the day and never going barefoot. I have moderately high arches.
Pros: Inexpensive, simple design, easy to use.
Cons: Would be better with buckles on different sides.
Rating: 5 by Howie
I have just started using the night splint and find it is comfortable enough to sleep while on. I wake up in the morning and my heel pain is much less than it was a few weeks ago. I think it is a really good product as are all the products I have purchased from you. Thanks for the relief. Howie
Rating: 5 by Rob
I have been wearing a pair of these for about three weeks now, in conjunction with icing, stretching, and arch strengthening. My symptoms have started to decline in severity. It is impossible for me to say how much of this is due to the night splints, but subjectively they feel wonderful when I put them on. They are not at all as uncomfortable as they look, I got used to them in two nights. I slip a thin pillow in between my lower legs when I turn over onto my side so that I don't feel the plastic buckles. Already, this is automatic, I do it in my sleep. Bottom line: this is a cheap and easy fix that could yield major results.
Rating: 4 by Carmen
The splint really does help with my heel pain when I have a flair up. I like to wear the splint when just sitting i.e. watching TV or reading but have found I can't really sleep in it. I'll wear it for about the 1st hour or two when I go to bed if I'm really hurting but find I wake up and the ball of my foot has gone numb from the pressure of the splint. Overall I use it and it does help but I can't wear it all night.
Pros: Provides quick relief
Cons: Can't wear and sleep well
Rating: 4 by Tori
This was my first splint, so I have no basis for comparison. If you have never worn a splint before, it may take some time to get use to, so expect a few restless nights. Before using this device, I suffered from plantar fascitis for about four months and that was with the use of orthotics. Within the first week of using this splint, the pain was gone. That was two and a half months ago and I haven't had a flare up since. While I do not wear it nightly, I do use it for "maintenance", about 3 times a week. If you're reluctant to buy a splint because of the cost: I understand, I was ambivalent about that as well. I am a relatively active person (I work out 4 times a week) who works on my feet and the pain was affecting my quality of life, so I quickly got over the price issue. To anyone who is suffering from this problem, I would wholeheartedly recommend this splint to him/her.
Pros: Ease of use.
Cons: Comfort? Cost?
Rating: 5 by Mary Ann
Along with physical therapy, helped my husband with achilles tendonitis to the point that he no longer needs to wear the splint at night. He no longer jogs, but he's not in pain, and walks for exercise.

When my plantar faciitis is particulaly bothersome, I wear the splint at night. Next day, my foot is much better.
Rating: 5 by
This is the 3rd splint I have purchased including the one the doctor gave me which was not very good. I was forced to keep looking for one that gave me the correct flex for my plantar fashciitis. I can honestly say this one gives me even more than I can stand but since it is adjustable, that is not a problem. My foot kept slipping our of the others splints and would go back to a more relaxed position but this splint holds your foot firmly in the splint doing the most good. I have already seen improvement in my condition.
Rating: 4 by dot
I have recommended the splint to other friends with plantar fascists
Pros: it does help keep the foot flexed and stretched
Cons: wearing it to bed was cumbersome
Rating: 4 by Avi
works well. buckles are not in a convenient, easy position, especially when used on the left foot, for a right handed person; it is a nuicance to get on.
Pros: helps when used
Cons: not easy to put on, especially on left foot
Rating: 4 by Allan
If you are wearing the device on your left foot, the fasteners are difficult to work. Velcro would make it more simple and could be adjusted from either side making the device work equally well on either foot.

Pros: Works as designed
Cons: fastening devices
Rating: 4 by Kathy
Definitely worth it. Keeping the muscle stretched during the night relieves the first steps pain when you get out of bed in the moring. I also wear it when watching a movie to keep it stretched. Works wonders!
Pros: Keeps Muscle stretched. Light weight
Cons: Can get tiresome and uncomfortable to sleep with
Rating: 5 by John
I should say that I am a very heavy sleeper and fall asleep quickly and easily. I can imagine the splint might be more bothersome to a lighter sleeper.
Pros: All good. I am basically pain free.
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by Gary
The night splint worked well. I wore it nightly for about a month. It eliminated the severe pain on arising in the AM and I believe helped speed the healing process. A complaint tho is that the straps tended to slip and loosen during wear.
Rating: 5 by Mike
Seems to work better than any other approach.

Walking barefoot on rocky sharp uneven ground is also very beneficial.
Rating: 3 by Tommy
I enjoy wearing the splint. The name "Night Splint" does not do it justice due to taking it off because it cuts the circulation above my foot.
Pros: It keeps the foot stretched
Cons: It cuts off circulation above the foot.
Rating: 5 by Susan
A great improvement over the old nightsplint I had. Love the easy adjustments and ease of putting it on at night. Good price for for a good product. Nice sizing too.
Rating: 4 by William
The night splint worked as expected as I wore it for almost three months and it did very well in relieving the pain of the first few steps when getting out of bed in the morning. The only thing is that after the first month or so the straps tended to loosen up during the night . I think they should have used velcro straps for a more positive connection and then make the strap pads wrap around with a velco connection also.
Rating: 5 by tina
Easy to use
Rating: 2 by Tom
Did not use it all night. Only used it for about 4 hours each night while watching tv. Too much bulk to wear to bed under the covers.
Pros: kept foot at correct angle
Cons: too bulky
Rating: 5 by Steve
It helped my plantar fascitis more than orthodics and stretching alone. It made a difference the first night I wore it. It makes falling asleep more difficult since it is bulky and woke me up when I rolled over in the night. I rarely use it now since my foot no longer hurts, so the inconvenience for a few weeks was worth it.
Pros: Made my foot feel better
Cons: Awkward to sleep in
Rating: 4 by Dr Luke
I'm not sure how much overall relief I got from the splint. I doubt it is worth the cost. The inserts are well worth the expense. I'll never be without them!
Pros: Made it much easier to get going in the morning
Cons: Hard to sleep with it
Rating: 4 by choo
This worked almost immediately. Easy to put on, take off, and sleep in. Very impressed considering it was not expensive.
Pros: Comfortable and it works really well, right away.
Cons: The straps feel loose at times.
Rating: 5 by chas
I found 95% relief from my plantar fascitis the morning after wearing
it; I wore it for about a month at night; I reccomend a quilt to cover you at night; the splint is too bulky to put into the sheets!
Pros: lightweight,adjustable, efficient
Cons: side velcro straps should be taped
Rating: 4 by harry
The device keeps the ankle fixed at a 90 degree angle while sleeping resulting in no pain in the foot in the morning. However, if I need blankets at night, then it is cumbersome to flip the foot over when turning from sleeping on one side to the other causing me to wake up in the middle of the night.

I stopped using the night splint and finally resolved the foot ligament strain problem by stretching both calf muscles in each leg once or twice a day.
Pros: no pain in morning
Cons: cumbersome with blankets
Rating: 4 by Neeki
I love my night splint, but I advise anyone with heel pain to speak to a podiatrist about a treatment plan (e.g., orthotics, weight loss) because a night splint only works for as long as you use it. When you stop using it, the pain may recur.
Pros: It diminishes morning heel pain
Cons: It's a bit cumbersome
Rating: 3 by Allan
I used it for a couple of weeks, building up the pressure. What can feel effective at first can wake you up later with numbness from the strap. This product was more effective than a couple of other socks and splints I tried, in terms of keeping the foot bent for hours, but I doubt that plantar fasciitis can be cured this way, or any way. I have had it for 18 months now, and it is only noticeable on arising from sleep, or if I don't wear orthotic inserts in shoes.
Pros: Applies the pressure.
Cons: Not a cure.
Rating: 5 by bashey
i immediately felt the benefits of the splint. my spurs arent cured, but i range from 70% to 95% pain free, which is a big jump from 10% to 50%. somedays i cant even tell that i have heel spurs, before i always knew they were there and would either hop around the house on the better foot or limp heavily. between the orthotic inserts and the splint its as close to a cure as i've found. wish i found it earlier and hadn't wasted the money i did at the podiatrists'. strongly strongly strongly reccommend it.
Pros: it works immediately
Cons: havent found one yet
Rating: 4 by Arlene
I purchased these and put them on the first night and could only keep them on for about three hours. When you do get up though the pain was reduced GREATLY though so i knew the would work. The only problem that i see with these are the hard plastic parts of it. I have to use two of them so side sleeping is very tricky. What i have done is that i use one and alternate feet each night. But the foot that wore it at night feels almost no pain in the morning. Overall, they work and they do what they claim to do but for those of use that need it on both feet, it takes a good getting used to.
Pros: It works.
Cons: It takes a bit of getting used to.
Rating: 4 by Laura
Ok, I have had plantars fasciatias since I was in my mid 30's-too much step class. I find that in the summer when I wear flip flops without support during the summer I get this problem. I was desperate and purchased this boot. Uncomfortable to sleep in but it actually works. After wearing it for 2 weeks or so and wearing an orthodic flip flop I was fine. I would recommend it to help the healing process. I wish they could make it a bit more comfortable. The concept is right on-
Rating: 5 by Chantal
I have suffered from a heel spur for more than a year. There was no improvement despite exercises and cortisone injection. I began using this product in December; I saw an improvement as early as the next day when getting up. I continue to use the boot almost every night. When I do not use it, I feel a pain the next day. It allows me to have normal activities, which I previously could not do because of the pain. It could cost twice as much and it would still be worth the relief that it brings. Je souffre d'une épine de lenoir depuis plus d'un an. Il n'y avait pas d'amélioration malgré les exercices et l'injection de cortisone. J'ai commencé à utiliser ce produit en décembre; j'ai vu une amélioration dès le lendemain en me levant. Je continue à porter la botte presque toutes les nuits. Lorsque je ne la porte pas, je sens une douleur le deuxième jour. Cette botte me permet d'avoir des activités normales, ce dont je me privais avant à cause de la douleur.
Ca pourrait coûter le double du prix et ce ne serait encore pas cher pour tout le soulagement que ça apporte.
Pros: Worth the price.
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by Pam
The night splints are very helpful for plantar fasciitis. The price is most reasonable, especially when compared with custom made ones. My physical therapist thought they were very well constructed and couldn't believe the realistic cost either. They might take getting used to when worn to bed at night, but the stretch they give to the foot is worth it.
Rating: 5 by Chuck
Using this product was the turning point in m two year battle with plantar fasciitis. The splint did not keep me from getting a good night's sleep, and after a couple of weeks using it, my pain was reduced by 80-90%. When I think of all the money I spent on doctors, anti-inflammatory medication, special socks, and other products that didn't work, I wish one of the doctors had recommended this splint sooner. I wear Power Step orthotics by day and now that my healing is complete (6 months without pain), I will sleep with the night splint only occasionally, after an day of too much exercise. Thank you thank you for this product, it really works!
Pros: Absolutely effective
Cons: None for me
Rating: 5 by Marc
Easy to use. Seems to be helping. I used it because Brent Abel suggested it for Plnatars Fasciitis.
Pros: Light weight.
Rating: 4 by Shawn
Seems to do exactly what is it supposed to do. I'd give it a "5" if the straps adjusted with velcro or something simpler than the buckle/strap. All 3 straps will frequently require adjustment, and if you tuck the strap into the padded strap cover, then you can't adjust easily, especially at nigth in the dark, when you need to make adjustments.
Rating: 5 by Wendy Bennett
Worked within one week. Highly recommended!
Rating: 3 by dan
Good value but I found it hard to use for any period of time
Rating: 4 by Denis
I believe that it can't provide relief alone it has to be used with an other treatment like the pinnacle soles. I used it approximatly for three weeks in a row every night. I felt better in the morning but I was also using the active wrap and the soles during that period the plantar fasciitis bothered me so much that I didn't want to take a chance and tried every thing to provide me relief. On apriority list I would buy the soles, the taping for activities, the active wrap to reduce inflamation and then the splint. You have to get used to sleep with the splint it was not hard for me only a couple of days it's a good confortable product. I would buy it again.
Pros: Confortable for a splint
Cons: Big you have to get used to it
Rating: 4 by Bunny
Should make one for the left & right foot so that each one clips are on the inside to close it. ALso make it so that you can at least walk around the house for a trip to the bathroom or to get a snack in the kitchen. Having to remove the splint everytime you have to get up defeats the purpose of wearing it.
Pros: helps relieve pain
Cons: hard to put on your left foot
Rating: 5 by John
Product works great and is comfortable.
Pros: Works Well
Cons: None
Rating: 4 by Summer
This device has helped my foot, but I can not wear it all night long and get good sleep. I think this is the case since I prefer to sleep on my side.
Pros: easy to adjust, makes foot feel better
Cons: can not wear it all night and get good sleep
Rating: 5 by Tim
It took me several nights to adjust to it. But after two weeks I don't even notice it any more. And best of all . . . my pain is gone! Difficult to walk in (the mfg says not to try) but more difficult to remove and reapply for those night time forays. Well worth the price. The adjustment needs tweaking every day. Too tight is uncomfortable and too lose reduces the therapeutic effect. My advise - work with it.
Pros: 3-4 night adjustment period
Cons: A cure!
Rating: 5 by jean vb
This is one of the best night splints available, I have not had any problems adjusting it nor wearing it. It is a bit awkward to buckle it with it on my left foot. I had an lesser quality splint for the past
2 1/2 months, on which the velco wore out and didn't give me a tight fit.

I do stretches before getting out of bed and with wearing the night splint, have had relatively good mornings!!
Rating: 5 by Ellen
This splint, along with good shoes with supportive inserts, has helped to reduce my heel pain by about 90%. It took a few nights to get used to, and if I'm having trouble sleeping I take it off for a night, but overall the splint has worked wonders and is comfortable enough for me to wear at least about 6 nights a week. I'm not completely pain-free, but for a teacher who is on my feet for hours a day, this is a big improvement. I generally keep the middle strap loosened a bit so it doesn't bother my ankle, and I still wake up with less pain in the morning than if I don't wear it.
My only gripe was that I ordered the wrong size (too short) because the size guidelines were misleading on the website, but it seems that error has now been fixed. When in doubt about sizing, I suggest ordering bigger rather than smaller, because your toes will regret it if they're constantly bent by heavy blankets if they stick out over the end of the splint.
Pros: significantly reduced heel pain
Cons: a bit uncomfortable to sleep in
Rating: 5 by Mary Pat
The splint worked as advertised. I quit using it to get more sleep.
Pros: It helped minimize my heel pain.
Cons: I woke up more often with the splint on.
Rating: 5 by Lynne
Within two weeks of wearing this nightly, my pain was gone. I am back to my daily walk and exercise. Would highly recommend this product.
Pros: Comfortable at night. Easy to use.
Rating: 2 by Toni
I bought this because it was the most recommended. I am unable to stand wearing it for longer than 1 hour primarily because 1) in order to really do anything it needs to be tight and 2) when tight, my heel raises up and it rubs the ball of my foot raw.
Rating: 4 by Sal
Definitely helped reduce pain with plantar fascitis, enabling reduction in inflammation and beginning of recovery. However, I also had an old ankle/shin injury, and the splint made that more noticeable.
Pros: eased night and waking pain
Cons: stiffened ankle and shins
Rating: 4 by Stig
It helped me a lot, my plantar fasceiitis is almost history.
Rating: 5 by EMMA
Rating: 3 by Ja
This night splint is quite comfy to wear and seems to keep my foot at the right angle. However the strap can really cut into my leg so i have to wear it a lot slacker than i would like. I got it to travel with becasue it is smaller than my normal one so for that it is fine.
Rating: 5 by
I would recommend this splint to anyone and it is a really good product that is not expensive and very effective. At first it takes a few nights to get used to it (during which i nearly gave up) but don't because after that it is really easy to sleep in and there don't seem to be any problems with it and it has been really helpful for me.
Rating: 4 by Nafisa
Unfortunately, this product is not available in Germany. I discovered this Night Splint on the internet and it was the best treatment for plantar fasciitis - at least for me. I can only recommend this Night Splint to anybody with this condition.
Rating: 4 by Jenni
It takes a few nights to get used to it, but it eliminated the pain on that first morning step out of bed and I believe it plus CROCS shoes put me on a path to majorly reducing the effects of my P.F.

The boot has so many adjustments one is bound to find a right and comfortable fit. I passed it on to my dad and he would rate it the same.

Worth the money
Rating: 5 by Gina
This really did help and the price is right.
I have found that people that have not used the Night Splint
are not seeing results.
Rating: 5 by Breva
I think it did an awesome job! I'd been struggling with planters fasciatus for close to a year. I tried all kinds of things, but nothing really worked until I started using the splint on a regular bases.
Pros: easy to put on
Cons: can't walk on it (middle of nite)
Rating: 3 by Justin
If your pain is severe enough, the relief definitely outweighs the uncomfortable side effects.
Pros: heel pain is much more tolerable in the morning
Cons: uncomfortable
Rating: 4 by susan
I bought 2 of these after being diagnosed with hammertoe and at times wear both to bed with no trouble but must admit that I most often wear only one and switch legs from night to night. The price for one of these was about $200 less than the one my podiatrist wanted to sell me and I think it delivers just as good results.
Pros: lightweight, easy to adjust, fairly comfortable
Cons: can't really walk in it
Rating: 5 by Naomi R.
My pain was largely relieved in the morning due to the splint.
Eventually a combination of weight loss, cortisone shots, laser treatment and a simple $ 20. shoe insole devise to cushion the perimeter of the heel (in this order of importance) did the trick.
Rating: 5 by Pam
Excellent product for the price I paid. It it light & comfortable to sleep in. It works well & quickly decreased the pain in my heal while I slept. I would recommend this product.
Rating: 5 by JanT
I purchased this product to help reduce the tension in my foot in the morning - it worked - no more "walking on glass". I should have rested my foot sooner - but thought it was just a phase and would work itself out and get better - it doesn't. If you are visiting this site and still running w/ the pain anyway, please - STOP, REST! I did not so therefore I am still not at 100%, even though its been over 2 years. But with the splint, I am pretty much back to my normal routine. The splint does not bother me at night to sleep - although it was a little weird at first - but I sleep in all positions with it on, and it doesn't affect my sleep (knowing that when I wake up I can walk w/out pain, helps too). Its not recommended for walking - but I do walk in it - short distances, like restroom trips, and have not had any probs.
Rating: 2 by Ken
Sorry, I just found the device way too uncomfortable to sleep in. Perhaps I could have tried more.
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