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Stretch Cord Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

41  reviews,  4.2 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4 by Michael
I bought the Stretch Cord almost a year ago and have used it twice. I really don't have problems anymore so I haven't used it since. You can buy mine for 1/2 price plus shipping. Call me at 615-444-0809
Rating: 4 by Frank
Save yourself the money and use a rolled towel to do your stretches, it is just as effective and just as comfortable. Plastic bells on the device do not have any functional purpose and add to cost for no reason.
Pros: Comfortable and works well
Cons: Overdesigned and could be cheaper
Rating: 3 by jslot49
Seems to help when I have pain due to going barefoot in the house instead of wearing shoes with the PowerStep
Pros: Easy
Cons: Expensive
Rating: 2 by Kathy
I haven't used it since the first week, since it was so easy to use. Maybe if you can't stretch well it would be beneficial.
Pros: Easy to use
Rating: 4 by Irene
Without a doubt, the best stretching device I have used!
Rating: 5 by Isabel
GREAT PRODUCT. I thought about buying this since I could just save the money and use a towel...BUY IT!!!!! It's too uncomfortable as someone said using a towel or whatever. I will repeat what someone else said: Easy to use - light weight to carry - much better than a towel.

I also suggest freezing a bottle of water, like a 32oz bottle, sit on a recliner or chair or couch and roll your foot over the frozen bottle for about 10-15 minutes like 2x a day. It is one of the best things I ever did. The ice helps the swelling and the rolling motion alleviates the pain big time. It's like buying one of those rollers and applying ice at the same time. I think the frozen water bottle, proper rest, stretching using the Stretch Cord and the POWER STEPS orthotics that Scott sells is what did it for me. I am truly greatful for this site. I am 95-98% healed and it took about 4 months. I had this pain years ago and it lasted 1 year... I think the power steps really really helped me the most, I still use them in all shoes everyday, I never want to get the pain again. I literally could hardly walk, especially after just getting up. It's horrible. Good Luck to others.
THANK YOU SCOTT, God Bless you for this site!!!!!!
Rating: 4 by Diane
This is a very helpful stretching device. I bought it to help with my PF but it's also great for upper body stretches - I used to have trouble stretching arms behind back, and this helps a lot with that.
Rating: 5 by John
I was using a makeshift stretching aid but found it was kind of hard on the hands. Stretch Cord is about as simple as you can get and does exactly what it promises to do. Good product.
Pros: Simple device; decently priced.
Cons: None that I can see
Rating: 5 by Sheldon
I also bought this for my daughter from you last year. We both think it's great.
Rating: 4 by Betty
I like it better than a towel for stretching the arch and calf. It's easier to grip and fits better around the foot.
Rating: 4 by hlestringman
I have used this product for about 6 mos. now. It does what is advertised. Good for stretching my plantar tendons, as I have plantar facitis. Makes it easier through the day if I start out with a good stretch. I would recommend it for that alone but it can be used for regular stretching exercises and even load bearing exercises in lieu of free weights or snappy rubber bands. You don't have to worry about letting go and getting hit in the face! A very simple but effective tool.
Pros: strong, resiliant, easy to handle
Cons: could use a little "give" in the stretcher pad
Rating: 4 by Barb
Easy to use - light weight to carry - much better than a towel.
Rating: by
Rating: 5 by Larry
I use it 3 times a week for 6 reps (each leg) for 35 seconds. I use it mainly for preventing persistent hamstring problem. I'm 69 years old. I've progressed to where my hands can reach the first pair of plastic handles. I saw it at physical therapy and did an internet search and this web site had the lowest price.
Pros: handles save the hands
Cons: none
Rating: 4 by Fran
I find it easier to use than than using the towel. I find it much easier to grip adn it gives me a better strech.
Rating: 3 by Harriet
The nylon webbing material is hard on the hands. It would feel much better to stretch with soft rubber loops.
Rating: 5 by DEBI
Rating: 5 by Charles
The Stretch Cord is helping me resolve my Plantar Faciatus problem. It's easier to use than the "towel stretches" I used before-easier and adjustable grip locations. It is a great tool for regular stretching
after warm-up exercizes.
Rating: by
Rating: 5 by kevin
anyone thinking of getting this .....should..... you will not be disapointed, works great, for stretching heel and foot.....so you can walk with no pain when you 1st get up in am.
Pros: stretches my heel in am so I can walk with no pain
Cons: really don't have one works great
Rating: 3 by Timothy
Not a bad unit -----I used it during my PT rehab from a torn calf muscle and decided to buy one for home use. Unfortunately using it at home is a lot different from using it at PT (where they massage and really loosen up the affected muscle BEFORE you stretch it)

It is difficult to get that same level of muscle looseness and it is very easy to over stretch with this thing, causing more problems than not stretching at all.
Pros: Portable and easy to use
Cons: Can easily over stretch
Rating: 5 by Peter
I have been using the Stretch Cord cord for over 6 months. It works great. It has held up nicely; appears to be very durable.
Rating: 5 by Eric
I'm am perhaps the most inflecible person on earth. The Stretch Cord makes it much easier for me to stretch my hamstrings. Other methods, ie towel or belt, are too uncomfortable to hold for any length of time during a stretch.
Rating: 5 by vic
works great
Rating: 5 by Harper
I was diagnosed with PF in my right foot in January. My doctor put me on a therapeutic dose of ibuprofen for two weeks and sent me on my way. That worked for a while but it did not--and apparently wasn't intended to--solve the problem. Ever since, I've been all over the net trying to find more information about PF and what I can do to help myself heal. Thank goodness I found heelspurs.com. I came here to check out the orthotics (I chose the Pinnacle PowerStep, which has truly saved my life) and left with a basketful of stuff, among them the Stretch Cord. And I LOVE IT!

At first I was unsure if the Stretch Cord was really a necessary purchase. Is it well-made or is it junky? Kind of hard to tell sight-unseen. And even it if is well-made, will it prove a mostly-useless gimmick, no better than a towel? Will it end up stashed away in a closet, untouched and gathering dust, like so many other exercise gizmos I've bought over the years? And most important--exactly HOW will it stretch my calf muscles any better or more efficiently than the ever-handy beach towel method? Do I really need to spend money on this fancy contraption when I already have a perfectly good towel right here at home that seems to do the job just fine?

Needless to say I set aside my doubts and ordered it anyway, and I'm SO glad I did! I've been using my Stretch Cord to stretch my calf muscles every night and morning for about a week and I assure you, it's extremely well made (not junky at all); it works far better than any towel; and I will DEFINITELY use it every day twice a day--not only to stretch my calf muscles but other muscles as well. (A booklet with photographs of at least a dozen other excellent stretches is included in the package.)

I see now that the beach towel method--which works well enough in a pinch--is actually awkward as all heck, and not terribly effective, either. Grasping a towel during a calf-stretch of any significant duration is surprisingly hard on the hands, and because of this, I think many of us tend not to stretch as long or as often as we should. The Stretch Cord's sliding plastic grippers are designed to allow you to hold the Stretch Cord firmly in place without any friction, slippage, or undue strain on your hands and fingers. The grippers alone would have been enough for me to give it my highest recommendation, but read on: there's even more to love.

Another smart design feature is that the grippers are progressive, allowing you to mark your progress. As your calf muscles slowly but surely loosen and limber up, you simply move your hands up a notch to the next set of grips, thus slightly increasing the intensity of the stretch. Brilliant! Wherever you are (or wherever you end up) in terms of muscle elasticity, you will never "outgrow" it. If your calf muscles are tight like mine, you can start out with gentle and easy stretches, and as you improve you can easily move up to the next level of difficulty. I suspect dancers and gymnasts would LOVE this thing.

The soft and sturdy "stirrup" in which you place your foot during a stretch is obviously designed to insure proper foot placement for a deep, solid stretch--not so with bulky towels (which tend to spread out and slide around). Personally, I find that a stretch with only the top half of my foot in the Stretch Cord stirrup works best for easing--and even coming close to eliminating--morning PF pain.

Finally, if you intend to use the Stretch Cord for PF, I strongly recommend that you look closely at the picture of the "Calf Stretch" in the enclosed booklet and try to duplicate the model's foot position to the best of your ability:

Lie flat on your back with one foot in the stirrup and one foot resting straight on the floor (or bed) before you. Hold onto the grips and lift up your leg. Now flex your foot toward your nose and lift your heel so that the sole of your foot is facing up toward the ceiling [*]. This stretch is significantly more difficult than facing your foot toward the opposing wall with the heel down (as I've seen demonstrated elsewhere and is what I had been doing previously with a towel), but in my thoroughly non-professional opinion it is a far better, deeper, more effective stretch for PF. Of course, you should do only what feels comfortable for you and doesn't cause pain. Build up slowly--that's what I'm doing.

In sum, I give the Stretch Cord two toes up for sure--especially if you have PF. It works so much better than a towel, you will be amazed!
[*] if this is unclear, just look at the picture in the booklet and you'll see what I mean.
Pros: grippers easy on hands/smart design/multi-use
Cons: not one!
Rating: 2 by The boot worked!
Not any better than a towel
Pros: It's colorful
Cons: Expensive
Rating: 1 by dave
This product doesn't do anything more than what a towel would do. The plastic things attached to it don't serve any purpose that I can see, but they do cause the device to take up more space.
Rating: by
Rating: 3 by emory
this device just sits around the house now, it helps stretch but not soo much that i would buy it again if given the opportunity.
Pros: used properly device can help
Cons: just not that easy to use, very boring
Rating: 5 by Teena
Beside me using the Stretch Cord for my heel spur, my husband is a marathon runner and he uses it to stretch after a long run. We both love it. I have purchased two other stretcher prior to this one and none of them compair to this product. The key element is the plastic cones, the cones help you hold your position. It also is a great measuring tool. All other strechers slipped when I would stretch my foot. It is amazing how much power a foot has a the Stretch Cord is the only one that does not slip or hurt my hands when I am using it.

Rating: 4 by Mr. Bill
Works great, does exactly what it's designed for. However it didn't make me any better looking and my luck with the ladies hasn't improved. Good product though and well made.
Rating: 5 by Ann
This is great to help with stretching - easy to use and easy to get great stretches!!
Pros: is a great tool to help stretch - and easy to use!
Rating: 4 by Nick
It does what it is supposed to. I was a bit disappointed that the piece of strap in the middle is not stiffer. As a result you really have to wear shoes to use it.
Rating: 5 by Susie
I had gone to physical therapy for treatment of my plantar faciitis, and in PT they had me stretching with a towel and told me to do this at home, too. It was difficult for me to do because my hands kept slipping and it was difficult to get a proper grip on the towel. Consequently, it caused me to strain through my arms and shoulders. When I bought the StretchTite and used it, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get a good grip and could concentrate on stretching my planta facia instead of worrying about holding onto the towel. The StretchTite definitely helped me in the treatment of my plantar faciitis! I highly recommend this product!
Rating: 5 by Gary
I use the Stretch Cord almost every day. I keep it right next to my LazyBoy and use while watching TV. It has been an important part of my recovery from Plantar Fasciitis. A clever adaptation to a simple concept!
Rating: 5 by Tony
The tiered "handles" make this stretcher ideal for getting progressive results. I keep it by my bed and use it in the morning to avoid that initial heel pain upon standing up. I also like the funky purple-and-yellow colour scheme.
Rating: 5 by Ron
very easy to use, very helpful in stretching, very high quality
Rating: 3 by Laura
I use it more for stretches not related to my spur. I went for ASTYM therapy and it has helped more than anything else I have tried. I've had this occurence for 8 months and the first time it was about 13 months, so I have tried quite a few things! I could only afford 3 sessions of ASTYM, the provider was out of network. They say it usually takes 6-8 sessions. They gave me several exercizes to use for keeping my body aligned to help decrease the spur recurrence.
I reccomend the ASTYM above all else
Rating: 5 by jeanvb
Loved this from the 1st time I used it!! So much easier and a better stretch than from the beach towel I was using. Good quality, excellent product!
Rating: 4 by Nancy
This gives you a great stretch...better than any you could do on your own!
Rating: 5 by ANITA
Great product. I use the band before I get out of bed in the
morning to stretch my plantar. Another tip that works wonders.
While working at your desk take off your shoe and put a golf
ball on the ground. Roll your foot over it from toe to heal while
applying pressure. It works great for arch and plantar pain.
My pain used to be unbearable now it is 99.9% gone.
Rating: 5 by Shawn
I really like this stretching tool. I've been using daily it for a couple of months now and it's something that works well for me. The handles make it easier to hold stretches for longer periods of time than a towel or strap of webbing. It's encouraging to see my progression up the handles as I stretch. Great to use while watching TV. It's worth the price.
Rating: 4 by Norma
I like the Stretch Cord. It was easier to use than my prior "towel stretches" because it gave me better feedback on the intensity of my stretching. This might be a product that would be beneficial for an older person who had gripping issues due to arthritits.
Rating: 5 by Patricia
I like this product very much. I have had a very sore foot for a year and nothing has helped. I use the Stretch Cord regularly and have noticed some improvement.
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