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Athletic Tape Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

103  reviews,  4.2 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Irish
Works great!
Pros: doesn't stick to skin
Rating: 5 by Mary
I never thought taping my foot would make a difference until I tried it. I was able to walk my dog without any pain, and it acually helped my foot in the healing process. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has PF!
Pros: wonderful product!
Rating: 5 by Mary
I just recieved this tape, and it's working out great! I have no problem's with it not sticking and it's easy to put on. I can actually walk without limping now! I like it better then the narrow tape I get at the drug store. This is a must for PF!
Rating: 3 by Mike
Tape had difficulty staying on bottom of foot (plantar facia tendon) during athletic activity, which is when it's needed the most.
Rating: 4 by Ann
I have been treating for almost a year for PF(both feet). No one ever suggested that I should tape my feet, until I ventured across this web site. I recently bought a roll of the athletic tape and followed the diagram. . .AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE. The athletic tape and technique shown (very simple) helps a great deal to prevent the plantar fascia from over-extending, but also provides support during exercise! A generous amount of tape is provided on the roll for only $3.00. Well worth it.
Rating: 5 by Muhammad
Tape worked really good. I put it on everytime i go play racquetball or jogging. Well It did not eradicate my plantar fascitis but did help alleviate the pain in heels usually experinced after physical activities. Would keep the tape on not more than 24 hours as suggested in the booklet otherwise heel skin gets soft and its hard to take the tape off. Aso did not have any problem sticking the tape to my feet either.
Rating: 4 by Beverly
The Athletic tape was excellent. It was very easy to put on and take off, and it was excellent for using with running shoes. It helped cure my plantar faciitis.
Rating: 4 by Trace
The tape has definitely reduced the pain from my Plantar fasciitis but hasn't helped in the healing process after a month.
Rating: 5 by Mary
This tape is excellent and really helped to reduce the pain in my feet during the day during an especially painful recent flareup of my plantar fasciitis. It is wider than the sports tape I had tried from the drugstore. I have been wearing this every day when I am on feet and with the night splint worn at night, my condition is greatly improved after a few weeks. The taping instructions that came with it were awesome as well!
Rating: 4 by Sonya
I stopped using the tape because I have inserts in my shoes now. It appeared to help until I started wearing my insoles. I still have some pain and will start wearing the tape with my insoles whenever I workout. Overall I am very satisfied with the product.
Rating: 3 by wildwoodwaitress
For my foot, the tape was a little to heavy, but the service and selection are great! Highly recommend this site. Thanks!
Pros: lots of tape at a good price
Rating: 4 by gary
I've tried both the wide tape and the narrow, and prefer the narrow, the tape really helps the plantar during exercise, a caveet, do NOT leave the tape on for 24 hours or you will pull the skin with it, :)
Rating: 4 by doug
provided extra support to promote healing. This took about four weeks.
Must be replaced after getting wet. See web sites for taping technique.
Pros: easy to apply and sticks well if done correctly
Cons: must be retaped regularly
Rating: 5 by Sal
Great tape, better than Johnson's. But Jaybird tape is available elsewhere for less and there are 3 levels of quality. I found better taping methods on an athletic trainers site. Forming an X across your foot and bringing around the side provides better support. Followed by cross strips over the arch on the bottom of the foot.
Pros: Sticks well, width, good support
Cons: tape residue, cost ,
Rating: 5 by JIM
Rating: 4 by Kimberly
I think taping is helping my foot heal the most!
Rating: 4 by Ralph
Taping my feet did help. But the outside of the tape sticks to your socks and doesn't stick well to the bottom of my arch. Plus taping everyday gets to be expensive.
Pros: Tape Helped
Cons: 1-1/2" is too narrow, 2" is too expensive
Rating: 4 by Linda
I have used the tape on both feet and it really helps the problem. The more support the better.
Rating: 4 by Elaine
I was at the point of changing from the current podiatrist I had to one who was willing to do the fasia surgery.. my pain was excruciating in both heels. I used the power steps which were wonderfull (the newest form of them), the tape AND the roll on pain medication which I'm sorry I can no longer order from you. After using all this for about 6 months, the pain is non-existent.. although the heel spurs are still there.

I showed all 3 products to my podiatrist.. he was VERY impressed with the powersteps and the roll on medication.. took down your address to share with other patients. I also used the taping and roll on medication for my cross country middle scholars when they needed it.

Pros: PowerSteps GREAT, Roll on medication wonderful,
Rating: 5 by Patrick
I've had pain in my heel for the past 20 years (I'm 50). I finally visited a chiropractor. He introduced me to three things that have had a dramatic effect: custom fit orthotics, taping, and stretching my calf muscles. I now buy my own tape. I fine the taping approach outline with this product to be superior than the one shown to me by my chiropractor. I have found the three pronged attack on Plantar Fasciitis has relieved my symptoms by 90%. For the taping piece I haven't found a better tape or taping approach than the one you'll get here.
Pros: taping instructions
Rating: 3 by Betsy
I really am not sure if it has helped me or not. There was not a particularly noticeable positive effect, but mine seems to be a really hard case.
Rating: 3 by john
good quality tape; nothing wrong with the product; but difficult to say whether it made much difference. had more effect from insoles I think. Also had a cortisone shot 2 mo ago; still no pain. Will pain return or is the problem in the past? To be deturmined, I guess.
Rating: 5 by Tim
It's great athletic tape but it caused a rash on the bottom of my foot and, like others, I had a problem with skin being peeled off with the tape so I stopped using it. However, the shoe inserts I bought from you cured my plantar fasciitis in just a few months.
Rating: 5 by Robert
Tape is great, I used it when I am gonna be on my feet for extended time.
Rating: 5 by Frank
Taping with your product has helped me slowly get back into running after almost a 6 month layoff. Thanks for your website- I have told many others to check out heelspurs.com
Rating: 4 by Diane
Haven't used it long enough so only a 4. I have PF in BOTH feet and tape both. I have found steps 1 & 2 are sufficient since I'm taping both feet and go thru more tape. Definitely helps relive the pressure and stress on the foot. Ordered 3 more rolls! Helps to stick if I hairspray, blow dry, add sock, then run my foot over a golf ball several times for the exercise and to help the tape to stick.
Rating: 2 by Bev
I have been fighting foot pain for over four years and tried the Athletic Tape. The pain was reduced, but I didn't like the tape pulling on the skin and was hard to remove. I have fair, delicate skin, and wasn't a good option for me. I've tried cortisone shots, prescribed orthodic inserts, stretching, ice, loosing weight. The only thing that has helped me is $8 pair of elastic arch supports found in the local discount store that I wear daily. I have little pain in the heel/arch area as long as I wear them.
Pros: Helped the pain somewhat
Cons: Tape pulled the skin, hard to remove
Rating: 4 by Laurie
I thought the tape was very helpful and supportive of my plantar fascitis. It is very strong tape, and you can feel it working. However, if you're feet are in a closed toe shoe after a while, eventually the tape starts to peel off in your shoe. But it does last for quite a while. I'm glad I purchased it. Thanks
Pros: The tape is very strong and supportive
Cons: After a long day in a shoe, it comes off
Rating: 5 by Jim
Thanks for all the info on plantar fasciitis. This is the only pace I can find the correct width tape. I had custom arch supports for about 6 months before finding your site, but was unable to get relief. The taping has enabled me to resume carrying my golf clubs for 18 holes, 4 times a week. I really believe that taping is the more important part of getting relief.
Rating: 5 by Laura
This had worked wonders for my foot/heel/achilles tendon pain. After buying a couple pairs of expensive orthotic shoes, I can't believe that what works for me costs only a few dollars. I am a busy charge nurse who supervises 5 separate units, and works 12 hour shifts. I worked 3 12 hour shifts in a row, and ran constantly. I actually was not limping at the end of my shift, which I had been doing for over a year now. I would definitely recommend trying taping before spending all your money on something else that may not work.
Rating: 4 by neil
it works if you use it properly it is not a cureall but can reduce next days discomfort ...but you have to stretch ,stretch, stretch!!!
Rating: 5 by ann
The athletic tape is great stuff! Adheres well. And the taping method works for me. I refer people to your website whenever I can, because it is a great place to get educated about how the foot works and why some of us have arch or heel pain.
Rating: 5 by Dan
I read about the tape and ordered it. However, rather than wait a week for tape to arrive I went to drug store and got the 11/2" tape and it provided me immediate relief. The tape absorbs the stress and tension that my tendon was experiencing as I walked. I am glad to have found your website and look forward to getting the wider tape I ordered in a few days.
Rating: 4 by Peter
Really seems to alleviate the pain from walking, standing and even light jogging. The tape sticks well, especially if you put on a sock right away and use orthotics in your shoes, it presses the tape nice and flat on your foot. Also this website's taping method is fast and easy. I got best results when I make sure the 2nd strip (shown in the diagram) is wrapping almost up on top of the 1st metatarsal. Only reason I don't give a '5' is I've only been using a week. Overall very happy
Rating: 4 by John
I used tape prior to playing tennis and it held very well. It beat having physical therapist shave my lower leg and tape my foot from toes to calf.
Pros: good adherence w/o slipping
Rating: 4 by Jeff
This tape is much better that what you find in the local drugstore. It's just tape but, when applied as instructed, it does help with the heel pain.
Rating: 5 by Misty
I love the athletic tape, it's good quality (doesn't tear easily and adheres well) and wide enough that I only need a couple strips. Cutting it and putting it on is still kind of a pain, but I'm getting better at it, and the results are well worth it.
Rating: 2 by Loriann
The tape wouldn't stay in place, especially during sporting activities when we needed it to. We tried hair spray or powder but the tape wouldn't stick....and the sliding tape was uncomfortable/distracting.
Rating: 5 by Catherine
Along with regular stretching, this really helps! I primarily use it for the first few hours after a workout to ease the pain. Will be purchasing more soon, I'm sure!

Thanks for the great website and the helpful information...I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who opts to leave a parking lot all together over having to walk because there's no close parking spaces!
Rating: 5 by Valerie
i think the tape has helped. it definately makes my foot hurt less when walking around. but i also use the night splint every night which has helped tremedously when i wake up in the morning. no pain! i also want to add that i went to my podiatrist with the tape on my feet and when he looked my at feet, he said "what't this?" i couldn't believe that he didn't know about it.
i've had everything done to my feet, special shoes, orthotics (did not help one bit) and cortizone shots, and the only thing that has helped is the night splint and the tape. also, i don't stretch as much as i should. but my feet have felt much better since i started using the tape. one thing, after a while the skin starts ripping off the bottom of my feet and i have to stop wearing the tape until the skin heals.
Rating: 2 by CB
I didn't have much luck with taping. The tape didn't stick well to my feet (I do have very moist feet). And, even when I was able to get it to stick, it just didn't seem to help much for my pain, etc. I did much better by just using the Powerstep Pro arch supports do their job. I swear by them and so does my podiatrist....
Pros: Durable, Good Cost
Cons: Didn't stick well
Rating: 3 by Sue
Having a hard time making it stick, especially when running, which is when I neede it most. (Plantar fasciitis)
Rating: 5 by Mike
I tried it, and it worked!
I actually ran up & down thw stirs yesterday.
No pain, minimal cost.
Rating: 4 by T
I rate it a 4. I wish it was also available in a more narrow size and wish it was cheaper.
Rating: 5 by Joanne
Best tape I've found, I order several rolls at time. I use the instructions from this site to tape the bottom of my foot. Had plantar faciatis recurrance last summer and this tape and the instructions really helped, I still tape it every time I run!!
Rating: 5 by Lynne
I bought 3 rolls of the tape so I wouldn't run short. I used it every day for weeks and weeks and did not even go through one roll. Although I did other things to improve my plantar fasciits (including going to a podiatrist and getting 2 cortizone shots), taping was the best remedy for stopping the pain and finally allowing the fascia to heal. Do it.....it works.
Rating: 5 by Sean
Just finished the U.S. Armys 11 day Air Assault Course. While attending had to run an Obstacle course, 2 mile and 4 mile timed runs, 6 mile and 12 mile timed ruck marchs with 40 lbs of kit, daily PT sessions and to top it all off we had to run everywhere, there was no walking. Taped my foot the majority of the time there. I did not tape for the ruck marchs because I was afraid the tape would roll and cause blisters. The taping of my foot was what got me through. It can make running a little difficult but so does extreme PF pain. I also used a strassburg sock at night. The tape is just the right amount of stickiness-enough to hold and give support-but not so sticky that it pulls the skin off your foot like other athletic tape I purchased from the local drug store. I highly recommend taping, it can be a little uncomfortable at first but just stick with it(no pun intended) because it allows the PF time heal.
Pros: Right amount of stickiness
Rating: 5 by James
Received tape very quickly. It is wider than most & therefore more effective. I believe that the tape has prevented my plnatar fascitis from getting worst, although it is not a cure all, however I do a lot of running as a soccer official & applying tape before each contest has enabled me to continue. I noticed that some people claim that it does not stick well, which is true when you first apply it, but if you smooth it on & then put your socks on over it, it will almost definitely stick quite well. Another plus is that it is easier to remove than the smaller drug store variety. I strongly recommend using this tape.
Rating: 3 by EJV1
The tape's covering a wide area made applying it faster, but I had to be especially careful not to let it stick to itself. I taped mostly when I was going on long woods trips, and it definitely helped.
Pros: Covers wide area
Cons: Covers a wide area
Rating: 5 by Cliff
This taping metod is much simpler than others and faster too. I did add one extra strip across the bpttom of the foot from side to side. This helped arch support. I also recoomend using motion control running shoes. Scott really knows this subject.
Pros: Limits over extending or stretching the tendon.
Cons: If you pull the tape off too fast, you might lose
Rating: 5 by Cliff
This taping method is much simpler than others and faster too. I did add one extra strip across the bottom of the foot from side to side. This helped arch support. I also recommend using motion control running shoes. Scott really knows this subject.
Pros: Limits over extending or stretching the tendon.
Cons: If you pull the tape off too fast, you might lose
Rating: 4 by Susan
Sticks better than other tapes I've used. Like the wider size.
Rating: 4 by Natalie
Really helped to relieve pressure on my fascia.
Rating: 5 by kathy
This tape is the answere to my prayers! I can run again!
Rating: 5 by Lynda
I love love love your tape!! Ever since I've been using it on both of my feet everyday I have not had a cortisone shot. The tape seems to do the work for the tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot. Also, my feet seem to relax with the tape on and it gives me total relief from pain. Thank you for selling the 2" roll, because I have not been able to find it in the drugstores. Whoever is experiencing pain, I would totally advise trying the tape. When I showed my podiatrist what I was doing he said doctors years ago used the tape method before they ever considered using cortisone. I have a suggestion when applying the tape. I've read over some of the reviews and I noticed people were saying that they had a problem with skin coming off when trying to remove the tape. Apply a thin layer of Antacid Liquid along the bottom of your feet before applying the tape. It will seems like the tape is not sticking, but give it time by pressing the tape against your foot and holding it there for a few seconds. This is the method I go through every morning so in the evening when I remove the tape it comes off fairly easy. Just don't yank it off, take your time. I hope this helps.
Rating: 5 by sybil
I have been taping my feet exactly as shown on this website for about 5 months now. It works great. The 2" tape is MUCH better than the 1.5". I have tried MANY other treatments and taping made the biggest difference. The 2" can be found by doing an internet search. I still tape both feet everyday and I have not had any problems of any kind. THANK YOU HEELSPURS.COM !!
Rating: 5 by Andy
Moderately priced and much better than standard adheasive tape sold in sports/drug stores. Better bang for the buck because it is wider and the length is longer by yards than off the shelf brands. I use the tape when my feet are really sore and it works well to alleviate the symptoms.
Pros: The wide tape is hard to find elsewhere
Cons: None
Rating: 1 by kima
horrible product!
Rating: 4 by Bert
Seems to work but you have to give it some time and clean and dry your feet well each time you use the tape.
Rating: 5 by Mary
Of ALL the things I've tried...and there have been many, but this was by far the BEST. It's not easy to "get along" with because it gets caught in the sheets and the blankets if you toss & turn alot like I do, but you have to take the good with the bad. I would recommend it!!
Pros: It Helps!!
Cons: It's bulky
Rating: 1 by Mary
Taping didn't work for me. The ONLY thing that worked was the Night Splint, (which i wrote a review for at the wrong page....just below this one!!!)
Pros: None
Cons: MANY!!
Rating: 5 by Liz D.
The taping method provided me with immediate relief from my heel pain. I have become pretty much pain free in the last month, but if my heel is at all painful I tape my heel before exercising.
Rating: 5 by Rosa
I got instant relief from pain when I taped my foot. However, the tape
pulled on the back of my heel and made it sore, so I did not tape my foot again. All the other advise I got on this website helped, so I have had a lot of relief. If I have a relapse, I would maybe try to adapt the taping as it was very helpful.
Pros: I like the width of the tape. It was easy to use
Cons: None.
Rating: 4 by lisa h
I think it is finally healed with the use of the tape and the strassburg stocking.I must say my pain is almost gone!!!
Rating: 5 by jsvaidya
The tape is quite good and definitely helps. Scott's way of taping (video can be found on the site), is definitely helpful. There really is no downside- however, you can buy Johnson's tape at Walmart as well, which is reasonably close - though narrower and less sticky, but more breathable), for a similar price.
Pros: Good support
Cons: Sticky:)
Rating: 5 by Sandy
Taping has made it possible for me to walk again & get my exercise on the treadmill. I like your tape because I don't get the rash I do with the drugstore tape & its wider. Sticks better. I'll keep buying it at this site. Thanks. I appreciate this website so much.
The inserts I got here are also a major benefit.
Rating: 5 by Danno
I tape both feet before any heavy or intermediate workout for Tae-Kwon Do. It has helped greatly to reduce my plantar fasciitis. This tape works especially well because it's wider and stronger than most athletic tape. After taping, I cover my feet with a soft ankle brace turned backwards. This keeps the tape in place. (I prefer Tae-Kwon Do workouts without shoes, because it improves balance and use of the proper foot tool.) This tape has less of a tendency to roll up under that soft cover, so it stays in place better.

Your website is great. I woke up with notable pain every morning until I started using your suggestions. Now it is very manageable.
Pros: Strong, wide tape
Rating: 4 by Rose
Better tape than that available at retail stores; I can't find wide tape except on your website. Cost could be lower, though.
Rating: 5 by Donna
I was experiencing an acute episode of severe and excruciatingly painful plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet and it was necessary to tape both feet for over a one month period to let them heal. Drugstore tape products just were NOT efficient (not strong enough to hold the foot in the proper position), thus not effective. After searching the internet for better info and products I found heelspurs.com and ordered their tape. WOW! What a difference. This tape holds! The instructions that came with the tape provided a less timely and more efficient method for taping my feet. This product helped me to heal my feet in about 6 weeks. It's cheap and it's easy to use!
Rating: 5 by Jill
This tape had good adhesion, without gumming up my foot afterwards. The width is good. My podiatrist showed me a different way to tape up my foot than shown on this site, that worked better for me (involved thinner tape going front-to-back from beside pinky-toe, around the ankle, back up to big-toe, in addition to sole taping). It really helped to tape my foot to get it through the healing process; the Powersteps are good to use if you don't have/need custom insoles. I also still tape as a preventative measure if I'm going to be doing heavy hiking or other foot-intensive activities.
Pros: works well
Cons: none noted
Rating: 5 by Angie
I have been to 2 different podiatrists for my plantar fascitis. Both of them gave me an injection; one of them even prescribed 'medicine'. Nothing helped. One of them did tape my foot so when I found this web page selling the tape, I thought I would give it a try. It helped tremendously. I used it constantly thru 2 rolls (I have a third roll for an emergency). I have been seeing a doctor recently for acupuncture treatments and they are helping me. I am willing to try anything to get this problem corrected!
Rating: 2 by Barbara
Theoretically, if could stop the tendon pull would work- in reality what made giant steps in progress is the stretches.
Rating: 1 by Sue
The tape did not help me at all.
Cons: uncomfortable and did not work for me.
Rating: 3 by macpam
At first I thought this tape was good. It took some pressure off. But after the third time, the arch area got so sensitive I had to use pads between the tape and skin. I discontinued after the first roll. A couple months later I got taped by a podiatrist and there was NO comparison. I was an idiot to do it myself. I go so much relief from the podiatrist! The reason I avoided him was that I knew he would want me to use orthotics and I didn't want to. But I didn't know that orthotics have come a long way in the last ten years. Now they can put a cushy top on them so its not just the hard plastic. After a few weeks 90% of the pain is gone. But for a female who likes trim shoes, it is a challenge to find shoes that I can use the orthotics with that look good, especially summer shoes. Vanity goes down the drain for painlessness. Oh well. I even bought house shoes that I can use them with.
Pros: takes pressure off
Cons: skin sensitivity
Rating: 5 by Fran
The taping worked well, but, in my case, the LED light worked the best, along with daily/morning massages to the bottom of my foot. It takes about 6 months to feel 'normal' but I haven't had any pain back since the initial bout.
Pros: works well when u take the time to do it correctly
Cons: takes a few minutes to do until you get used to it
Rating: 5 by Ron
Very supportive and strong tape just what the docter ordered.
Rating: 4 by SueO
Definitely tape your foot! I had to do it daily for 21 months, but it was the only thing that helped my PF. This wider tape is definitely the best way to go.
Rating: 3 by sandy
Although the tape was excellent and Scott's directions excellent it did not help my problem
Rating: 4 by Marilou
This tape, along with the instructions on taping correctly from this website, did help me. However, the user must be careful because after repeated applications, it will make the skin on your foot very dry and you risk splitting the skin open. I would recommend taping only if you apply a good moisturizer (like Aquaphor Ointment) at night for the skin to hydrate and recover.
Pros: Helps manage pain
Cons: Must use moisturizer at night
Rating: 2 by Ed
The best product I got from you to help the heal pain is the half moon rocker you stand on and strech it out. I currently am not experiencing any heal pain,thank God.
Pros: looks good
Cons: dont work
Rating: 5 by Susan
I was skeptical about the taping but tried it. It turned out to be the treatment that helped the most. The video was very clear and offered several methods for taping. One of the taping methods was very effective for my injury.
Pros: clear instructions
Rating: 5 by My_feet_hurt
Great product...taping helps provide extra support. Must be used as directed...you will need time after your shower for the feet to dry before you use this.
Pros: easy to use; adheres well
Cons: feet MUST be dry & no moisturizer
Rating: 5 by Jana
This tape is reliable. Once you put it on and you put on your socks and shoes or whatever, this tape stays on your foot. At the same time, it's not too savage or crazy gummy to take off. It has a really good width which alot of over the counter tapes will cheat you on. That width is so important in getting a good firm grip on the first wrap and then supporting that grip on subsequent wrapping. You'll find this tape clothlike, but somehow sturdy under pressure. Some of that stuff they will sell over the counter really is like using masking tape; this is not. I hate having to put on wrapping, but when I do put it on, this is a good brand to depend on.
Rating: 5 by Dorothy
Of all the product that i tried, including steriod shot from poditrist, the taping was the most effective. The excruciating pain was immediately reduced as soon as taping applied. I was very diligent and wrapped every morning for 2 months. I have been pain free for 7 months. I also use "powerstep" inserts in my shoes just to be on the safe side. After suffering for over a year I never want to go back.
Rating: 5 by jeff
i was using the heelspurs.com tape for a month and definately improvement was felt, i tried to use some tape i bought from a cvs and it just couldn't compare with the tape from the site, it started to hurt again. so here i am today buying some more of this great tape. I would also like to say, the person in charge of the site is a great person and was easy to deal with concerning a return of product i had bought here. Thanks again.
Rating: 3 by Anne
I am a martial artist, thus I train strenuously with bare feet. The taping method presented in this pamphlet did seem like it could be effective to ease the discomfort of plantar fasciatis, but it did not work out for me at all, because as soon as I got going the tape would roll up & come off because of the placement. I ended up just using tape around the arch of my foot while training, & when off the mat I wore shoes with *excellent* arch support (Chacos) or a HTP heel pad in my Merrell slides, and did plenty of stretching.
Pros: clear instructions
Cons: didn't work out for me personally
Rating: 4 by Kitty
Need to be careful taping for plantar fasciitis. If done wrong can cause damage. Nice clear and concise illustrated instructions included with product though. Those combined with common sense should minimize the risk. As for helping alleviate the pain of heel problems, I wasn't able to wear the tape long enough to notice any difference. I have a very active job and the tape was slowing me down too much.
Pros: Good quality tape. Easy to apply and easy removal.
Cons: Need to be careful with taping heels.
Rating: 1 by Marcia
I used the foot taping method as described and diagrammed. It felt good initially, but after about 10 minutes of walking around, very painful. I tried again another time, following the directions even more carefully, but still couldn't stand to walk around with it. Maybe better for sleeping? I know it varies for everyone, but what helped me the most was always wearing shoes with support (even good supportive clog-like slippers for night time bathroom trips), direct icing to feet for 5 minutes once or twice a day, and the exercises. I really appreciated the helpful info on ths website! My feet feel so much better.
Pros: fairly easy
Cons: very painful
Rating: 4 by Denis
The taping provided me instant relief it was excellent for short period of time up to half a day, when I kept the taping for a full day it got unconfortable by causing a stress on the palm of the foot near the big toe.
Pros: Excellent long lasting adhesive power
Cons: Unconfortable when kept for too long
Rating: 2 by susan
Unfortunately the taping did not work for me. After 3 years of suffering w/ p/f I had surgery. Surgeon said my prob. was biomechanical. Playing tennis two and three times a day five or six days a week was my undoing. Surgery was in July and can now walk 3 miles a day. Still not good enough to run on it.
Rating: 4 by Sharon
Taping my feet really did help for an extended period of time.
Pros: Definitely helped!
Cons: Sometimes had trouble with tape sticking
Rating: 5 by David
Taping has given me the most and fastest relief of anything I have tried for my Planter Fasciitis. I use the tape if I know I am going to be on my feet all day. If I stop using the tape, the relief even continues for a few days, provided that I am not doing anything to aggravate the condition. The tape sold by http://www.heelspurs.com has just the right amount of "stickiness". Other athletic tape I have bought in my local drug store is too sticky, and it pulls the skin off the bottom of my feet when I peel it off. I think that taping can be an important supplement to anything else that you might do for your Planter Fasciitis (like stretching).
Rating: 5 by Flemming
Terrific tape. Thicker, wider and more adhesive than standard athletic tape bought in retail stores. It has really helped alleviate the pain and given me another way of taping my feet, so the skin on the top of my feet can get a rest from the taping method recommended by my physical therapist. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5 by Steve
An excellent product. I never thought such a simple solution could relieve the pain so quickly. The hair spray certainly helps with adhesion......brilliant product.
Rating: 3 by Joseph
Some athletic tape is stiffer with less give than others. If you like stiff athletic tape with less or no "give" then this is the tape for you.
It's just a matter of preference is all.
As far as plain walking goes the tape WILL stay on even if your feet are sweaty. I am not a jogger and can't do hard exercise at the moment, so I don't know if the tape will stick for those activities (as others have mentioned).
Rating: 5 by larai
I have been suffering from PF & HS for 8 years. Splints, PT, cortisone shots, custom insoles, expensive shoes... None have made the difference for me that tape has. It works great. At first I was not putting on the tape tight enough. I now curl my toes when applying so the tape causes the bottom of my foot to stay tight/taut and not to flatten out when I stand on it. There is actually a gap between the tape and my arch when I have applied it tight enough. This is the trick to getting the tape to make a difference. The 2" tape is much better than 1.5".
Rating: 5 by Dottie
The athletic tape has totally stopped my feet from hurting while walking. I am even wearing other shoes I couldn't wear any longer because after a couple of weeks in new shoes my feet would hurt again. I love the tape and am wearing it every day. I will some days wake up with my right foot hurting a little, but as soon as I stretch it and apply the tape it stops hurting. Your tape has been the answer to my feet hurting. I so happy i prchased it. Thanks
Rating: 5 by Elisa
The Athletic Tape I purchased from this site was far better than the one in the local drug store. It was wider, thicker, and more adhesive offering more support. I purchased the drug store tape because I didn't know how long it would take to receive the internet tape. After following the taping directions with the store bought tape, I wondered if it would work. However, after using the internet tape, I felt immediate support and pain relief. I used the tape for about one week, and did the stretches frequently. I still get pain once in a while, but not every day.

Thank you for a great web site.
Rating: 5 by Jef
I first tried athletic tape for my PF because this web site and Scott rated it's use as very effective. I initially bought some at a local drug store and got great pain relief with daily use. Then I bought some from Heelspurs.com and it was a far superior tape; wider, stronger and cheaper!! I highly recommend taping.
Rating: 5 by Lyn
Yes, liked it very much. My condition has improved but I've been doing many "home remedies"....so I can't say for certain this helped in the actual healing process. It did, however, make me more comfortable, and decreased the pain, from the minute I put it on. A big help.

I like it better than the store bought variety as it is, what, 1/2" or so wider....maybe not that much, but noticeably wider which helped it stick better and also made it easier to apply. I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you!
Rating: 5 by scott
still wearing the tape almost daily. was very helpful. i think the tape has let the spurs heal. i will keep doing it. my dr also said the tape job i was doing looked very good. he noticed it when i went in. he told me to keep at it. sm
Rating: 5 by Steve
Tape saved my ability to walk.
Rating: 5 by Will
The tape is a great deal. I pay the same price for a roll at a drug store, but it seems like there is double the amount in the rolls that I purchased from here. Thanks
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