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Plantar Fasciitis Video Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

13  reviews,  4.8 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by Frani
This was the MOST informative video with the CLEAREST explanation of an ailment and how to deal with it that I have EVER seen! I recommended it to all my friends who have plantar fasciitis (and also those who DON'T have it yet). The information in the video has helped me tremendously.
Rating: 4 by Brandon
It's an informative well put together video. I paid like $30 and it was worth it! If you suffered from PF like me and have not spent hours researching this ailment then get this video (and) the night splint. I also use powerstep pinnacle insles inside of my SPIRA del Sol running shoes and have done very well. Heelspurs.com is a great business and they provide excellent customer service!
Rating: 5 by Rich
Highly valuable material. A must for anyone suffring the condition.
Pros: Helped me understand and resolve my problem
Cons: A little reluctant to pay the cost.
Rating: 4 by Deborah
Very good information. A little slow in parts.
Rating: 5 by Laura
Very informative on how to heal plantar fasciitis naturally.
Rating: 5 by Dave
Found the video to be very informative. They have the best step by step explanation of how to tape your foot, which really helped me. They also do a good job of explaining the things you should and should not do to stop plantar fasciitis from coming back. They also have a hidden gem, they have a section in which they interview doctors. They go through all the questions I wish I had asked my doctor. (look for it in the sections menu)

My only complaint is that some parts got to slow, so keep the remote handy.
Rating: 5 by Rosa
This video should be viewed by plantar fasciitis suffers as it explains what you are dealing with. When my heels started hurting out of the blue, I was totally mystified and did not get much information from my doctor. This video provides a lot of information and advise in a manner that is easy to understand. It was invaluable to me.
Pros: Very informative.
Cons: None
Rating: 5 by Susan in Florida
I had severe, painful PF in my left foot for over a year. I had it before, so I thought I knew what to do, and already had ortho inserts, etc. etc. But I finally bought the video. After one week of following all the recommendations, I woke up one morning with zero pain - I mean zero. And I continue that way as I write this. I love the part in the video where it shows the tears in the muscle, which explains the pain. Now I get it! Also, the night splint is a major key - when I wear mine, I am pain free in the morning. When I don't wear it for awhile, I start to feel the PF coming back.
Rating: 4 by Rich
Very good video ! I recovered - -no pain or recurrance running
Pros: Support /Advise for Runners
Cons: Stretching Routines - -too elaborate
Rating: 5 by Betty
I was given a few exercises to do for PF from my podiatrist, but not much else other than a cortisone shot and some inserts. Feeling lost, but still in pain, I did a search online to find anything on PF. Well, this video should be something every podiatrist assigns to patients. All the information you need is here. I now have a greater understanding of what's going on and how to help myself. The exercises are very helpful and the taping was something I'd never heard of. I'm finally beginning to walk without pain after almost a year of agony, but it's thanks to this video. Wish I'd found it a year ago. I spent a fortune on useless inserts and arch supports. Had I started here, I wouldn't have bought so many useless things.

The one thing I really wish was covered is what kind of shoes are healthy for you, such as specific brands. I finally found the right ones for me, but that was costly and very time consuming. And there is absolutely no house shoe out there that has good arch support...how do you deal with that?

Quite frankly, this video is a must have for anyone with PF. It does not talk down to you, the graphics are easy to understand, and the information is essential. I like how it's broken down into different sections so you can go directly to the exercises once you've learned the material. Or to the taping section, which I watched repeatedly. There is even a section on running with PF; not that I'm a runner.

Pros: exercises, information
Cons: none
Rating: 5 by shirley
this is the first time i had a detailed discussion of this miserable condition. really helpful
Rating: 5 by Ed
This is an excellent resource for plantar fasciitis. It gives you background information on what this condition is as well as practical advice on how to treat it in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Following the exercises in the video has helped me alleviate the pain greatly. Highly recommended!
Rating: 5 by Barb
I thought this video was very informative. The exercises alone have made a difference in my foot, escpcially upon arising in the morning. The information was consise easily understood. Thank you.
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