night sock I made, it helped

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Posted by Lou on August 04, 1998 at 14:34:36:
After many hours researching heel pain I decided to try making a sock that I saw advertised for $35. It was really easy and has helped tremedously. Here's how:
one pair tube socks (knee-highs)
one roll of ace bandage
1) put on a sock to measure the distance from toe to top front of sock when ace bandage is streatched, use this as your guide to cut enough pieces to be able to sew 3 to 4 strips of bandage to very end of toe and again to sock top
2) I recommend sewing one strip at a time using a satin stitch for the best tension and strength, I fanned my 3 strips to cover the whole toe area but attatched at one point on the sock top
3) when put on it will hold the toes up just slightly all night to help healing in right direction, not painfully but it was enough to help my mornings get off to a better start.

Hope this helps; surely someone else has done this before me, it was so simple I can't believe I did't do this 2 years ago. Good Luck, Lou

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