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Posted by Ruth Morrow on August 18, 1998 at 20:36:08:
Active Release is a kind of massage in which the chiropractor pushes against the muscle or ligament while you move the muscle in the opposite direction. This breaks up the adhesions and releases the PF.

I had PF without any pain for years without knowing it. The two small toes of one foot felt like they were drawing under and was told that it was because of my neuroma. After neuroma surgery I still had the problem. I had achy heals that I never complained about because I have many foot problems, so it was just one more thing. This had been going on for at least 5 years. Then, on a week trip to NY I truly damaged the PF by walking from morning to night in a pair of broken down running shoes.

I started getting pain the in ball of my foot, which I attributed to other problems so I did nothing. When I finally went to see my podiatrist I had pain from my hip to my toe. She said see a back doctor. That's when I went to my chiropractor for my back. My feet got worse, but it wasn't clear whether it was my feet or my back. But as my back got better my foot problems were worsening. It felt like the heel was tearing. It was so painful that it was easier to walk on my toe. That's when the podiatrist diagnosed PF. Nothing she recommended worked.

When I told my chiropractor it was PF he suggested active release. After the first session I could walk and the pain was greatly diminished. He said the PF was bunched up on the 5th metatarsal, and sure enough, for the first time in a least 5 years my toes didn't feel like they were drawing under!

It took about 3 - 3 1/2 of 3 times first week and then twice a week in ensuing weeks. It helps if you can get ultrasound. Dr. Leahy doesn't do this, but recommended it and I did get it from my podiatrist. This was over 2 years ago.

In general, my feet are OK. I have a routine that I follow that may be helpful and I will post it separately. My problem is that I stand a lot, I'm an artist, and this aggravates my foot problems, and sometimes I walk too much. I had a small set-back this spring after a week in NY and walking too much. I had one session with Dr. Leahy (takes about 5 minutes) and my feet are good. They're not perfect. I have to be careful. But I no longer think I'm going to spend my life in a wheelchair, I can g

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