Thanks for info on night splints

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Posted by Sue Braddock on August 21, 1998 at 21:43:30:

Thanks so much for the info on a brand of night splints and where I can buy them.

I went to the yellow pages today and tried to find a place to get them. (I live in LA so I thought it would be easy) I only found one place and he wanted $280 per foot and you don't even know if it is going to help!! $48.75 sounds a lot better to me.

That is very interesting about a "DYNO" splint that rents at $230 a month. I can't even imagine what it looks like--it is great that after 4 yrs of pain you are pain free. It gives me hope.

I belong to Kaiser Medical--soon I am going to push and insist on some physical therapy--your physical therapy was mostly training in stretching exercises?

Thanks again for your help--if you have any update and have the time, please e-mail I try to read the board every day, but I think I sometimes miss posts.


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