Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy complications & consequences

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Posted by Scott on August 26, 1998 at 18:04:10:
I have noticed some internet ads for the endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. They sound fantastic!!

Only my roommate had pain in his feet for about two years. He had a job where he had to stand all day, so the pain interferred with work, home, etc.

He underwent epf on both feet. The results were disastrous. He is disabled as a result and it is pitiful to see a 30 year old young man's life so shaken from the epf's.

Together we are researching complications and consequences of the endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. We have gathered much literature in this regard in an effort to compose a web-site for educational purposes only.

Many familiar with the internet know of the vast resources of information about foot pain, heel pain, etc. The BEST decision a person can make is an INFORMED decision. And that means knowing the pro's and cons of any treatment.

We've searched the net with many subjects and keywords yet find very little information about the problems patients have experienced with epf. However we were successful in retrieving many articles in the various journals.

I do not believe that any comprehensive study has been undertaken to explore or compile complications or consequences to epf. I think that some patients that have adverse experiences quietly seek another physician's help. Even if they stay with the doctor that performed epf there is not one national register for "epf complications".

Besides, what doctor wants to report a "failure?"

This is posted as a request for any personal experience, feedback or suggestions. We will be launching the web-site but would benefit from the advice of others.

There are multiple, multiple conservative approaches. Combinations of the conservative approaches.

EPF has disabled a friend of mine. The few retro-spective analyses are eye-opening and we're hoping to be able to gather honest feedback from people that have had epf or know someone who has.

And keep an open mind. I am confident that you'll be alarmed.

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