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Posted by Scott on August 27, 1998 at 21:03:01:
It's great to hear of your success with epf.

Before you have the second, at least review any conservative approaches. Even if you have to have your foot cast for six weeks or take time from work, etc. it might prevent the second surgery.

The spur is just a consequence of the plantar fasciitis. It's presence with the pain are not justification enough for the second surgery.

There will always be "overcompensation". Just think how bad it could be while you recover from surgery. Then you'll be placing more weight on left (while right heals). Then left will hurt. You'll shift to right and potentially interfere with healing.

These are my opinions, only. It's great to hear of your success. There are some studies that indicate up to 8% complications with epf. And some of these are severe.

You're obviously well-informed becaue this web-site is filled with information. Take advantage of this web-site and forum to ask others about the second surgery.

My friend's experience has been traumatic. After researching it seems as if the conservative approaches are unlimited, especially if certain approaches are used in combination.

Even stretching exercises are worth another try. One orthopedic physician has his patient demonstrate their entire stretching ritual just to make certain they don't leave office and stretch incorrectly and exacerbate problem.

Again these are only my sentiments on subject. My position is that after research I've learned of several complications to epf. These were not easy to locate. As a patient, I would want to know all of these before any procedure. If they are not so easily accessed, how can a patient make a thoughtful decision?

Read some of the posts from post-op surgery and ask others their opinion. One comment says that the posts aren't fair representation because those with good results have no need to write. Even if that is the case, I think I'd rather know any potential problems.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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