Re: What are the pros and cons of cortisone shots???

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Posted by John on September 09, 1998 at 22:07:19:

I recently had 3 cortisone shots in my back and one in my hip. The shots were all one week apart so I'm a little dusmayed by what I hear. One week after the last shot the surgeon took one look at me and oredered micro disectomy back surgery for a disk torn most of the way around and protruding up to 9 mm, I have recovered from the surgery (It's been one month exactly) and my legs don't lose control and the shooting stabbing pains are gone now but my whole body especially my lower/mid back area where I had 3 of the shots is burning all over and something is not right. Even my arms and legs and face are flush and burning all the time now. Pain meds help but not a lot. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than I was before and wonder if this will ever alleviate !!!

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