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Posted by Cindy on September 15, 1998 at 13:22:11:
I, too, have had many thoughts of suicide over the almost 3 years I have been suffering with PF and Tarsal Tunnel. I even bought an insurance policy on my life at one point - but, it won't pay for suicide for 2 years. I think that thoughts of suicide are very normal in chronic pain conditions - we have all suffered many losses - loss of mobility, loss of freedom, loss of independence - we can't even go to the drug store alone at times (I use a wheelchair and its very hard on my feet to lift it in & out of car alone).

Please don't take your suicidal thoughts lightly - as a former psychiatric nurse, I have seen a lot of depressed people, and suicidal people, and it is very serious business.

Please speak with your dr or a counselor about getting some anti-depressant medications - I have felt much better since taking Elavil (amytriptiline) 50 mg at bedtime. The purpose of the medication was for pain control, along with neurontin, and my dr. says the amount I'm on is not a therapeutic level for depression (would need more for control of depression), but I don't care what he says, I have stopped having suicidal thoughts since I started taking it. The pain is only slightly better with the meds, so I don't think its helped that much with the pain, but I sure have a better ability to cope with it and a brighter outlook on life.

Please don't let yourself slip into a really dark depression - my prayers are with you.

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