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Re: Just Diagnosed

Posted by Jack on October 30, 1998 at 20:31:21:
Becky, you are soooo right about finding a podiatrist recommended by fellow sufferers. I went to a so called "sports podiatrist" and he was more interested in fitting me for orthotics and giving me cortisone injections than anything else. He continuously referred to my problem as a "heel spur" yet when I questioned him as to where exactly the spur was on my x-ray he looked uncomfortable and changed the subject. Even his therapist was pushing the orthotics on me, even though I plainly stated that I wanted to avoid a band aid approach. Of course, orthotics can be very helpful for many, but I went my whole life, and 15 years of hard training without them and still don't feel that in my case they are necessary. . . I too wish I had seen this site prior to my many visits to the podiatrist and his physical therapist.

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