Help! Thought I was "cured." Can it really recur?

Posted by Cj on October 31, 1998 at 22:26:18:
Hi! I was diagnosed w/"PF" 2 years ago and heel spurs in both feet. Was treated w/oral anti-inflammatories and orthodics. Wore them about 3 months w/ugly SAS shoes. Felt better, never thought anything more about it until a couple of weeks ago -- BINGO! Only this time, I have moved from Texas to California, have no insurance and no local doctor. Don't really have the money for a doctor to re-xray to tell me what I already know. What I DON'T know, though, is that this thing can come back. True, I've gained about 8 pounds or so since first diagnosed. The nurse from my doctor's office in Houston told me it came back because I wasn't wearing the custom orthodic inserts and was kind enough to prescribe anti-inflammatories long-distance for me, but they have helped very little. Finally got some pain relief from magnetic sole inserts. Looking for more solutions. Now it seems the pain is radiating into my ankles some. I'm already glad I stumbled onto this site. Would appreciate any comments. Thanx! Cj

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