Yes night splints helped with morning pain

Posted by Kelly on November 08, 1998 at 07:28:55:
I have a night splint that was made by a therapist for about $45. It is white plastic with velcro straps. It bothered me the first few nights, but now I sleep with it fine. It tremendously reduced the intense morning pain I experienced when stepping out of bed.

I recently bought the Strassburg sock ($18) to compare. I don't like the sock at all. To me it just jerks back the toes and is very uncomfortable. My original night splint allows my foot to rest at whatever angle is comfortable by adjusting the tension of the velcro straps. I don't know how other places make them, but mine was made with a white plastic that was cut to fit my lower calf and foot and then warmed somehow and sort of molded about the back of my calf. Then she took a blowdryer type heater and smoothed all the edges. It is very lightweight and comfortable.

I used this splint in combination with stretching, icing, Aleve and those wonderful, Heaven-sent Birkenstocks!

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