Just had sugery on one foot and getting ready for second in 3 weeks

Posted by Dawn on November 11, 1998 at 12:34:15:
I have had this pain in my feet for over two years now. after trying everyting from ice to ultra sound , orthodics and night splints. Its has allowed the condition to worsen. the doctor explained to me that not only with heel spurs is plantarfasciits but also tarsal tunnel syndrom. this after a long peroid of time can do nerve damage. Vitamin B6 has been suggested to take prior to any surgery and after foot surgery. I was operatered on 1 week ago and have very little pain. The nerve in my foot was crushed and was completely repaired. after the surgery I had instant releif of back pain that i developed after several months of the foot pain. Prior to the sugery I was completely disabled. Anyone that would like more info or just keep track of my progress just E-Mail me.

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