frustrated that I have PF, have had it seven months...will I walk long walks again ever?

Posted by Lisa on November 13, 1998 at 10:42:36:
I know I am "preaching to the choir" on this one but I am so frustrated to be slowed down by PF. The first podiatrist I went to showed me a stretch to do which didn't help so I laid off walking/running for a month, which didn't help either. I have since then found a more effective stretch on my own and I must confess that it is a little better but I am getting tired of waiting. I used to love my 4-5 mile walks and now I am lucky if I walk 10-15 minutes a day. Am I destined to ride the recumbent bike for the rest of my life? I am only 22 years old and very frustrated. Need encourgagement. Thanks...

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