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Re: Does losing weight help

Posted by Bobbie on 11/15/98
I have suffered for about three years now and have tried cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, arch supports, stretching, and creams. So far nothing has helped. My doctor wants to try a night brace but it has to go before my HMO insurance to see if I fit their criteria before they will cover it. My concern is that I may have to quit my job because I can not stand being on my feet. I am a secretary but I still have to stand to file, copy, etc. By the end of the day I can hardly make it to my car. Going shopping is out of the question unless I do it by wheelchair. I don't know the answer to relief for this problem but knowing there are others battling this same problem helps. I have thought about trying to see if I could get a handicap card so I wouldn't have to walk so far but have been reluctant to do so. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I am so frustrated!

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