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Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

Posted by jay on 11/16/98
I finally saw my doctor on Friday. The week before when I had seen him we had discussed surgery; he joked that I might have done the surgery for him. He took an x-ray to be sure that I had not done any damage to the bones in my foot. Apparently if the tear is particularly severe you can actually break the heel bone!!! My injury was not a total tear, but just some of the fibers in the fascia. He offered to put me back in a cast or to trust me to stay off my foot. I chose the second option because the cast does a number on my back.

If you have a total tear of the fascia your foot will not bear any weight and will most likely be very swollen and black and blue. In any event, you should probably see an M.D. not a podiatrist!

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