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Re: Ossatron

Posted by Mike Micallef on 11/17/98 10:05:39
Bonnie, I can empathise with your suffering but when I had the Ossatron treatment 6 days ago, it was because I was willing to try anything other than surgery to fix the chronic problems that plagued me for 3 years. The local anesthetic injected into the joint was not enough for me to manage the entire treatment so I asked the doctor for more relief about one-third of the way through the treatment. They gave me a second injection, waited about five minutes and then started again. This second and last cycle was more manageable and I did not need any painkillers when I got home. Sleep on the first night was not easy because I was very sore, but since then I have slept well because I am not suffering from the previous chronic pain that was usually less intense but so debilitating because it was always there.

The experience was, for me, unpleasant and uncomfortable but satisfying because I believe that 30-40 minutes of treatment has me well on the way to recovery without any more incisions to heal.

I hope that the doctors do more testing of types of local and other forms of anesthesia and that this Ossatron technique can help others as much as it helped me. They also told me that they expected it would take up to 12 weeks to get results but it was only a few days before I could feel relief begin and the pace is getting faster.


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