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Re: My personal opinions on custom molded orthotics and various therapies for PF.......

Posted by Elise on 11/19/98
Having my foot taped by my podiatrist is the only treatment that has enabled me to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. At my next appointment, my doctor is going to show my husband how to tape me so I don't have to go back every week for retaping. I also just got custom orthotics that were made from three layers of soft material. The bottom layer is cork a dnt hen there is a blue and a pink layer. I can't remember the name, but the blue material name begins with a p and is long.

I wish I could wear Birkenstocks, but I am extremely sensitive to anything hard, and the pedorthist (sp?) at the shoe store said it would take me a year to break them in. Have you had any experience with someone in so much pain from anything hard being able to eventually get used to the Birks. I am willing to try anything, as I am virtually disabled at the present. 08:28:19

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