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Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

Posted by Sharon on 11/19/98

You're 2 weeks ahead in your recovery than me. I feel so much pain
when walking or standing. I tend to walk on the left side of my foot
to avoid putting any pressure. I thought this surgery would relieve
my pain, the doc said my return date for work is Dec.7..I seriously
doubt I will be able to handle my job because it requires me to be
walking on my feet a good 8 hours. What happens next? Is there anyone out there that has had a successful PF surgery??I would like to
hear from you. Hang in there Roy, I know exactly how you feel. This
is my second surgery in 4 months. The first was thought to be Tarsal
Tunnel Syndrome. After 3 months there was no improvement..I'm getting
depressed!! Keep in touch let me know about your recovery.
Sharon 16:10:39

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