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Re: Nightsplints - are they worth it?

Posted by jean on 11/20/98
I have been using the Dorsi-wedge night splint since about May. I think that my foot is getting better. Whether it is because of this specifically or because I have been resting...who knows. I will say this, my foot no longer hurts worse in the morning. Just sorta there all day.

It was uncomfortable for about the first two weeks, but after that I got used to it and it doesn't really bother me. If you do a web search on Dorsiwedge Night Splint, you can order it over the internet for I think about $70 and maybe cheaper. Also there is a Strassburg sock night splint, I have heard that this is less bulky, but sorta tight, so there's your trade off.

good luck
jean 02:17:29

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