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Re: Strasburg Sock

Posted by John on 11/20/98
I have a Strasburg sock and sleep with it most nights. It works very well for me. I am about 98% painfree but I still wear the sock. I want to be 100% and start back running again. The sock is cheap. When I ordered it via the Web, it came in 3 days. One thing about the sock, it is adjustable. You can adjust the angle of your foot to just about any angle you wish. When I first started using it, I pulled my foot too tight. That increased my pain. I quit using the sock for awhile thinking it was of no use to me. Later on, I started back using it with a very slight tension and found that it worked great. I discovered that if I set the tension right, I could sleep in it and get up in the morning with no morning pain. If you should try the sock, I highly recommend that you start with light tension and go easy until you know what works. Good luck. 08:14:44

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