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Re: Back to aerobics thanx to acupuncture

Posted by debbie on 11/21/98
Elise, Are you kidding me? The ONLY needles you had were in the fleshy part of your palms? If so, you are going to the wrong person, find someone more qualified. A good acu Dr. knows to put the needles in the pressure points. there are 360 of them on your body. I get five needles in each foot. Two on each side and one on the heel. He also uses suction cup magnets on my feet. I also get a needle in the shin and one in each hand, between the thumb and forefinger. and he does acupressure on me. Some Drs. take a class for a few hours and say they can do acu. No way. It could even be dangerous. My dr. studied for 7 years. The first 3 were just learning the points and parts of the body etc., the the next 4 were needles. Find someone else, don't give up. Ask questions when you go for a consultation. Ask to see credentials. Look for a chinese Dr. Good Luck and please let me know what you do. Last nite I went to the mall and walked for 3 hours. My feet were sore but didn't hurt at all when I got up this morning. And it feels so good to go back to Jazzercise. I never thought I would ever again. Debbie 08:06:09

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