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Re: still in pain and getting worried

Posted by Bobbie on 11/21/98
Please know that you have lots of moral support from fellow sufferers. I have been battling this for three years. Wish I had an answer for you towards a cure all but that is why I keep reading this message board. It seems like everyone reacts differently to various treatments. I think you just have to keep trying everything until you find what works for you. Due to advise from others I am going to try the Strassburg Sock and Birkenstock Arch Supports. I had to quit wearing my ususal shoes and have been wearing Eastland Sandals from JC Penny. They are made like Birkenstocks. Still and all, by the time I walk through a store or work a day at the office, I come home in a great deal of pain. I don't think anyone can understand the pain until they have had to deal with it, including doctors. Good luck! 22:11:05

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