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Re: A Question about Morning Pain

Posted by Bonnie on 11/22/98
Thanks Bobbie for the encouragement. This is getting me pretty down.
I'm only 54 and hate to give in to things. Just went to the stores
to try to find the Tera-P magnectic inserts that someone on this
board talked about. They got them in Wallgrens. We don't have that store but I went to Big-K, WalMart, Eckards and CVS Drug stores. They
didn't carry them. Now, I can't find that post again. :-(

If you know where I can get these please let me know.

Last night in I woke up with really bad pain around the big joint behind my big toe. It was sharp hard pain, then felt numb for a bit.
Then, it went away. I had a hard time getting back to sleep. This
was something new. Oh joy!

I'm glad I found this board and will keep reading it and look for
Bonnie 12:21:18

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