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Posted by laurie on 11/23/98
my thoughts go out to you.. i think i'm in the same position as you. cortisone shots twice, pt (iontopheresis) 9 sessions, anti-imflams, some time off work, 350 dollar orthodics.. now what. now i'm at the point of being up at 12:00 wondering what to do.. now it seems to seep into the nighttime, not only during the day. if you come up with any new ideas, please please please let me know. just when i think it is better. the next day i do a turn for the worse. i look at other people walking around, thinking of vacation time and damn... what to do when a person can't even take afew steps pain free. pain for me has shifted a lot.. actually because of so favoring my left foot.. my right is feeling not sooooo wonderful.

tired indeed.. needed to vent some.. thanks for the ear.. *smile* hope when you awake .. it is a better day for your footers. :)

laurie 00:03:34

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