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Re: chinese medicine/acupuncture

Posted by debbie on 11/25/98
My acupuncturist says the pain will not come back. I had my last treatment today. I went to jazzercise tonite for the third time and my feet are still ok. I walk a mile or a mile and a half every other day, the days when I don't go to aerobics. My dr. used a suction cup on me too, but it is like a heavy duty magnet. It has one needle in it, it doesn't draw blood, Never heard of such a thing. When I first started treatments, I was chronic. I went every other day. By the time it was time to go back I was ready and having pain again. Then after the treatment I felt great. Gradually the pain started to go away and I felt good BEFORE the treatment. So far this has been great for me. He says it is a cure. I hope he is right. Good Luck. Debbie 22:17:43

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