Re: What is an air cast?

Posted by Bil on 11/29/98
A Aircast is a brand of cast that is removable. There are two types for the foot, a splint and a foot cast. If you plan to use one the foot cast is recommended. It has 4 air blatters that you inflate with a small hand pump. I have been in one for three days. I was unable to walk without taping, inserts and a cane. I had the shots and the pain always returned. I wear it day and night. It is the first time in a year I haven't had pain. The doctor told me I will have to wear it for 3 to 6 weeks and do the streching, icing and drugs.

My primary doctor sent me to a foot doctor. The foot doctor couldn't get the HMO to pay for the cast. His office manager told me that he could send me to a third company called Novacare. The HMO picked up the charge. It was about $190. 20:58:01

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