Too much stretching?

Posted by Annette on 11/30/98
I had been on a vigorous stretching regimen for the last year recommended by my physical therapist for PF. I followed it faithfully and was disappointed that it didn't seem to help as much as it was supposed to. I read on one PF site somewhere that maybe gentle stretching for 30-40 seconds several times a day would be better than longer stretching periods. I was doing it up to 20 minutes twice a day. I think I was stretching too much too hard. I think I was reinjuring the fascia. For the last several days I have tried the gentle short stretching several times a day. If I feel any pull or pain on the fascia I let up right away. I am MUCH better as a result and have a much reduced pain level. For those stretching vigorously and not getting better this might be worth a try, it sure can't hurt and it sure helped me and is a lot easier. 17:55:41

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