PT.. Iontopheresis

Posted by laurie on 12/01/98
i went through 9 rounds of Iontopheresis for physical therapy and they told me of two diff. stretches to do. also learned to tape my feet and that helped some. at the time i didn't realize pt was helping me, but afterwards about 7 sessions into it i realized .. hey yeah! i can walk! course i am not healed so to speak, of course that was ummm 2 months ago or more. but i believed it did help. can't hurt to try. thursday i go back to the dr... after trying numerous things. wonder what help i'll be given.. hmmm.. best thing i can say is off the feet till they heal up. hard to do, but 3 weeks off completely and doing ice, elevation, those nasty anti-imflamms.. it all helps. anyways.. rambling.. anyone have any new big ideas for me? new goal is to heal up my feet and take vacation time next summer for once in my life.. being a teacher i can do that.. right now, i envy anyone who can walk around the block.

bumming to be missing ski season & missing walking the golden retriever..

ah well.. suppose there are worst things..

go for PT.. can't hurt.. tape up the arch of your foot.. can't hurt.. anything is worth a try..


heal up folks..

my best.

laurie 19:29:26

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