Re: I'm a new sufferer of heel pain.....HELP!!!!

Posted by Merle on 12/01/98
I wish I could tell you a pat answer for relief. Unfortunately, the thing I learned on this message board is not all feet respond the same. I have suffered for almost 3 years. I have gotten cortisone shots, night splints, orthotics, anti-inflammatories and finally this summer was in a cast for 4 weeks. Finally relief! It took a while after the cast was off, but now I'm able to go grocery shopping without intense pain. It's not completely gone and if I over do it, I can feel it. But I'm the best I've been in almost 3 years and can do some of the activities I've missed so much.

I think the secret is to keep trying different things, keep reading this message board for ideas, and Birkenstocks also have made a tremendous difference! Good Luck! 22:42:15

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