Re: I'm a new sufferer of heel pain.....HELP!!!!

Posted by eileen on 12/02/98
Sorry to hear that we have new member of the heel pain club, I have been dealing with pf for 3 year and have been through all the convention rx you have read about and had epf 8/97 with only fair sucess. I think as a new sufferer you must find a orthopedic or podiatrist that you trust. Hopefully with resting the feet as much as possible, ice freq to reduce the inflamation. When I was first diagnosed my orthopod sent me to physical therapy, placed me on antiinflamatories which did help a little. I was definitely the start I needed. I now live in birk sandles at home, never never go barefoot. Try to be patient , this is not something that goes away easily. I still do my stretching twice a day and notice that I am tighter if I miss a session. I am now 99.9% pain free on a daily basis , but If I over exert that can change in a second, so you alwas have to be carefull. Good luck 06:55:54

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